What Percent of College Athletes Go Pro

– What Percent of College Athletes Go Pro –

While most college football players believe they have a good shot at going pro, statistics and the upcoming NFL draft show most are sadly mistaken and would be well served to earn their degrees.

What Percent of College Athletes Go Pro

It will be the fulfillment of a career dream for the 224 college football players who are chosen in the NFL draft.

The bulk of players, however, are unlikely to ever achieve their aim of becoming professionals.

Athletes who compete in college sports make up less than 2% of those who ever play professionally at any level for any period.


What Percent of College Athletes Go Pro

Consider the sport of football, where the NFL only accepts the top 8% of the top 1% of the top 1% of high school football players. Middle school students have a very small chance of becoming professional athletes.

Less than 2% of NCAA student-athletes go on to play professionally. The majority of student-athletes rely on their academic success to get them ready for life after college.

Quality education is essential. The bulk of the more than 460,000 NCAA student-athletes who compete in various sports will go into other professions.

FAQs about What Percent of College Athletes Go Pro

Faqs about college athletes pro

1. What percent of college athletes go pro-NFL?

The drop-off from college to the professional level is more dramatic: only 1.6% of college-level players will get drafted into the NFL.

Even then, being a successful professional athlete is yet another barrier to tackle.

2. What percent of d1 college football players go pro?

There are 1,093,234 high school football players in the United States, and 6.5% of those high school players (or 71,060) will play for the NCAA in college.

The drop-off from college to the professional level is more dramatic: only 1.6% of college-level players will get drafted into the NFL.

3. What percent of college athletes have jobs?

Seventy-one percent of former student-athletes are employed full time (by an employer or for themselves), which is similar to the 68% of non-student-athletes.

4. What are the odds of becoming a professional athlete?

In short, roughly 853 players (0.00075%) make the pros each year out of an original population of nearly 1.1 million high school athletes.

To put that number into perspective, that’s about the odds of getting struck by lightning at some point in your life.

5. How many d3 athletes go pro?

In contrast, the likelihood of an NCAA athlete earning a college degree is significantly greater; graduation success rates are 86% in Division I, 71% in Division II and 87% in Division III.

6. What percent of college athletes go broke?

78% of professional athletes go broke after 3 years of retirement.

7. Are Division 1 athletes allowed to have jobs?

Employment rules and regulations are the same for both the regular academic year and the summer semester.

Essentially, a student-athlete may be employed as long as they notify the Compliance Office. A student-athlete cannot be hired based on their athletic abilities or reputation in any way.

8. Are student-athletes more likely to get hired?

College athletes are just as likely as and in some cases more likely than other students to find full-time employment and to be highly engaged in the workplace, according to new report based on an ongoing Gallup-Purdue University study of college graduates.

9. Are student-athletes more successful?

College Athletes Have Better Academic, Life Outcomes.

A Gallup study of college graduates found that former athletes were more likely to be thriving in life after graduation, largely due to the support systems their sports team provided for them.

10. Has any D2 player been drafted?

The 2022 NFL Draft is in the books and five former DII football players were selected for the next step of their journey.

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