What is Snow White’s Real Name? (Explained)

Are you a fan of Snow White? Are you eager to know her real name? This article provides all you need to know about Snow White and the reason behind her name.

what is snow white's real name

Snow White is the main character in Disney’s first animated full-length movie.

She is a young princess who is known as the “Fairest One of All,” and whose kindness and purity are what make her beautiful.

Despite being the most well-known, Disney’s adaptation of the Snow White fairy tale isn’t the original.

The Brothers Grimm were the authors of a number of tales, including Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

Keep reading to find out about Snow White’s real name!

What is Snow White’s Real Name?

what is snow white's real name

Snow White is actually her real name.

She is the official Disney princess. One of the most well-known fairy tales is “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.”

All ages of people enjoy this timeless classic, including kids and adults.

The narrative centers on Snow White, who is adopted by an odd and lonely woman who ultimately exploits her for her own advantage.

 Her Prince Charming steps in to save her, and the tale has a happy ending.

The Brothers Grimm originally published this tale as a collection of tales in which Snow White’s real name was Snow White.

The Reason Behind the Name Snow White

The Brothers Grimm gave the little girl’s familiar name to her, according to their accounts.

They told the story of a queen who was sewing on a snowy day while seated by a dark window frame.

She pricked her finger, and blood spilled, coloring the snow’s whiteness scarlet. Eventually, the blood dried on the glass, leaving behind black tracks that resembled the wood slat frame.

The Queen thought to herself, “Would that I had a child as white as snow, with lips as red as blood, and hair like ebony!” after accidentally staining her tiny dressmaker.

Soon after, she gave birth to a daughter who possessed only those characteristics; they gave her the name “Snow White.”

Snow White’s Background

Snow White was a princess by birth and lived in a far-off castle with her royal family. But not long after she was born, her mother passed away.

After some years, the King, her father, remarried a cold-hearted and vain woman.

Snow White’s adored father mysteriously passed away not long after their union, leaving the little princess an orphan.

Snow White’s conceited and evil stepmother feared that Snow White would one day exceed her in beauty.

She stifled Snow White’s escalating beauty by forcing her to work as a scullery maid while dressing her in rags.

The Queen asked her magic mirror every day: “Magic Mirror on the wall, who is the fairest one of all?”

Snow White was shielded from the vicious jealousy of her stepmother as long as the mirror remarked, “You are the fairest one of all.”

Although Snow White worked as a maid, she never grumbled about her job, and anytime she felt down, she would sing a song to cheer herself up and invite her animal companions to come.

The kingdom’s citizens felt bad for their princess when the evil queen turned her into a servant, but they were powerless to revolt because of the queen.

Snow White’s Personality

Snow White is renowned for her kindness and optimism, which serve as her greatest qualities because they have seen her through the many challenges she has faced in her life.

She is a natural charmer, rapidly gaining the respect and devotion of the Prince, the woodland creatures, and the Seven Dwarfs.

Snow White, known as the “Fairest One of All,” is beautiful both in terms of her outward looks and her sincere heart.

Snow White is the physical representation of positivity and innocence because she has no negativity inside of her.

She can also be funny and a little feisty. She makes fun of Grumpy’s negative outlook and initial distaste for her.

She mostly overlooks Grumpy’s insults, only responding with a warm grin or upbeat glow to irritate him.

Snow White is tenacious since, at a young age, because the evil queen turned her into a slave in her own house.

She was productive with her responsibilities despite being forced to perform her servant duties.

She didn’t hesitate to clean the house at the dwarfs’ cottage when she saw how filthy it was, regardless of the effort that would be required.

She works for her home instead of taking for granted the fact that she has found safety in the dwarfs’ cottage.

Her Flaws

what is snow white's real name

Snow White’s biggest weakness is also her biggest asset.

The princess can occasionally be naïve and susceptible to manipulation because of her acute sense of love and goodwill toward others.

Snow White disregarded the dwarfs’ advice at all costs to shun strangers because she felt sympathy for a seemingly harmless crone.

This would be the cause of Snow White’s demise. Her shared love for the Prince, as previously mentioned, ultimately allows her loving heart to triumph, saving her life.

This is an excellent example of the risks and benefits of having a good heart.

The Distinctions Between Disney’s Version of Snow White and the Brothers Grimm’s Version

what is snow white's real name

Disney is known for taking the grim tales from the Brothers Grimm and turning them into much more wholesome stories.

Because they startled kids, even the Brothers Grimm had to make changes to some of their early publications.

However, there are several discrepancies between the original version of the story and Disney’s adaptation of the well-known fairytale.

Here are several key distinctions between the Grimm version of Snow White and the Disney adaptation.

1. The True Love Kiss

what is snow white's real name

The kiss is one of the most well-known scenes in Disney’s movie. They introduced a notion that would be prominent in their upcoming movies.

The spell True Love’s Kiss serves as a retaliation. According to popular belief, a couple’s love is capable of breaking any evil spell.

The Prince kisses Snow White in the Disney film Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, breaking the curse that the poisoned apple had placed on her.

They enjoy a happy life together after she wakes up. In the original recounting, it is not the case.

When she is sleeping, the prince never gives her a kiss. There are actually two different accounts of how she awakens.

They show the prince and his slaves in the opening passage strolling through a woodland. One of his minions eventually drops the coffin.

The shock forces a portion of the poisoned apple that was lodged in Snow White’s throat out. She then wakes up.

Similar to the first, the second version has a servant who is enraged by the prince for making him carry the coffin.

She is awakened when, in response to his complaint, he drops the coffin and pulls the apple from her throat.

Compared to True Love’s Kiss, it was not passionate.

2. Barbarity

What the evil Queen does with the heart after receiving it from the huntsman is never revealed in the Disney film.

She probably keeps it away for safety and discards it after realizing it isn’t Snow White’s heart.

The Brothers Grimm adaptation is far gloomier. The cruel Queen gives the cook the order to prepare the boar’s lungs and liver after the Huntsman returns with them.

Later, she consumes them. The cruel queen is deliberately consuming the organs of her stepdaughter since she thought that the liver and lungs belonged to Snow White.

To say the least, Disney felt that this was a step too far for their interpretation of the tale.

3. Lips the Color of Blood

what is snow white's real name

The name Snow White was given to her by her parents in part because of her mother, as was previously mentioned.

However, when contrasting crimson with blood, the infamous words are somewhat ominous.

Disney was careful to avoid drawing any graphic comparisons. A different source also provided the phrase.

The magic mirror in the movie delivers the line rather than Snow White’s mother.

Lips as red as a rose, hair as black as ebony, and skin as white as snow, according to the magic mirror’s description of Snow White.

The mirror modified the comparison of red to blood to a rose, in addition to copying the mother’s words.

To better describe Snow White’s appearance, Disney altered the phrase.

The expression conjures up a broad idea of what Snow White would appear like in the original story. She might have had white hair and been black, for instance.

In the Disney adaptation, they make it clear via the magic mirror that Snow White’s skin is as white as snow and her hair is as black as ebony.

Even though these modifications are minor, they significantly affect how Snow White is portrayed.

4. Several Attempts on Snow White’s Life

what is snow white's real name

There is just one actual attempt on Snow White’s life made by the evil Queen in the Disney movie.

The well-known scenario in which the Queen appears as a crone and offers Snow White a poisoned apple does the trick.

More attempts on her life in the original tale demonstrate that Snow White was perhaps a little too trusting. The evil Queen first assumes the identity of a peddler who is selling bras.

She is welcomed inside the home by Snow White, who then puts one of the bodices on. There is a curse on the bodice.

The bodice starts to get tighter when Snow White puts it on, making it impossible for her to breathe.

The dwarfs come across her just before she passes away, sever the bodice’s strings, and set her free.

Snow White later allowed the wicked Queen back into her home, proving that the incident wasn’t sufficient to teach her a lesson about outsiders.

The evil queen’s next ruse involves a commoner carrying a poisoned comb. The Queen enters Snow White’s house, where she begins to comb Snow White’s hair.

Snow White becomes ill from the comb and becomes paralyzed.

Before the poison can kill her, the dwarfs step in to save the day once more by removing the comb from her hair.

Later, when Snow White is tempted, the Queen disguises herself once more and offers her a poisoned apple.

There were obvious attempts on Snow White’s life that Disney decided to ignore.

5. The Evil Queen is Actually a Witch

what is snow white's real name

The villainous Queen in the Disney film undergoes a makeover before embracing her dark abilities. It’s frequently interpreted as though her magic is standard, malevolent fairy tale magic.

However, in the original tale, the evil queen is already a recognized witch. The authors give a few examples of how she manipulates others using her abilities.

The crone scenario is one of the most notable contrasts. The evil queen casts a spell that transforms her into a crone in the Disney film.

She receives the ability to use evil magic in return.

In the original tale, that isn’t the situation. The evil queen is initially attractive since she is already a witch.

Her witchcraft actually helps to maintain her beauty. Additionally, some claim that she truly engages in witchcraft.

This was a grave indication of evil because witchcraft was forbidden and punished by death in the time of the Brothers Grimm.

In the original tale, the old crone isn’t present because the evil queen already uses magic. These are typical disguises she uses when she meets Snow White.

6. No Initial Meeting With the Prince

what is snow white's real name

In the Disney movie, they introduce Snow White to the prince before he develops feelings for her.

They exchange a few words before he leaves. Even though their exchange is brief, they are at least acquainted before he gives her the true love’s kiss.

In the original tale, that isn’t the situation.

Snow White is already dozing off in her glass casket when the prince first learns of her. While exploring the area, he rests at the dwarfs’ house.

Then they discuss Snow White with him. They lead him to her glass casket after he wants to see her.

She catches his attention, and he can’t bear to leave her in the woods alone. He gives his troops the order to carry her casket wherever he goes.

7. The Huntsman’s Guilt

what is snow white's real name

Both the movie and the original story have the same Huntsman character.

In the Disney movie, Snow White is taken into the forest and killed at the Huntsman’s behest by the evil Queen.

She also commands the huntsman to retrieve her heart as evidence that he killed her. The huntsman does it.

He leads Snow White into the forest but stops short of killing her because of guilt. He lets her escape while also killing a pig and stealing its heart. The wicked Queen thinks Snow White’s heart is in the pig.

The original narrative differs slightly.

The Huntsman feels bad simply because of Snow White’s beauty, despite the Evil Queen ordering him to kill her. She is too gorgeous for him to be able to murder her.

Then he shoots a boar after telling her to go.

The evil Queen commands the huntsman to bring back Snow White’s liver and lungs, contrary to the Disney film. Instead, he brings back the boar’s liver and lungs that he slaughtered.

The cruel Queen thinks Snow White’s liver and lungs belong to her, just like in the Disney version.


Snow White is actually Snow White, as stated in the original tale. This was her mother’s wish.

The same theme from the original story also served as inspiration for Disney’s depiction of her appearance.

We hope we’ve answered all you need to know about Snow White.

CNS Team.

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