Why is Verizon so Slow? Six Common Reasons

As one of the largest telecommunications companies in the world, Verizon offers a variety of services that keep people connected, but then you might have been wondering why Verizon is so slow and does not meet up to your expectations. Keep reading to see the reasons

Why is Verizon so Slow?

Verizon Network has proven over time that nobody is excluded from its services, from wireless and landline telephone service, everybody can make use of Verizon

Apart from its many offerings for its consumer, Verizon also provides business ideas that help firms to be productive and still stay connected. The truth is Verizon has what to offer everyone no matter what your needs might be.

Why is Verizon so Slow?

Imagine, you are using the Verizon network and it keeps delaying you, well this happens for a number of reasons. One of them is that they have 5G enabled, another reason is you have exceeded your monthly data limit without your knowledge

Verizon has also experienced network outages, this can be the reason why the network is unbearably slow, and when you keep running  VPN or other apps in the background, then your device is bound to be slowed down.

Take a look at the reasons below to understand why you are experiencing this problem:

1. Due to 5G

Data speeds are important to anyone who owns a smartphone. A fast connection is essential when streaming video, downloading files, or simply browsing the web.

When streaming video, downloading files or just browsing the web, you definitely need good data speed. In fact, when you own a smartphone and you have slow data speed, it can be annoying.

Some of these experience people go through is why they are looking forward to the new 5G network.

In as much as this is a good thing, there is still a downside to it. The 5G network can still slow down the speed of your phone, this is because the coverage of the 5G is still very limited.

2. You’re Over your Data Limit

This is one reason why your Verizon network is quite slow, so if you are experiencing a slow network, the wise thing to do is check your data limit to confirm if you have exceeded your data cap.

You will be throttled by Verizon immediately after your data cap for the month has been exceeded. what this means is that you will be browsing at slower speeds until you get new data.

3. Too Many Devices on your Internet Connection

When you have many devices connected to your internet, it will slow you down on Verizon and even other networks.

Other times, when you are living with two or more people, consider the devices they all have, whether it is connected to your internet connection.

4. Rural Area

Those who live in rural areas regularly experience slow and very unreliable most times, in fact, the network can be completely unavailable.

Since Verizon is not as robust in rural areas as it is in urban areas, this is the reason why the network is unstable


5. You’re Using a VPN

Another cause for a slow network on Verizon is VPN(Virtual private network). So if you are experiencing a slow network check to see if your VPN is on.

Although VPNs help keep your data secure, they can also be the reason why your mobile device is slowing down.

To rectify this issue, try to disable your VPN temporarily and see if it works, if it doesn’t, switch to another network or change your location.

6. Your Data Saver Mode is on

When you put on Data Saver mode, the amount of data your phone uses will be limited.

This can be very useful in saving data but can also cause you to experience a slow network.

Why is Verizon Network not Working?

Why is Verizon Network not Working?

Here are some of the reasons why your Verizon Network is not working:

  • Your airplane mode is on: 
  • You have cases or covers from the device
  • Your Wifi is set to Calling settings
  • Your network settings might be the problem

How to Rectify  the Issue

  • Turn off your Airplane mode
  • Remove cases or covers  from your device
  • Change the Wifi Calling settings to cellular
  • Reset Network Settings( for iOS users only)

What is the Point of Verizon?

Verizon’s main purpose is to ensure that people have the capability to do so much more in the world

One of its quotes is ” All are powerful to reshape an entire industry, and all are still new enough to be shaped by the firm that has the capacity and vision to do so.”

Why is Verizon LTE not Working?

This would only happen when your phone malfunction or has issues, you can rectify the problem by restarting your phone, it will only take 2 minutes to boot again.

When you’ve restarted your phone, you can now switch on the LTE: and see if the issue is solved.

Why is my Phone Saying no Service Verizon?

if your phone is saying this then: Navigate to Settings-> Cellular, and ensure Cellular Data is on. If it is, try putting it off and back on again. Go to Cellular Data Options-> Roaming and ensure Voice Roaming is turned on.

What is the most Reliable Network?

Verizon is the most reliable network in most parts of the US, particularly outside of major urban areas.

Although it can be slow because of network issues, which you can discover using Downdetector, or because you own an older device or piece of equipment. 

CSN Team.

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