What Time Does McDonald’s Close? (2022 Updated)

Richard and Maurice McDonald founded the McDonald’s Corporation in 1940 as a restaurant in San Bernardino, California.

What Time Does McDonald’s Close? (2022 Updated)

 It is an international fast food chain and real estate corporation based in the United States.

The Golden Arches logo was first used in 1953 at a site in Phoenix, Arizona when they changed the name of their firm to a hamburger stand.

Later, they transformed the business into a franchise. Some of the best comfort food is available at McDonald’s.

It offers hot, cheesy hamburgers, mouthwatering, salty fries, and sweet shakes. Every dish is also reasonably priced.

Your initial thought may be to head to McDonald’s if you are seeking comfort food late at night.

What you need to know about McDonald restaurants opening and closing times is provided below.

When Does McDonald’s Close?

When Does McDonald's Close?

McDonald’s normally shuts down at midnight or 11 PM. The only exception is if the particular McDonald’s provides 24-hour service.

In this instance, McDonald’s stays open. It is accessible 24/7. However, if McDonald’s closes or if it doesn’t say that it’s open 24/7, you can anticipate that it will close by 11 PM or midnight.

Of course, there are a few more exceptions. Some Mcdonald restaurants in the area might close sooner.

These times may alter in accordance with holidays. For instance, during particular holidays, they occasionally open later or close sooner.

Everything is based on where the store is located, and how busy it typically is. However, McDonald’s typically closes at midnight or at 11 p.m. or is open all day.

What Time Does McDonald’s Stop Serving Breakfast?

The hours and menus vary by location, but according to McDonald’s corporate, breakfast is served until 10:30 a.m. or 11:00 a.m.

There is a limited all-day breakfast menu available at one 24-hour restaurant in Los Angeles, California, which begins serving breakfast at five in the morning and ends at eleven in the morning.

Breakfast options are offered at three locations in Maryland, Kansas, and Texas until 10:30 a.m. on weekdays and until 11:00 a.m. on weekends.

Checking with your neighborhood McDonald’s is therefore important. Depending on the day, the answer is usually 10:30 or 11:00 a.m.

If you’re lucky, Sausage McBiscuits might be served hot throughout the day at your neighborhood Golden Arches.

How Do Drive-thrus at McDonald’s Operate?

As long as the restaurant is open, customers can use the drive-thru at McDonald’s. Simply pull into the right lane and place their order.

The majority are open around-the-clock, but it depends on the locality. McDonald’s also offers food delivery to your vehicle so you may completely avoid the drive-thru line.

Using the My McDonald’s app, you may order food in advance and pick it up by parking in a designated collection bay.

How Can I Order Food from McDonald’s?

Although not all restaurants provide both services, McDonald’s accepts delivery orders through both Uber Eats and Just Eat.

You should also be aware that a delivery fee will be added to your order. The distance between you and the restaurant usually determines this.

To check if McDonald’s delivery is accessible to you, enter your postcode on Uber Eats or Just Eat. Some locations aren’t included at all.

The McDonald’s app also allows you to place meal orders. It is available for download through the App Store or Google Play, and click and collect is free.

Why Aren’t All McDonald’s Open 24 Hours a Day?

Why Aren't All McDonald's Open 24 Hours a Day?

1. Little Night Business

Some McDonald’s restaurants are not very busy at night. The majority of visitors usually come for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

People typically sleep at night since they have daytime employment.

Those who attend night school, attend college, or work the graveyard shift are more likely to visit McDonald’s at late hours. They might simply be nocturnal creatures.

It doesn’t always make sense for McDonald’s to be open 24 hours a day because there aren’t as many graveyard shifters and night owls.

When there are no customers, McDonald’s suffers a financial loss. If an employee works at night, the company is required to compensate them.

In accordance with several state rules, if they are working at night, they must be paid even more.

They are losing money if they are not making up for those losses through customer orders.

They must also pay for utilities. To see what they are doing at night, employees require lights.

They also require water. The business is spending money on energy needlessly if the restaurant is not accepting any orders.

One of the main factors preventing all McDonald’s restaurants from being open 24 hours a day is the volume of nighttime traffic they experience.

A McDonald’s that offers reliable service late into the night is probably going to be open 24/7.

2. Not Very Active on Weeknights

Not Very Active on Weeknights

If your local McDonald’s was originally open around the clock, the hours may have subsequently changed.

This might be the case for a number of reasons, including the fact that while it wasn’t busy on weeknights, the restaurant was busy on weekends.

Weekend nights are less frequent than weeknights. McDonald’s will ultimately lose money by remaining open on weeknights, regardless of how much money they make on weekends.

The issue is that McDonald’s cannot consistently be open 24 hours a day. They have to decide whether to stay open all day or close at night.

Customers could become confused if they are only open 24 hours on the weekends. Customers who are confused are not satisfied customers.

The last thing McDonald’s wants to do is aggravate customers and push them toward their rivals given how fiercely competitive the fast-food market is.

McDonald’s regularly checks the restaurant’s performance on weekdays and weekends at night.

The restaurant will probably remain open round-the-clock if they see good business on both.

The restaurant will most likely close at night if it is unable to attract customers on weeknights.

If the majority of overnight business happens on the weekends, it doesn’t make financial sense to remain open all the time.

3. The Location

The Location

The McDonald’s restaurant’s location has an effect on whether it decides to stay open 24 hours a day.

If McDonald’s is in a rural area with limited foot traffic, it presumably won’t be open 24 hours a day.

The restaurant will most likely be open around-the-clock, though, if it is located in the heart of a city.

This is so because there are always people awake in a metro region, regardless of the time of day or night.

They have to eat, obviously. They’ll probably go to McDonald’s if they’re in the mood for comfort food.

The distance between McDonald’s restaurants is another thing to take into account.

For instance, one McDonald’s location might be open 24 hours a day but the others aren’t if there are multiple more nearby.

That’s because the firm probably believes that there are enough restaurants in one location for only one to be open continuously.

Usually, the one with the highest traffic statistics is the one that is selected.

Because of this, you might find a McDonald’s that’s closed but another one nearby that’s open is just a few miles away.

Last but not least, McDonald’s eateries that are situated alongside busy thoroughfares frequently operate around-the-clock.

This is because they rely heavily on nighttime commuter and truck traffic.

People need to eat while on the road. If McDonald’s is closed, the corporation loses out on potential revenue.

Because of this, you can frequently see McDonald’s outlets along highways that provide 24-hour service.

4. The Market is Saturated

The Market is Saturated

Market saturation is another factor explaining why some McDonald’s locations are open 24 hours a day while others are not.

Building more stores was McDonald’s primary strategy for business expansion for a while.

However, after McDonald’s had established itself in the majority of locations, that plan began to fall short.

As a result, existing McDonald’s restaurants lost business to the new McDonald’s stores. The company wasn’t expanding exponentially.

They concluded that expanding their hours was more important than adding more restaurants in specific locations.

Each restaurant was able to serve clients all day because of its expanded hours.

This was a better strategy than having multiple restaurants in the same region compete for the same clientele.

They would have one or two highly successful restaurants with extended hours instead of three unsuccessful eateries. It assisted in modifying people’s habits.

The number of people out at night has increased. This relates to employment in certain cases and to social situations in others.

Teenagers and college students like how simple it is to drive to a nearby location for a quick supper or a fun hangout.

Since more people are staying up later and out longer, McDonald’s makes sure they can accommodate their consumers by keeping their hours extended.

They would lose out on sales if they weren’t open. McDonald’s may make more money by simply keeping in mind market saturation and expanding their hours.

5. Late-Night Workers

Late-Night Workers

The number of late-night staff in the area is the last aspect that may influence whether McDonald’s is open or closed at night.

There are graveyard shifts in some professions and industries. Large retail structures, factories, and warehouses are a few examples.

They require personnel to work in the factory, the warehouse, or to stock and clean the store at night.

Late-night shifts improve productivity and increase commercial opportunities in factories and warehouses.

Late-night shifts in the retail industry enable the business to restock its inventory and be clean for consumers in the morning.

In most cases, these laborers must eat. They might eat breakfast during the break between shifts or after their shift is finished.

McDonald’s is aware that it may draw people to its restaurant if there are several factories, warehouses, or retail establishments nearby.

McDonald’s is a likely place for them to eat because it is nearby, the food is inexpensive, and it is quick.

If there aren’t many large retailers, manufacturers, or warehouses nearby, this could not be the case.

There are fewer people out at night since fewer individuals work the graveyard shift.

This implies that McDonald’s will probably not turn a profit. Therefore, they might decide against operating continuously.

Is McDonald’s Open 24 Hours a Day?

Is McDonald's Open 24 Hours a Day?

When trying to place an order from a McDonald’s that is apparently still operating, some customers have the misfortune of running into difficulties.

But when they go to place their order, they discover that either the dining room isn’t open or that the food isn’t yet being prepared.

Given that the restaurant is advertised as being open 24 hours a day, the situation can be frustrating for the patron.

If you encounter this circumstance, you could be perplexed why McDonald’s isn’t operating around the clock.

Here are a few explanations for why McDonald’s isn’t always open around the clock.

1. Stocking


If McDonald’s is out of food, they are unable to serve anyone. Stocking is an essential component of every business.

Since McDonald’s is a restaurant, a truck delivers its supplies. The food must then be unloaded and placed where it belongs by the staff.

Depending on how much food they consume, this may occasionally take some time. They might not be able to staff the counter, drive-thru, or stove while they’re doing that.

On the majority of occasions, McDonald’s is only minimally staffed at night. They can’t cook food while stocking it because there are only so many employees.

Since they are open 24/7, they may miss the opportunity to stock up throughout the day. Typically, the store is busiest around lunch and dinner.

They don’t have a predetermined time when they can stock the store, unlike other McDonald’s locations that close.

McDonald’s restaurants that shut down can stock the store and make sure it is prepared for the next day during their downtime.

You could occasionally experience bad luck if you attempt to order from McDonald’s during stocking.

Because of this, although being open 24/7, the business may not actually be open.

2. Cleaning


Cleaning is a crucial component of operating a McDonald’s restaurant. It attempts to take cleanliness seriously at McDonald’s.

If there are any health issues, the store could be in serious trouble. The negative reputation it develops could force it out of business.

The company demands the highest level of cleanliness from its restaurants as a result.

McDonald’s employees may be cleaning while you want to place an order, making it impossible for you to do so.

There is a lot of cleaning to be done. Then, all the kitchen appliances in the back must be cleaned, along with the floor, tables, and chairs.

The restrooms must be kept spotless as well. Additionally, they tidy the parking lot outside.

Given the limited number of employees in the establishment, cleaning it to the standards expected of a food-service operation can take a while.

It’s possible that you arrive while they’re cleaning. Sometimes they can’t get as much cleaning done during the day.

3. Store Operations and Maintenance

Store Operations and Maintenance

Your McDonald’s location claims to be open 24/7, but it’s actually closed because of maintenance and other business procedures.

The only true time a McDonald’s outlet needs to perform maintenance on its equipment is at night.

When they need to replace old tables and chairs or fix a stove, it usually happens at night.

Due to their hectic schedules ensuring the restaurant’s security, they find it more difficult to receive orders.

The manager must also count the money and make sure that there are enough bills and change in each register to cover the lunch and dinner rush.

They could occasionally need to put a stop to receiving orders so they can take care of the finances. If you show up then, they might not be able to assist you.

They have to complete these tasks at night when it is a little quieter because they are unable to complete them during the day.


McDonald’s restaurants typically close at midnight or at 11 PM, or they may remain open all day.

However, you might discover that not all McDonald’s locations that are open 24/7 accept orders at all hours of the night.

These are a few of the explanations for why McDonald’s locations occasionally only operate part-time during the day. Do well to like, comment, and share this post.

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