Why Am I Not Getting Snapchat Notifications?

Why am I not getting Snapchat notifications? Almost every app has a notification feature that keeps you up to date on the app’s activities. On social media platforms and messaging apps, this feature is essential. However, Snapchat users frequently complain about their notifications not working.

why am i not getting snapchat notifications

How to Fix Snapchat Notifications Not Working

Before doing anything, try to check Snapchat’s servers first, as they could be offline due to system maintenance or unexpected problems. However, if their servers are working, head down below and try the mentioned solutions.

1. Check Your Notification Settings

For Snapchat to send out notifications, it needs the proper permissions to control your device even if it is locked. If you are not receiving any notifications from the app, it is likely that your notification settings are not configured properly. 

On Android, see the steps below on how to change your notification settings. 

1. First, open Snapchat from your home screen

2. Now, tap on your Profile icon, and tap the Gear icon to open Snapchat’s settings. 

3. Finally, tap on Notifications, and make sure that ‘Enable Notifications’ is marked checked

4. If you want to control individual notifications on the app, check out Snapchat’s dedicated page about the topic to learn more. 

For iOS devices, follow the steps below to enable notifications on your device. 

1. On your home screen, tap on Snapchat to open it.

2. After that, tap on the Profile icon on Snapchat’s main page.

3. Now, tap on the Gear icon in the top-right corner of your screen. 

4. Finally, tap on Notifications and make sure that Snapchat’s notification feature is enabled. 

If you want to configure individual notifications, check Snapchat’s dedicated page to guide you through the process. Why am I not getting Snapchat notifications?

2. Enable Background App Refresh

Background app refresh is an operating system feature that allows programs and apps to check for updates while they are running in the background.

You can receive notifications from applications even if they are closed in this manner. Why am I not getting Snapchat notifications?

On Android, check out the guide below to enable background app refresh

1. First, open the Settings app from your home screen. 

2. Now, tap on the Accounts and Backup tab to open it. 

3. After that, tap on Accounts. 

4. Finally, scroll down to the bottom, and make sure that Auto Sync Data is enabled. Do take note that the location and naming of this button may vary depending on the device you use. 

For iOS devices, you can enable background app refresh by doing the following: 

1. On your iOS device, tap on the Settings app to open it. 

2. Inside Settings, tap on General. 

3. Finally, tap on Background App Refresh, and make sure that it is enabled. 

After turning on the background app refresh, ask your friends to send you a message on Snapchat to check if you will receive a notification. Why am I not getting Snapchat notifications?


3. Clear App Cache

One of the most effective ways to fix problematic applications is to clear their app cache. App caches are temporary data stored on your device locally, which helps applications perform faster. 

However, these data can get corrupted anytime and cause problems on the app. 

1. First, open Snapchat on your device. 

2. On Snapchat, tap on your Profile icon located at the top left corner of your display. 

3. Now, tap on the Settings button. 

4. After that, scroll down and tap on Clear Cache. 

5. Finally, tap on Continue (Android) or Clear All (iOS) to clear Snapchat’s cache. 

After clearing the app cache, use Snapchat normally to check if notifications are now working. Why am I not getting Snapchat notifications?

4. Reinstall Snapchat

If Snapchat isn’t working properly on your device, the installation files may have become corrupted during an update or while in use. In any case, the simplest solution is to reinstall the app.

On Android, check out the guide below to reinstall Snapchat. 

1. First, tap and hold Snapchat on your home screen until the selection screen pops up. 

2. After that, tap on Uninstall to remove the app from your device. 

3. Finally, go to the Play Store and reinstall Snapchat. 

For iOS devices, you can reinstall Snapchat by doing the following: 

4. On your home screen, tap and hold Snapchat until the option screen shows up. 

5. Now, tap on Remove App and follow the on-screen prompts to uninstall Snapchat. 

6. Once done, launch the App Store and reinstall the app. 

After reinstalling Snapchat, ask one of your friends to send you a message to check if you will receive a notification. 

However, if Snapchat notifications are still not working, head down below, and try the next method.c

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