Why is Rolls-Royce So Expensive? (Top 10 Reasons)

Everyone’s first thought when they hear the name “Rolls-Royce” is a high-end, expensive, and luxurious vehicle. Why is it so expensive? Let’s find out!

why rolls royce is so expensive

It’s common knowledge that most billionaires have at least one Rolls-Royce in their expensive automobile collection.

 However, this car is more than simply a prestige symbol.

 In the market for luxury vehicles, Rolls-Royce cars are well known for their high value.

But why is Rolls-Royce so expensive? Continue reading if you want to find out!

A Brief History of Rolls-Royce

A Brief History of Rolls-Royce

The partnership of Charles Rolls and Henry Royce founded the British luxury car manufacturer “Rolls-Royce” in Manchester in 1904.

Later, the company expanded into the manufacture of aircraft engines.

By producing the “greatest automobile in the world,” they immediately gained a reputation for being outstanding in engineering.

They also built on Royce’s positive reputation gained with his cranes.

A new facility in Derby was launched in 1908, and the company was established as Rolls-Royce Limited in 1906.

Following the First World War, the company began producing aero engines.

In 1940, joint development on jet engines started, and they soon went into production.

Because of the research and production of engines for defense and commercial aircraft, Rolls-Royce has established a long-lasting reputation.

What is the Average Price of a Rolls-Royce?

What is the Average Price of a Rolls-Royce?

The average price of a Rolls-Royce ranges from $300,000 to $535,000.

However, the Phantom is the most expensive model of Rolls-Royce, with prices starting at more than $450,000.

The Ghost is the cheapest model of Rolls-Royce, with a price range of $300,000.

Why Rolls-Royce is So Expensive

Rolls-Royce makes some of the world’s most magnificent cars.

The customized nature of Rolls-Royce cars is renowned for delivering on their customers’ fantasies of the perfect “magical carpet adventure.”

Here is why Rolls-Royce is so expensive:

1. Hand-Made Car Detailing

Hand-Made Car Detailing

Rolls-Royce employs coach-stripe painters and car detailers directly.

There is one man in the entire business whose sole responsibility is to paint coach stripes on cars if you want one.

However, you should be prepared to wait a while because the company has only one painter working on the automobile detailing and pinstriping.

The cost of detailing your car depends on the length of time it takes.

The car painter will have to travel to where your car is.

However, Rolls-Royce never keeps a car in their facility; instead, it dispatches workers to the Rolls-Royce owner.

This implies that the painter will travel to Atlanta if the car is there.

To complete the detailing work, they also employ specialized brushes.

Most of the specialized brushes are synthetic.

Since synthetic brush hair leaves stains behind, Roll Royce spends a lot of money on expensive squirrel hair brushes.

They discovered that these brushes don’t leave behind brush traces.

As a result, the car looks smooth, as if it were never painted.

Furthermore, the level of quality and care also increases the price of the car.

This is because the painter is a skilled artist who receives a large salary.

 Also, the paint and brushes cost a lot of money.

The ticket cost will also be considered if the painter needs to fly elsewhere to detail a car.

The cost of the Rolls-Royce car increases because of all these aforementioned elements.

2. Specialized Tires

Specialized Tires

A Rolls-Royce does not make less noise because of its insulation alone.

They also make use of noise-reducing tires.

Continental, a tire manufacturer, makes and produces its tires.

The company employs a unique foam to fill the tire instead of air.

This not only offers a comfortable ride, but it also dramatically lessens road noise.

They tested it and discovered that the tires’ overall noise reduction was nine decibels.

In addition to the tires making less noise, they are also durable.

These tires are expensive because they are made specifically for Rolls-Royce automobiles.

They are also costly because there is a limited market for them.

This implies that buying new tires for the car might be expensive.

Therefore, you must locate a supplier of Continental tires before having a professional install them for you.

You can encounter particular difficulties if you end up shredding your tires on some road debris because they are filled with foam.

These expenses increase Rolls-Royce’s price.

3. The Dashboard

The Dashboard

The dashboard of a Rolls-Royce is another place that can be personalized.

Customizing dashboards has been a lot of fun for many clients.

A few people like using gold or diamonds.

Others transform it into an art gallery filled with genuine, expensive works of art.

The dashboard is a sizable section where you can play with your car’s design.

However, you should anticipate paying a high price for the fun.

At Rolls-Royce facilities, dashboards are produced by hand.

The dashboard’s frame is made using high-quality materials.

They’ll need to initially buy the supplies, depending on how you plan to modify them.

Then, they put everything together.

The price of your Rolls-Royce will ultimately depend on how intricate the dashboard is.

For instance, the price represents the cost of the expensive hardwood that is used.

You should expect a hike in price if your dashboard necessitates BMW to locate and engage specialists for materials they have never used before.

They won’t object to a unique design or strategy.

This is what makes Rolls-Royces expensive.

They will use your funds, as long as you have them available, to turn your unique ideas into reality.

4. The Paint Job

The Paint Job

Rolls-Royce dislikes referring to colors on their vehicles as “paint job.”

It goes much beyond that.

They will name the car after you when you select a color for it.

Rolls-Royce will get in touch with you if anyone else wants to use that color subsequently.

They will get your consent before using the color of another person’s car.

They want to make sure that everyone has a special color that is uniquely theirs.

However, painting the car is referred to as a “surface finish.”

Instead of taking your car to the paint shop, it is transported to the surface finishing center.

The automobile will get at least seven layers of paint here. They can even apply  23 layers of paint.

The cost of the car will increase with the number of paint layers you request.

This is because a lot of paint is needed when painting a car.

Before applying any type of color to the car, it needs to be primed.

The primer aids in preparing the surface of the car for painting.

Also, it makes it simpler for the paint to stick to the surface of the car.

The base layer of the paint is sprayed once the primer has had time to dry.

The number of base coat applications required will depend on the shade.

After that is finished, the car is painted the actual color.

Again, multiple layers may be necessary to guarantee even coverage.

To polish the car, Rolls-Royce applies two coats of clear lacquer.

Lacquer offers the car a brilliant gloss while also assisting in the paint’s protection.

Sometimes they apply more coats of clear lacquer at the request of the purchaser.

Furthermore, the price of the Rolls-Royce is determined by the paint job because it is a time-consuming and unique process.

You should expect it to be expensive if you want a polished paint job.

To give you the desired effect, they’ll need to use several cans of paint.

5. The Brand

The Brand

You should expect to spend a lot of money when you purchase a Rolls-Royce car.

That’s because the brand is everything.

BMW had distinguished itself in the Rolls-Royce market by offering the pinnacle of luxury vehicles.

Everyone is aware that luxury has a high cost.

The company also advertises its ability to customize.

The business will comply with your requests regardless of what you need or how long it takes.

You can expect it to be expensive when it’s finished.

Rolls-Royce is expensive because it has a reputation for being costly.

It reinforces itself.

A Rolls-Royce automobile is not known for its performance or speed.

It is renowned for its opulent attributes and capacity to serve as a status symbol.

6. Star Light Headliner

Star Light Headliner

One of Rolls Royce’s most distinctive characteristics is the Starlight Headlines.

It is a group of fiber-optic roof lights that resemble the stars and night sky.

Even shooting stars can be customized to meet your needs.

The Starlight Headliner turns your car’s interior into a starry sky.

It is a lovely attribute that many owners find appealing.

 If you don’t like the starlight headliner, you may always choose to delete it.

As a standard Rolls-Royce feature, the Starlight Headliner is mostly intact.

Whenever someone sees the starlight headliner, they know what it is.

Also, the 16-hour production time is a factor that contributes to the high price of Rolls-Royce cars.

Each starlight headliner is manually created by punching holes in the fabric, which are then illuminated by fiber-optic light.

Even your own celestial creations or beloved constellations of stars can be included.

The more sensitive maintenance it requires, the higher the price of the car.

7. The Color

The Color

The color is one of the most expensive aspects that affect the price of a Rolls-Royce.

The first question a representative will ask you when you meet them is what color you want the car to be.

They’ve had success matching cars to a particular lipstick color or your favorite dog’s coat color.

Rolls-Royce brags about having more than 44,000 possible color options.

They elevate the act of painting your car’s exterior to the status of luxury.

They will reproduce the shade if they don’t have it.

This invariably contributes to the high cost of the paint job.

They will use varieties of paint colors until they achieve the exact one you desire.

That also includes colors that aren’t offered elsewhere.

When on vacation in Greece, for instance, you may have appreciated the distinctive color of the blue water.

Even if it means flying a color expert to your destination, Rolls-Royce will find that particular color.

They will do some study on the shade before assembling several examples for you.

They’ll use it once you’ve found the one you want.

You might decide you don’t like it after it’s used on the car.

Then, the procedure will be repeated.

Your Rolls-Royce will cost more depending on how complex the color is.

8. Insulation


The moment you get behind the wheel of a Rolls-Royce, you will notice that there is hardly any sound.

This is because the company wanted to create a vehicle with less noise.

They didn’t want Rolls-Royce drivers to hear the sounds of the road or the car itself.

This enables executives to answer calls without being concerned about their caller’s inability to hear them, due to the sound of the car.

Also, it makes the ride more comfortable.

BMW insulates the interior of their cars with more than 300 pounds of material to keep the ride quiet.

This is quite expensive.

Although using insulation can be inexpensive, using 300 pounds is far from being cheap.

It also needs to be carefully set up within the cabin.

It must be quiet enough not to bother the driver while still producing enough sound to prevent auditory sensory deprivation.

However, finding the ideal balance requires patience.

The designers will start over if something seems wrong and scrap it.

The insulation must also fit inside the vehicle.

The insulation can fit inside the car’s cabin because of the specialized equipment, components, and designs.

Rolls-Royce can provide a tranquil ride, but it will cost a lot of money.

9. Self-Righting Wheel Centers

Self-Righting Wheel Centers

The steering wheel is always upright in a Rolls-Royce if you’ve ever looked inside one.

This is because they don’t want the RR emblem turned to the side or upside down.

It must be erect at all times.

The handmade self-righting wheel centers were created for this function.

The wheel will automatically turn until the RR emblem is back in the upright position, regardless of how you park the car.

This minor feature not only makes starting and driving your car more convenient, but it also improves the appearance of the vehicle.

The self-righting wheel depicts how seriously the Rolls-Royce brand takes itself.

However, the price of a self-righting wheel center is a drawback.

In order to create steering wheels, the industry uses the best materials available.

The wheel must be durable, exhibit the least amount of wear and tear, and be capable of self-righting itself.

This implies that the engineers will have to spend more time at the steering wheel center.

A professional will make and install the wheel.

After then, it will undergo a few quality control checks to make sure it always corrects itself.

These additional steps increase the cost of the steering wheel, which in turn makes Rolls-Royce expensive.

10. Paint Additives

Paint Additives

You benefit from the possibility of having additional materials incorporated into the paint as a Rolls Royce customer.

Crushed diamonds, gold, or any other substance can be added to the color at your discretion.

You can either provide the diamonds to Rolls-Royce or pay an additional price for them to get the stones on your behalf.

If there are diamonds, the company will send them to be crushed by a trustworthy third party.

They will then mix the broken diamonds into the paint of the car.

Royce will paint the exact color you requested on the car, along with the shine that only crushed diamonds can add to a surface.

So a Rolls-Royce car is expensive because they add expensive components to the paint.

 If you have the money, you can also use gold as paint or use gold as an infusion in your paint.

 It will require a specialist who understands how to apply paint properly, which then increases the cost of the car because specialists are expensive.

As a result, upgrading the paint job on your Rolls-Royce will be more expensive.

How Durable is Rolls Royce?

How Durable is Rolls Royce?

Modern Rolls-Royce automobiles are as dependable as a standard BMW 7-series since they use BMW V12 engines and electronics.

The suspension, hard parts, and body hardware are incredibly durable.

Because aluminum does not corrode and is used to make seamless bodies, corrosion is not a problem.

The exhaust, bearings, suspension components, and other components are either produced by RR themselves or purchased from reliable vendors.

In order to guarantee that the car’s electronics and starting system will continue to function in the event of a voltage drop or other issue, Rolls-Royce cars come equipped with a multiple battery system.

Also, Rolls-Royce tires have a special run-flat system that allows them to travel a short distance at full highway speed.


Rolls-Royce has always been in the business of creating long-lasting and luxurious vehicles.

They are expensive because they have the self-righting wheel feature, an appealing design, a customized dashboard, paint additives, and several other factors.

You should always keep the reasons mentioned above in mind whenever you think of purchasing a Rolls-Royce.

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