Why does my Hotspot Keep Turning off?

If the Hotspot keeps turning off on your phone, check connected devices, restart your phone, and reset the network or all settings. However, read below to learn about why your hotspot keeps turning off.

Why does my Hotspot Keep Turning off?

Your work is jeopardized by frequent hotspot disconnections. You don’t want constant interruptions to lose your job whether you work from home or outside.

Restarting the hotspot is one solution, but doing so on a regular basis would become tedious. And purchasing a backup internet plan for your hotspot will only cost you more money.

Why Does my Hotspot Keep Turning Off on its Own?

There are a few features on your mobile device that can turn off hotspots automatically. The power-saving mode is one of the most common causes.

To resolve this, simply charge your phone or turn off the feature entirely.

But, it’s not your phone that’s causing the problem or the solution didn’t work, don’t worry. There still are plenty of solutions to the problem. Here are the reasons:

1. Data Plan Limit Reached

If the hotspot is from your PC, your network may be set up as metered. Metered networks are configured to restrict network traffic when nearing the limit.

If the hotspot is from your phone, Your phone data may be nearing the limit. Check the data usage on your phone to see if you’ve exceeded your plan.

If that’s the case, the phone may shut down internet sharing via hotspot. This information should be visible on your provider’s mobile app too.


2. Timeout Setting on your Device

Wi-Fi hotspot features in new phones are improved to reduce power consumption. When there are no connected devices for a set amount of time, the system turns off the hotspot.

Depending on your phone, you may or may not be able to disable it. Check your vendor for details.

3. The Device on Battery Saver Mode

If your phone or PC is low on battery, your hotspot will turn off automatically. Using a mobile hotspot means you’re using two things at the same time :

Your sim’s cellular connection for data transmission

Your phone’s Wi-Fi feature

Both these tasks consume system resources and drain your battery. If your hotspot is set at 5GHz, the battery drains even faster.

Thus, your system may stop one or more of the above tasks to optimize battery life.

4. Interference and out-of Range

Your Wi-Fi may be out of range. Ideally, the range of connectivity with a mobile hotspot on both WIFI and Bluetooth is about 30 ft.

You’ll feel a noticeable performance lag outside of this radius.

If it’s not a distance issue, something else is interfering with your wireless hotspot. This could be a different hotspot or a router in your surroundings.

Also, laptops may be able to provide a better Wi-Fi range than phones. But no hotspot device will ever work as well as a router.

5. Faulty Systems

If you’re using an old device set up with a hotspot, it may not be functioning properly. Older devices may have had their wifi antenna damaged. Or they may have stopped receiving software updates altogether.

Thus any system bug resulting in hotspot issues remains unfixed. In any case, these devices are no longer able to deliver hotspots with good performance.

Can you Leave your Mobile Hotspot on all the Time?

You can leave a hotspot on as long as you would like, but it is governed by the constraints of the battery.

If you find that you want to use your phone as a receiver for other devices more than as a smartphone, you may wish to leave the hotspot active all the time.

So long as you have a sufficient charge in the battery, you can do so.

If you have a way to keep the phone plugged into a power source during these operations, it could make it easier for you to use the device in this way.

Does Hotspot Ruin your Phone?

No, a hotspot should have no discernible impact on your phone. The only exception is the battery draining that we discussed earlier.

Many people rely on their phones to connect to the internet and access other devices while they are on the go. It’s important to remember that batteries degrade over time, and your battery’s charge cycle capacity may be limited.

If your device is primarily a hotspot, charging will be more frequent. Many modern batteries, on the other hand, are designed to handle multiple charges with ease.


However, hotspots can be unreliable at times, and yours may turn off or on by themselves. This could be related to allowing automatic connections or saving battery life, but both issues can be resolved in your phone’s settings.

CSN Team.

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