What Does WCW Mean on Snapchat?

– What Does WCW Mean on Snapchat –

What does WCW mean on Snapchat? Most likely, you’ve noticed WCW popping up on Snapchat and other social media platforms. Sometimes, it may only happen on a specific day of the week. Continue reading this article to find out more.

What Does WCW Mean on Snapchat

What Does WCW Mean on Snapchat?

With the help of Snapchat acronyms, users may explain and express long sentences in a short and clear text style. These abbreviations are based on regularly used terms.

Now the question is, what does WCW mean on Snapchat?

WCW simply stands for Woman Crush Wednesday. This expression shows admiration for a female individual, typically a friend, significant other, or public figure.

Since Wednesday is the day mentioned in the acronym, people typically write about “WCW” on that day.

“WCW” is frequently written as an accolade being given to the woman being referred to or used as a hashtag.

What Does WCW Mean in Text?

In SMS messages, “WCW” also stands for “Woman Crush Wednesday.” It’s usually the same meaning as it is on Snapchat and other social platforms.

Whether you’re exchanging texts or direct messages on a comparable site, someone could send you “WCW” to express their appreciation for a woman.

They can refer to you as their WCW or you can as well refer to yourself as woman crush Wednesday, meaning you admire yourself.

How to Use WCW on Snapchat?

A fantastic approach to mention an artist, singer, activist, or other famous figures you admire on social platforms on a particular day is to use the acronym “WCW.”

For example, you may tweet or email a buddy about how amazing an actress’ performance in a movie was.

On Wednesdays, WCW honors women. There are several use cases for this abbreviation, and the most prevalent ones that you can discover on Snapchat are given below.

This ought to give you a fair understanding of how and where this acronym is used on Snapchat.

1. Beyonce is my WCW. What a sweet and lovely lady.

2. My wife makes it as my WCW. Local media and politicians that want to empower women and provide them new chances also used 3. #WCW.

4. Women who discuss patriarchy, the growth of women’s concerns, equality, and pride also use the hashtag #WCW to recognize the difficulties that other women and people have endured.

5. Men who crush over women can also use #WCW.

How to Use WCW in Chat

It is rather easy-to-use WCW during chats. You only need to open the chat and enter the characters to get started.

To show her some love when you’re dating, engaged, or married to a special lady, refer to her as your WCW.

Send her an unexpected text message or post something on social media to show her how much you care.

WCW may motivate a friend. Although “crush” is included in the acronym, “WCW” may also show someone pleasant regard and admiration.

Declare a friend to be your WCW to recognize her success, or simply give her a brief note of encouragement.

Use “WCW” to express some self-love. Your own WCW is possible.

Why not tweet or post on Instagram about how much you value and adore who you are as you are?


How to React to WCW

When someone refers to you as their WCW, be grateful in return.

It’s comforting to know that others are thinking positively of you, and they will be even pleased if they realize they have contributed to your smile.

It’s perfectly OK to respond with “thank you” or an emoji of a smile.

When someone else admires a friend, partner, character, or public figure and you share their admiration, let them know.

Let your friend know you agree with them by adding a comment to the WCW post or replying to their message. Agree enthusiastically.

There is no requirement that you reply. You are not required to leave a comment on a social media post about someone’s “WCW” if you disagree with it.

Or you might just “like” the post and keep scrolling if you agree with the message but don’t want to start a lengthy debate.

What Does MCM Mean on Snapchat?

MCM on Snapchat means “Man Crush Monday.”

Man Crush Monday is a term that is frequently used on social media sites including Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and Facebook. It frequently appears with a hashtag (such as #MCM).

MCM is often used as a hashtag for postings about hot guys, but it may also be a word of affection in relationship talks.

Men and women use it to express their gratitude for a male friend, lover, or public figure.

MCM is another term for a crush on a man. MCM is typically used to refer to celebrity crushes, but you can also use it to refer to your relationship or a close friend.

MCM can convey sincere attention or intense humorous adoration.

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