What is a QR Code for Home Depot?

What is a QR code for Home Depot used for, and how can you generate a QR code when you want to make a purchase at home depot?

What is a QR Code for Home Depot?

The Home Depot has launched a quick response (QR) code initiative with mobile barcode platform developer Scanbuy.

So consumers can now scan QR codes for products to receive information, such as product reviews and how-to guides, from retail stores.

“The main objective of this innovation is to further enhance customers’ shopping experience by offering additional product and project know-how and increase customer conversion.

The retailer is rolling out the service in its print catalog and in stores that sell patio sets and live goods products, like plants and flowers.

So that, you’ll be able to pull a product from Home Depot’s shelf, and there’ll be a QR code on it.

What to know About the QR Code

There are a few things you need to know about the QR code:

1. Home Depot QR code roll-out is courtesy of ScanBuy

2. If you succeed in scanning it, you’ll get either a video on how to use that particular product, information about the supplier, appropriate usage guidelines, or safety instructions.

3. Consumers will also be able to purchase the product using their mobile phones after scanning the QR codes in-store or at home.

4. Consumers can scan the codes using any mobile scanner app, including Scanbuy ScanLife barcode reader.

5. It helps Scanbuy to track whether the scanned product was purchased, the length of time between scan and purchase, and the effectiveness of any cross-sell or up-sell efforts.

6. QR codes can deliver discounts and incentives to consumers as well as a way to purchase the item directly from (HomeDepot.com).

How to Generate QR Code at Home Depot Website

Here is what you need to do to generate your QR code on the home depot app:

1. To get started, you need a phone with a camera and an Internet connection.

Remember people with big-display, video-ready devices like the iPhone, HTC Evo 4 and ThunderBolt will get the bigger benefit from Home Depot.

2. To generate QR codes on the home depot app, you have to sign up for those without an account or log in to the existing account and follow the steps.

3. On the Home Depot website, scan the QR code using the ScanLife app.

Remember customers without a scanning app can download the ScanLife app at Homedepot.com/scan.

4. Customers can also text HDscan to 43588.

Home depot QR code is an innovation launched to ease daily purchases between the customers and the company.

QR Code is an initiative that comes with a high level of efficiency and accuracy.

However, it is easy to generate QR codes on the home depot app.  

CSN Team

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