What is Summer School?

 – What is Summer School? –

What actually is a Summer School? What does it involve and what are the benefits? This article shows all aspects of a Summer School.

What is Summer School?

A summer school is a type of education offered by universities and international colleges during the summer vacation, with courses ranging in length from one to eight weeks.

Students attend full-time intensive classes on a specific subject and have the option of participating in extracurricular activities designed to promote socialization and cultural awareness.

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Why is Summer School Important?

Summer schools provide courses that can help students revise a subject studied the previous academic year, further explore a familiar subject, or discover a new interest.

Although university summer courses can help clarify concepts learned during the previous academic year, they should not be confused with remedial high school summer courses, which are designed for students who have failed a particular subject.

University summer courses are enrichment programs that provide students with assistance and extra credit while they are on vacation.

Why Attend a Summer School?

There are a range of benefits of attending a summer school, especially for international students.

Learning English

One of the main obstacles or worries that international students have when studying abroad is the language.

Every year, the best and brightest international students choose to study in the UK. To do so successfully, they must have a good grasp of the English language.

Speaking, writing, reading and understanding English to a high degree is vital when studying a course in the UK or any other English speaking country.

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Many international students choose to attend a summer school prior to starting their university course to ensure their English is the best it can be.

Studying an English language course at a summer school is an excellent idea for any international student.

Even if you already have a good grasp of the English language, it gives you a chance to practice in a classroom setting that is similar to what you’ll experience when you start your university course.

Settle into a New Country

Summer schools are also a great way for international students to settle into a new country that will be their new home for an extended period of time.

Moving to another country can be difficult. There are different customs, cultures, people and even weather to adapt to.

By attending a summer school, you can acclimatise to your new country without the added pressure of your university workload. Getting settled before your course begins can do wonders for your mindset.

Increase Confidence

Depending on your previous education experience, attending a summer school can also get you back in the mindset of learning again.

Some international students have a break in their education and it can take some time for them to get used to a classroom/lecture environment again.

By taking a summer course you can prepare for your September course. You can find out the dos and don’ts of learning in your new country with no repercussions on your degree or course.

Many students find attending a summer school increases their confidence and are more willing to participate in classroom discussions.

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Learn Something New

Summer schools are also not required before beginning your degree. Summer schools for international students and local students are available to attend in between semesters.

Many students choose to attend a summer school to learn a completely new skill or subject that is either related to or unrelated to their course!

As stated at the beginning of this article, some summer schools offer non-academic courses that allow you to broaden your experience and skill set.

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