Why does Sneezing Feel Good? Amazing Reasons

Do you remember the feeling when you are not able to sneeze but really badly want to? Isn’t it one of the most irritating things in the world? Read below to know why do sneezing feel good.

Why does Sneezing Feel Good?

Some people get so frustrated when they can’t sneeze that they stuff rolled paper, pens, and other objects up their noses.

As a result, the pain of anticipation prior to the sneeze and the subsequent sense of relief are incomparable. But why does sneezing make you feel so good?

Continue reading to find out why you feel euphoric when you sneeze.

What is a Sneeze?

Sneezing does not happen by chance. In fact, it is a defense mechanism used by your body to keep foreign objects from entering your body.

When an irritant, such as pollen, pet dander, viruses, or smoke, irritates the mucous membrane in your nasal passages, your body expels air in an attempt to flush it out.

Surprisingly, sensitivity to bright lights can also cause sneezing. If you’ve ever sneezed on a sunny day, it’s possible that you don’t have seasonal allergies after all.

You could simply be a “photic,” meaning you sneeze when exposed to bright light.

Why Sneezing Feel Good

You’re possibly urged to know why sneezing feels good, right? After our meticulous research and detailed consultancy from experts, we can come up with some reasons as below:

1. Sneezing Creates the Combined Feeling of Pressure Relief

Whenever you’re under pain or pressure, you will immediately feel good after being treated with a reliever, and likewise the sensation after a sneeze.

A sneeze starts with a tension that exists in the sinuses. Once a sneeze finishes, it means that the pressure will go away without any traces.

The tension that occurs in our sinuses is when we breathe a particular foreign organism. The nose hairs, without any delay, reject it to defend the entire system.

By performing its function, we’re willing to sneeze, and our act of sneezing signals a natural defense to tell us that we’re still as healthy as others and that our immune systems are in good condition.

The pressure that our nasal cavity has to experience is about to be addressed when a sneeze is generated.

Like other pains, that kind of pressure is going to ease and brings about a satisfied and pleasant feeling. It is much like you have to get rid of all pressures in the sinuses for a long time.


2. Sneezing Releases Endorphins to Comfort us

Another rational explanation to understand “why does sneezing feel good?” involves the launch of chemicals known as endorphins right after we sneeze to comfort us.

This feeling is so good that it is adorable compared with the sense of “get high” or “a runner’s high” To let you know what the endorphins are and “why does sneezing feel good?” let’s talk a little about “a runner’s high”.

A “runner’s high” is a feeling of happiness and satisfaction after an extremely tough and long run. In general, it is because of a “happy” chemical called endorphin after a workout.

It provokes the sensation of contentment, gratification, and pain relief. Interestingly, the level of endorphins tends to increase rapidly after an extended exercise.

3. Sneeze is Closely Attached to an Orgasm

If you want to know “why does sneezing feel good?” you should first explore how a sneeze is related to orgasm.

As we mentioned above, you are going to have myriad feelings which have been produced after a sneeze is complete. This sensation is similar to when you obtain an orgasm.

An orgasm, this pleasant feeling is just much like when you finish a tough and long run. If you still wonder “why does sneezing feel good?” you just need to understand the great sensation that orgasm brings about.

Both sneezing and orgasm cause you to experience such emotions from the excited state to a simulated pleasant feeling.

A more interesting thing is that these two common phenomena motivate our body to produce a kind of stimulating hormone which is endorphins.

In most cases, sneezing is considered a mild orgasm. For this reason, they share a little relation to each other. On the other hand, sneezing multiple times is not equivalent to feeling like an orgasm.


In short, sneezing is necessary. Whether you sneeze frequently or not, sneezing provides a satisfying sensation. Sneezing strikes us unexpectedly and without warning. Again, it is never harmful to one’s health. Fortunately, it makes us feel good. Please, kindly share this content.

CSN Team.

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