What Does Pending Mean on Snapchat?

On Snapchat, the basic meaning of pending is that your message cannot be delivered to the recipient. Here, we explain all that pending may mean on the Snapchat platform.

What Does Pending Mean on Snapchat?

What Does Pending Mean on Snapchat?

Your message will display in your feed with a dull gray arrow if it is pending. And it’s unlikely that the recipient of your Snap will see it.

The basic meaning of “pending” is that Snapchat is aware of your attempt to send a message but is unable to fulfill your request.

The most frequent cause of this is that you aren’t listed as a friend of the person you’re trying to send a Snap to.

By default, Snapchat will block messages sent to you from people who are not your friends and will notify the sender that the message is pending.

The pending message won’t disappear until the person you’re trying to contact has added you, even if you’ve already sent them a friend request.

If you are certain that you are friends on Snapchat but you continue to receive the pending message, it may mean that the other person has unfriended you.

If they have menus for Saved in Chat and Chat Attachments, check their profile. If these are missing from their profile, you are not friends with them.

Being put on “pending” does not necessarily mean that a friendship has ended. Sometimes, it can just be a Snapchat bug.


Does Pending on Snapchat Mean they Blocked You?

No, this does not imply that you have been blocked automatically.

On Snapchat, if you send someone a message or a snap and you see the “pending” arrow, it usually means that they have not yet accepted your message or friend request.

It means they either unadded you if you send someone a snap and it reads pending. It also suggests that when you added them as a friend, they didn’t add you back.

How Can I Delete “Pending” Messages on Snapchat?

Users of Snapchat can now delete sent messages before they are read. Simply press and hold the specific message to delete a sent message.

It doesn’t matter if it is a text, music, or photo. There will be a pop-up asking if you want to delete it. That particular message will vanish with a simple tap.

How Do I Cancel a Pending Friend Request on Snapchat?

To cancel a pending friend request on Snapchat, follow these steps

‣ First, search for the username of the person whose pending friend request you want to cancel,

‣ Once it loads, click the ‘Friend Request Sent’ button at the right of the person’s name. This is located at the top of their profile. 

‣ Now select “Cancel Requests” from the menu.

There you have it, you have canceled the friend request.

Why Does My Snapchat Message Get Stuck on Sending?

Your Snapchat message will get stuck on sending if you have a poor internet connection.

However, there could also be a problem with the Snapchat app. You should attempt to restart your phone, the Snapchat app, and your internet connection.

What Does Pending Mean on Snapchat?

How Do I Know if Someone Accepts My Request on Snapchat?

When someone accepts your request, Snapchat will notify you. Either on Snapchat or, if you aren’t using Snapchat at the moment, on your lock screen.

However, if you are not sure and want to know if someone has accepted your request, follow the steps below.

‣ Go to the Snapchat app

‣ Tap your profile icon in the upper left corner of the screen.

‣ On the page, scroll down and click ‘My Friends’.

‣ Scroll through the list to find a friend or type their name into the search area.

If a user’s name is visible, then it means that they have added you too, meaning they accepted your request. 

Will Snaps Deliver Even if a Person’s Phone is Off?

Yes. A Snapchat Snap that you send is kept on the Snapchat server cloud until it is opened.

That snap will remain in the cloud until the recipient’s phone comes back online and establishes a connection with the Snap servers.

This is the case even if their phone is off or not connected to the internet.

What Does the Empty Grey Chat Box Mean on Snapchat?

The chat or Snap is waiting to be read if the gray box is empty. It may also imply that something was delivered, received, but never read because it has expired.

If someone has not accepted your friend request, a gray pending icon may show up depending on privacy settings. 


What Does the Blue-Filled-in Arrow on Snapchat Mean?

A blue-filled arrow means that a message you sent to someone was delivered but not opened.

A tiny arrow appears next to the recipient’s name on the Friends screen when you send them a snap.

This arrow generally has a blue edge to indicate that the snap has been sent, and a message next to it will show whether it has been received and delivered.

How to Know if Someone Unfriended You on Snapchat?

Tap the conversation bubble icon at the top left corner of the screen.

You should view their most recent Snap if you are certain that you had a conversion with the person who allegedly blocked you.

If your most recent message isn’t displayed on the chat screen, then you have been removed or unfriended.

What Happens When I Remove Someone on Snapchat?

They won’t be able to see any of your private Stories or Charms when you delete a friend from your friends’ list.

However, they will still be able to see any content you have set to public. They could still be able to Chat with you or Snap you, depending on your privacy settings.

How Do You Make Your Score on Snapchat Higher?

Sending photo and video Snaps will help you improve your Snapchat score. However, the Snapchat app does not count texts that are sent through.

In addition, sending the same Snap to several users does not award you additional points. To earn points, you must send an original Snap.

We hope you now understand what pending means on Snapchat. Feel free to share this information with others who may not know.

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