Why is the Electoral College Important?

Why is the electoral college important? Why do the electors select their president and vice president using this method? Find out.

Why is the electoral college important?

The Electoral College is a system that the Constitution’s framers established and included.

The electors select the president and vice president using this method.

This system acts as a middle ground between electing the president through a vote in Congress and through popular voting.

What inspired the concept, and how does it function? Let’s find out.

Why is the Electoral College Important?

I believe that the Electoral College encourages candidates to focus on smaller states as well as populous ones.

Regardless of population size, every state has electoral votes.

Since the constituency needs votes from multiple regions in order to be successful, candidates should build their campaigns with a national focus.

Without the constituency, candidates would solely focus on the needs of densely populated areas, leaving out minor states.

The Electoral College also helps to maintain a robust two-party system.

The United States’ political system would be overrun with candidates if we abandoned it.

Everyone who had a particular set of political convictions would produce a candidate, expecting that they would prevail in the popular vote.

The constituency makes it highly challenging to establish a third party and aids in maintaining the two-party system.

What is the Purpose of the Electoral College and How Does it Work?

It is a process, not a place.

The constituency is how we refer to the process by which the United States elects the president.

Why is the Electoral College Important?

They created the constituency for two reasons.

The first purpose was to create a buffer between the population and the selection of a President.

The second was part of the structure of the government that gave extra power to the smaller states.

What are the Benefits of the Electoral College?

The constituency gives the state power in our federal system.

The constituency encourages more person-to-person campaigning by candidates.

and they spend time in both the big cities and smaller cities in battleground states.

What are the Pros and Cons of the Electoral College?


The electoral college requires the distribution of popular support to elect a president.

The winning candidate must demonstrate both sufficient popular support to govern and a sufficient distribution of that support to govern.


There is a possibility of electing a minority president if the country is so deeply divided politically that three or more presidential candidates split the vote and no one gets majority of the votes.

What is the Role of the Electoral College in Electing a President?

Through this process, electors vote for the president and vice president.

Why Was the Electoral College Invented?

The Founding Fathers had to compromise when it came to devising a system to elect the president.

What is the Major Criticism of the Electoral College?

Three criticisms of the college are:

It is “undemocratic”.

It permits the election of a candidate who does not win the most votes.

And its winner-takes-all approach cancels the votes of the losing candidates in each state.

Do You Think the Electoral College should be Abolished?

It distorts representation, arguably hinders the democratic process, and has a large impact on the outcome of a presidential election, for better or for worse.

However, despite its faults, the system has a foundation conducive to reform rather than abolition.

How Does the Electoral College Help Small States?

Smaller states benefit because each vote represents fewer people (because of the Great Compromise, which made the Senate vote equal across all states, no matter their population)


The electoral college is very important because, with it, the electioneering process of the federation can be duly regulated.

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