What is a Skinwalker TikTok

What is a skinwalker TikTok? People from all over the world are claiming to have captured the terrifying creatures on camera and posting the footage to TikTok. 

What is a Skinwalker TikTok

What is a Skinwalker?

A skinwalker is a mythical creature from Native American mythology. It is a dangerous witch capable of transforming into an animal or possessing living animals and walking around in their bodies.

They are said to imitate sounds and voices in order to pique your interest and lure victims to their deaths. Witches are viewed as evil people who manipulate magic in Navajo culture.

The legend of the skinwalker is not widely known, and Native Americans are often hesitant to discuss it. This is due to the fact that the skinwalker is a genuine threat to Native American people.

TikTok Users are Catching Skinwalker on Camera

In 2020, a TikTok trend emerged in which people searched for and photographed skinwalkers. The trend has returned to 2023, and it is just as terrifying.

@fire warrior182 of TikTok had 620,000 views on a video claiming to show what a skinwalker looks like.

They showed a strange creature with human legs and a coyote body in the video and said, “This is the most common form one would take.”

In another video, @followpeteandash, a TikTok user, is driving in the dark when they hear a strange scream. They claim that the strange animal and human-sounding noise is a skinwalker, and one commenter wrote:

“Skinwalkers imitate the sounds of people like that in order to entice you to follow them.” Never, ever go to the noise.”

Another video with over 10 million views features TikTok user @that1cowboy encountering a skinwalker. He is riding his horse in the video when a voice calls out “Hey!” and the horse bolts in another direction.


Skinwalker Ranch is Famous

Skinwalker Ranch, which is named after the Navajo creature, is located in Utah. It is located about 512 acres southeast of Ballard and has been the site of numerous strange, paranormal, and UFO sightings.

Colm Kelleher and George Knapp published Skinwalker: Science Confronts the Unexplained at a Remote Ranch in Utah in 2005, explaining some of the strange things that have allegedly occurred there.

Unidentified flying objects or orb sightings, large animals with piercing red eyes that were unaffected by bullets, and invisible objects with magnetic fields are among the incidents.

How to Find Legitimate Skinwalker Content on TikTok.

The skinwalker is still a major threat to the Navajo community, and it is taken very seriously. Videos that are staged or exaggerated by creators who are not members of their community may be considered disrespectful.

Try searching with the hashtags #navajotiktok and #navajoskinwalker to filter out all of the deceptive content. However, not all Navajo creators are willing to create content about it.

As Navajo creator Cheii Cage (@rez neck vet) explains in her video, most Navajos avoid discussing skinwalkers in public for fear of summoning one.

Cheii, on the other hand, adds that she and her husband have adopted their own values and are discussing the creatures on TikTok in order to reclaim their power.

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