Why does Nicotine Make you Poop?

Why does nicotine make you poop? You are not the only one to wonder why nicotine makes you poop. You will learn everything you could ever want to know about nicotine and poop here!

Why does Nicotine Make you Poop?

Even though we all know that smoking is bad for us, there are still many of us who do it. We know it’s bad, but it’s a difficult habit to break, and with life being so stressful, the universe isn’t exactly assisting us, is it?

Have you ever gone inside after your morning cigarette and realized you’re high on nicotine? You were smoking and suddenly it felt like your last three meals, so you quickly needed to leave the premises.

So, why is this the case, and does nicotine cause you to poop? There are numerous theories about this, so let us address them! Hold on to your buttocks; it’s going to be a wild ride!

Does Nicotine Make you Have to Poop?

Frankly, there is no definitive answer stating that nicotine does make you have to poop, but so many people usually feel that they do need to rush to the toilet once they’ve used a nicotine product. 

What we do know is that nicotine is a stimulant and some stimulants can act as laxatives, just like caffeine! 

Does Tobacco Make you Poop?

Directly, tobacco doesn’t make you poop, the effect of needing to throw yourself into the restroom before you soil yourself comes from the likely stimulant effects of nicotine, not tobacco directly. 

This is also why do cigarettes make you poop… the same reason, it is not the typical makeup of the cigarette itself, but the nicotine in it.


Does Nicotine Gum Make you Poop?

While nicotine gum does not contain a huge amount of nicotine in it, usually not as much as cigarettes or vapes do, it does still contain nicotine, a stimulant. 

Of course, this does not mean that it will always make you poop, but it can make you feel a need to rush to the restroom. 

Does Nicotine Make you Have Diarrhea?

Typically, for a normal smoker or vaper nicotine will not give you diarrhea, however, if you have too much nicotine it will have side effects such as nausea, stomach ache, vomiting, and diarrhea. 

Even when a typical smoker has their nicotine hit, they usually don’t feel an immediate need to poop.

However, that first hit in the morning after not smoking all night usually is quickly followed by the need for a quick trip to the toilet. 

So, in this sense, it can make you have diarrhea, but it does not traditionally have this effect. 

Is Nicotine a Laxative?

Generally, no, nicotine is not technically a laxative. It CAN have laxative effects, especially on those who are not accustomed to having it inside their system.

But, it is not inherently a laxative, doctors of yore weren’t prescribing nicotine to the constipated townspeople. 

So, while it can have the effects of a laxative, it is not technically a laxative.

Can Nicotine Affect Poop?

Yes, nicotine can affect the poop. How?

When a person develops digestive disorders, as mentioned above, it can quickly cause diarrhea and might change the color and consistency of the poop. 

Is Nicotine Good for Constipation?

No, nicotine is not beneficial to constipation. Many clinical studies show that nicotine is bad for constipation.

Nicotine cannot help with constipation because it is not a laxative.


In conclusion, Nicotine makes one poop because it is a stimulant that acts like a laxative. Sure we believe this piece of information was useful. Please, kindly share this content on all platforms.

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