Why is it Called Plastic Surgery?

When you come across the word plastic surgery, what strikes you in the mind first? A Hollywood star attempting to postpone the effects of aging?

Why is it Called Plastic Surgery?

A set of individuals who are eager to enlarge their stomachs, breasts, or other body parts because they see it done so easily on television? 

Those are typical plastic surgery images, but what about the 4-year-old boy who had his chin rebuilt after being bitten by a dog? 

Or how about the young lady who had a birthmark on her forehead laser-lightened?

Kindly read further to learn about why the act of changing the body shape or size of an individual is called plastic surgery.

What is Plastic Surgery?

The fact that the name includes the word “plastic” does not imply that patients who undergo this surgery will end up with a face full of fake stuff.

The name is derived from the Greek word plastikos, which means to form or mold, rather than the synthetic substance (and which gives the material plastic its name as well). 

It is however a type of operation that can alter a person’s appearance as well as their ability to function.


Types of Plastic Surgery

There are two major kinds, or simply put: the medical operations people undergo in order to transform their appearances or systems are grouped into two namely:

1. Reconstructive surgery 

2. Cosmetic surgery.

Reconstructive Plastic Surgery

Reconstructive procedures are used to repair defects on the face or body. 

These include physical birth defects such as cleft lips and palates and ear deformities, traumatic injuries such as dog bites or burns, and the aftermath of disease treatments such as rebuilding a woman’s breast after breast cancer surgery.

Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic (also known as aesthetic) procedures alter a part of the body that the patient dislikes.

Making the breasts larger (augmentation mammoplasty) or smaller (reduction mammoplasty), reshaping the nose (rhinoplasty), and removing fat pockets from specific areas of the body are all common cosmetic procedures (liposuction). 

Some cosmetic procedures aren’t even surgical in the traditional sense, that is, cutting and stitching. 

Two such treatments are the use of special lasers to remove unwanted hair and sanding skin to improve severe scarring.

Why do Teens Get Plastic Surgery?

Of course, most teenagers do not. However, some do. 

Interestingly, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) reports a difference between the reasons teens and adults give for having plastic surgery.

Plastic surgery is viewed by teenagers as a way to fit in and appear acceptable to friends and peers. Adults, on the other hand, frequently view plastic surgery as a way to differentiate themselves from the crowd.

According to the ASPS, over 200,000 people aged 19 and under underwent major or minor body operation procedures in 2013.

Is Plastic Surgery the Right Choice?

Reconstructive surgery is used to repair major flaws or problems. But what about having cosmetic surgery to improve your appearance? Is it appropriate for teenagers? 

As with anything else, there are good and bad reasons to have surgery. 

Cosmetic surgery is unlikely to make a difference in your life. 

Most board-certified plastic surgeons interview teens who want plastic surgery to determine if they are good candidates for the procedure.

Doctors want to make sure that teenagers are emotionally mature enough to handle the surgery and that they are doing it for the right reasons.

Why is it Referred to as Plastic Surgery?

The term, like many other words in the English language, is derived from the Greek language.  Coined from the Greek word plastikos, which means to shape or mold something.

The term was first used in the 1800s to describe the process in which doctors and surgeons reshaped or molded body tissue.


In conclusion, the name is derived from the Greek word plastike (teckhne), which means “the art of modeling or sculpting. Now you have known why it is called that through this article. Please, kindly share this content to help someone out there.

CSN Team.

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