What Size Trucks does Home Depot Have?

Are you thinking of the size of the trucks you want to rent? Do you want to know what size trucks does Home Depot have? If you find yourself interested in this topic then this post is for you.

What Size Trucks Does Home Depot Have?

Home Depot renders three different types of vehicles for their logistic operations. They offer a pick-up truck, a cargo van, and a box truck.

Interestingly, the base rates for each vehicle are all the same but the sizes may differ. However, you can choose the one that is best for your needs.

In addition, a customer can rent a truck of different sizes. However, customers should note that the average gasoline price is $3 a gallon, and your total rental cost will be about $60.

Sometimes the cost could be much higher or lower depending on how the size and length you want the truck.

What Size Trucks Does Home Depot Have?

Home Depot offers various sizes of trucks. These trucks differ in size. Here is a breakdown of Home Depot truck sizes:

Truck SizeCapacityMax Weight
PickupProject materials3,000 lbs
Cargo VanProject materials3,000 lbs
Home Depot Box Truck1-bedroom apartment or studio3,850 lbs
Penske 12-foot Truck1-bedroom apartment or studio3,100 lbs
Penske 16-foot Truck2-3 rooms4,300 lbs
Penske 22-foot Truck3-5 rooms10,000 lbs
Penske 26-foot Truck5-7 rooms10,000 lbs

Home Depot Truck Sizes and Reviews 

What Size Trucks Does Home Depot Have?

Home Depot review comes with the sizes of trucks offered. Here is a breakdown of sizes and reviews of Home Depot trucks.

1. F250 Flatbed Truck: This type of Home Depot truck is 77 cubic feet and with a weight of 3, 000Ibs. This kind of truck is built with a backup alarm and can take 35 gallons of a fuel tank.

2. T250 Flatbed Truck: When it comes to size, this truck is much bigger than F250. The truck is 200 cubic feet and 10 feet wide. Interestingly, this truck has a capacity of up to 3,000Ibs with backup alarms. T250 flatbed truck has a 25-gallon fuel tank and can occupy a lot of goods and products.

3. Cargo Van: Home Depot offers this cargo van at a high rate because of its size. If you are thinking of buying a new bed or chair, you can rent a cargo van for it.

Interestingly, this van has a space of 70 inches and holds 3,000Ibs. One of its features is that it has a reverse sensor that detects when the van is overloaded.

4. Box Truck: Home Depot offers box trucks at an affordable rate. It is a perfect truck when you are moving in or out of a small apartment. The box truck measurement is 515 cubic feet.

Interestingly, it can handle a load of up to 3, 8000Ibs and more. One of the interesting features of this truck is that it has a rearview camera, and rear grab handles.

In conclusion, If you need a truck that can fit all your belongings when moving out, you can pick one of the trucks listed above. They are quite affordable according to their sizes.

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