Why College is a Waste of Time

Wondering why college is a waste of time? This article is structured to put toy in the know why college might be a waste of time and resources for you.

Why College is a Waste of Time

As we age and begin to ponder what we want to do when we “grow up,” higher education soon enters the equation.

But in the 21st century, would it be ridiculous to contemplate that there is more than one path? Sentiments that college is a waste of time have slowly bubbled up into the mainstream.

Why College is a Waste of Time

Perhaps you’ve even encountered such a perspective yourself. Organizations like Praxis and Mike Rowe have long argued that a college education does not guarantee success.

And that making a good life is achievable without having to spend the time and money needed for education.


1. The Wealth Example

Who would spring to mind if I asked you to name the 50 persons from the past you’d consider to be the wealthiest?

You’d probably mention names like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, whose creations have changed the globe. Or perhaps Mark Zuckerberg, whose business owns the largest contact database on the planet.

What about the late Walt Disney, whose name stands for one of the biggest media conglomerates ever? Michael Dell made computing accessible to the general public.

And Richard Branson, whose business strategy spans a wide range of industry verticals.

2. The Implication for Industry is that Education is a Waste of Time

Consider the founding era of the United States. In comparison to presently, a larger portion of the economy was distributed throughout small towns. (I have visions of Little House on the Prairie.)

But incredible things occurred at the turn of the previous century. Industrialization and manufacturing both began to develop at a vital point.

Companies improved their capacity for rapid production. As a result, factory employees rather than the era’s farmers and craftsmen were in demand.

3. The Less-Traveled Path Can Be Taken

There aren’t many things that a marketing degree provides that you couldn’t perform on your own.

By all means, go to school if you want to become a doctor or an attorney. The internet, however, opens up a completely new world for marketers like you.

A degree in this field is becoming increasingly useless. Starting with a few books and conducting a few Google searches will get you far.


4. Because College Is an Educational System, It Is a Waste of Time

There are also pressures to uphold standards in any system. Standards are frequently dropped to improve an organization’s image.

They receive more funding the more attractive they are. All of this indicates that there is a chance that pupils won’t receive what they paid for.

Frequently Asked Questions

Popular questions and answers hovering over why college is a waste of time are elicited below.

No, college is not a waste of time. Any time spent learning is never wasted.

Learning doesn’t have to be in the college environment, but there are many valuable lessons that you learn while attending college. These lessons happen in and out of the classroom.

Twenty-nine percent of college-age Americans say college is both a waste of money, and that a college education isn’t necessary to get a good job.

According to admissions consultant Beata Williams, it’s not surprising that potential students are seriously weighing the financial burdens of obtaining a college degree.

Most colleges have very liberal and progressive ideologies. Many graduates are left with useless courses they can’t get jobs in.

You often have to do another course because you’re not qualified enough with only one degree. College delays family and responsibility in life.

College is important for many reasons, including long-term financial gain, job stability, career satisfaction, and success outside of the workplace.

With more and more occupations requiring advanced education, a college degree can be critical to your success in today’s workforce.

Yes, it’s quite normal to not like college! The truth is, going to college might not be for everyone and that is completely okay.

Everyone is different and wants a different experience out of life. Don’t make yourself frustrated just because you feel like you don’t fit into the college education system.

The ability to make more money and get your life and career started is a major reason that life gets better after college.

The more time you can spend working on growing your career and learning to enjoy your life while making money, the more you will feel that your degree has paid off.

It’s no surprise that young people might be questioning the need for college. While degree holders do earn more than non-degree holders, making a good living without a degree is possible.

These jobs pay at least $55,000 per year, and all of them are attainable without needing a traditional college degree.

The short answer is “yes.” It is possible to succeed without college. But the longer answer is that succeeding without college especially to the level that Gates, Zuckerberg, and Jobs did—is the exception, not the rule.

To have a truly successful career, earning a college degree gives you a clear advantage.

1. 74% employment rate.

2. Limited networking.

3. Less admirable for higher positions.

4. Lower paying salary on average.

5. Cannot work in STEM fields.

The truth is that life after graduation can be boring most of the time. And if you want your life to be interesting and fun you have to work to make it that way.

You have to find the things that make life worth living. You have to explore and be creative.

I trust this helps. Keep visiting our page, and don’t hesitate to share with others.

CSN Team

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