Which Country Has the Hardest al Exam?

  – Which Country Has the Hardest al Exam? –

Sri Lankan Advanced level examinations in physical sciences and biological sciences are probably most difficult examinations in the world as it is used as the examination for admission to Sri Lankan state universities.

Which Country Has the Hardest al Exam?

The Sri Lankan Advanced Level (A-level) is a General Certificate of Education (GCE) qualification exam in Sri Lanka, similar to the British Advanced Level. It is administered annually by the Ministry of Education’s Department of Examinations.

It is typically taken by students in their final two years of collegiate level (grade 12 and 13 (normal age 18-19)) or by external (non-school) candidates after they have completed GCE Ordinary Level exams.

The majority of candidates take the exams through their schools, but candidates who have completed their school education can also apply as private applicants.

The qualification is also required for admission to Sri Lankan state universities. The exams are given in three different languages: Sinhala, Tamil, and English.

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Things to Know Before Studying In Sri Lanka

The world is shrinking and boundaries no longer limit the flight of an ignited mind.

Going abroad for higher studies is no longer viewed as the privilege of the rich; anyone with a thirst for knowledge can grasp this opportunity now.

And with college options becoming limited in the country, many people are grasping this opportunity.

But there are a few things that would do you good if you know them in advance. In the following lines, we list the major issues that demand your attention:

Advanced Level is not Mandatory for Studying in Sri Lanka

A/L is a standard exam in Sri Lanka that determines eligibility for higher studies. Every year, over three hundred thousand students appear for this examination and only half of them are able to clear it.

This does not render the other half unfit for pursuing higher education in the country, there still are academic opportunities for them to pursue.

Similarly, being a foreign student and being unable to clear/appear for the A/L exam does not mean that you cannot study in the country.

If you wish to pursue higher education in Sri Lanka then the only qualification you require is having passed in all your subjects from the last degree you obtained.

Budgetary Constraints

Depending upon where you are from, Sri Lanka can be affordable or expensive. If the currency exchange rate works in your favor then you have nothing to worry about.

Sri Lanka has an amiable atmosphere and bears an overall lively vibe. Finding accommodation and funding a college education will not put a major dent in your bank account.

If the currency works against your country of origin, then finding a loan will be no hard task. Banks in the country are well aware of the inflow of international students and offer easy to avail loans for anyone interested.

You can begin to pay off your debt after having completed your education and secured a well-paying job.

Having a Sri Lankan Degree is not Necessary

Another topic that troubles a lot of young students is the confusion surrounding the role of an academic degree from any Sri Lankan college in gaining admission to a premier institute in the country.

Most of the students lose heart over not possessing a degree from a native academic institution and give upon the admission process midway.

Make a note of this fact – just because you get asked about having studied from a Sri Lankan university does not make it a necessary qualification.

That question is solely for administrative purposes of the college you are applying to and bears no significance whatsoever on your admission process.

Future Options

One of the biggest issues that international students face after completing their education is of securing a job.

Being in a foreign land can be daunting in itself, add to that the pressure of building a life there, and you have a mental burden that can be too heavy for anyone to bear.

Sri Lanka will help you out here. The college does organize job fairs for people interested in contributing their talents to the nation.

MNCs and national companies also look for bright students to work with them. With a little patience and scouting, you will be able to land a job that is both mentally fulfilling and economically rewarding.

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Preparing for the Required Exams

The qualifying examination is the most important aspect of admission. After preparing for it, you must go over the details meticulously because there is little to no room for error in such cases.

It is best to prepare your portfolio well in advance of the actual process, from language proficiency to holding all required certificates.

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It gives you plenty of time to correct and account for any missing links.

Coming up short on the day of admission will cost you dearly because there are no second chances; coming up short on a document or a paper will take weeks, if not months, to be corrected.

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