Why does School Exist? Major Reasons

Why does school exist? Initially, the schools were established to teach the basics of writing, reading, and doing arithmetic to men and teach the basics of taking care of the home for women.

Why does School Exist?

Academics are the first thing that most people think of when they think of school.

But what exactly are schools for? What is its goal, and how will it achieve it?

Reasons Why School Exists

Here are some of the reasons why school exist, according to experts:

1. It Provides a Strong Foundation for Learning

First, where do we start to learn about something new? We don’t know what we don’t know, so most of us wouldn’t even know where to begin. 

Formal education always starts with the basics to help build a strong foundation for learning.

2. It Teaches the Skills to Combat Misinformation

The emergence of the global pandemic was succeeded by widespread misinformation. The impact of the interaction of these two events also supports the need for formal institutions. 

Critical thinking skills can sort the wheat from the chaff, but it is often a tedious and time-consuming process. 

An expert in the field can show, with detailed explanations, what should be kept and what should be discarded.

3. Schools Provide the Needed Element of Interaction

Individual guidance is also essential. We watched the video and followed the instructions, but it didn’t look quite right. 

What did we do wrong? Even if it looks good, where could we have improved? 

Without someone with experience to look at what we have done and give us some feedback, we may never know. Schools provide that needed element of interaction.

4. It Gives Concrete and Formal Documentation

Finally, how can we prove to anyone else what we know? When we complete a course of studies at a college or university, we achieve a formal document that is concrete proof that we have learned certain things. 

Things that an employer, a funder, or a government agency can see value in.

We have evidence and documentation that we have achieved a certain understanding of a field of study.

Schools have changed, and are changing, for the better. Learning is becoming: 

‣ More accessible

‣ More enjoyable

‣ Faster than ever before.

6. It Makes Good use of Time and Space to Upgrade ourselves

The word “school” originates from the Greek “skholē,” which means “leisure, philosophy, lecture place.” It is essentially how we make good use of time and space to upgrade ourselves.

With this, I have always liked the idea of a holistic model of schooling where we:

‣ experiment,

‣ learn from each other about all aspects of life,

‣ and grow.

On the one hand, we want our schools to teach the necessary skills to ensure students can be a part of our economy and society.

But, on the other hand, schools should also aim to equip our students with more than the basics, empowering and inspiring them to go beyond survival and maximize the chances of living their lives to their fullest potential.

7. It Helps Define what it is to be Human

We need schools, in some form, because they help to define what it is to be human.

Perhaps it’s more accurate to say we need organized learning and an attitude of curiosity and ethical inquiry. 

The physical classroom may change over time, and textbooks may be replaced with electronic devices, but the need to school ourselves to learn the why of our existence and to make life better will not vanish.

8. It Provides a Safe and Nurturing Environment

Schools provide a structured environment in which children can learn and grow. The classroom serves as a constant in a student’s life. It may be the only safe environment for some students.

Schools also provide support and guidance to help children deal with any difficulties they may encounter.

Teachers and staff members are trained to recognize warning signs of trouble and to provide assistance and resources as needed.


In conclusion, the school exist for various reasons and its importance cannot be overemphasized. Thus, people who went to school will also be more successful than their counterparts who did not attend school. Please, kindly share this content.

CSN Team.

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