What is a Liberal Arts School? (What Every Student Should Know)

A liberal arts college may be right for you if you want to learn to be the focus. But what exactly is a liberal arts college?

A liberal arts college is a four-year undergraduate institution that emphasizes the arts, sciences, humanities, and social sciences in its curriculum.

A liberal arts curriculum encourages students to develop an appreciation for many subjects and practice their critical thinking skills rather than preparing them for a specific career, such as business or computer science.

As a result, students can pursue a variety of careers after graduation.

In this article, we’ll learn more about liberal arts colleges, the subjects you’ll be studying, and what you can do with a liberal arts degree.

What is a Liberal Arts College?


What is a Liberal Arts College?

A liberal arts college, then, is a higher education institution that maintains a focus on these classical themes and objectives.

Their goal is not to train students for a career (though that may happen), but to challenge their beliefs, develop critical thinking skills, and prepare them to be global citizens.

There are lots of other things that liberal arts colleges tend to have in common:

They are typically small. While lecture halls at large universities can have hundreds of students, classes at liberal arts colleges typically have 15-20 students.

Faculty of Liberal Art Brief

Faculty at liberal arts colleges are more approachable. There are few or no teaching assistants, making it easier to receive individual attention from professors.

Liberal arts colleges also place a strong emphasis on undergraduate education, whereas universities may offer a wide range of graduate, Ph.D., and professional programs, as well as house extensive research efforts.

Characteristics of Liberal Arts College

Liberal arts colleges are distinct from larger public universities and private colleges. Some common characteristics are as follows:

Small Size

Most liberal arts colleges have less than 5,000 students in attendance at any given time.

Classroom Interaction

Thanks to the reduced student population, classes tend to be smaller in order to foster open discussion and spirited student-teacher interaction. 

Focus on Undergraduates

Larger universities offer undergraduate and graduate degrees, but liberal arts colleges focus solely on undergraduate degrees. 

On-campus Community

There are fewer part-time students and students who commute to liberal arts colleges.

Instead, students tend to be full-time and live on campus. 

Emphasis on Teaching

Unlike other institutions, where professors are expected to focus on research and may teach a limited number of classes each semester, professors at liberal arts colleges focus on teaching first and research second.


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the frequently asked questions about liberal arts colleges:

What is the difference between a Liberal Arts College and a Regular College?

Most liberal arts colleges do not offer graduate school programs, unlike other universities (regular colleges).

They also tend to have small campuses and class sizes; in fact, many classes have fewer than 20 students.

What is Meant by Liberal Arts College?

A liberal arts college is a four-year undergraduate institution that takes a broader approach to education by focusing on the arts, sciences, humanities, and social sciences.

Is it better to Go to a Liberal Arts College?

With smaller class sizes and a focus on undergraduate learning, it’s likely that attending a liberal arts school can give students more access to classes taught by professors.

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