Why was Bewitched Cancelled? Reasons Behind it

Bewitched abruptly ended, shocking fans, and speculation about what happened to the iconic show—which had been on the air for more than a decade—began to run wild. So why was bewitched cancelled?

Why was Bewitched Cancelled? Explained

The popular comedy series Bewitched debuted in 1964 and ran until 1972.

Even though the sitcom’s popularity fluctuated, audiences from all over the world adored the program and its cast of recognizable characters.

Why was Bewitched Cancelled?

The reason Bewitched was cancelled was due to its star Elizabeth Montgomery’s desire to leave her position as Samantha, the amiable neighborhood witch who makes an effort to live a typical housewife’s life.

When Montgomery made the decision to stop watching the show, it had been renewed for its ninth and tenth seasons.

Montgomery’s marriage to Bewitched director William Asher was also starting to fall apart at the same time as the cast of the show.

Although on paper Asher and Montgomery were the ideal Hollywood power couple, they actually had a difficult relationship.

Asher had several affairs during their nine-year marriage.

Although Montgomery had her own affairs, the attention of the media was far more on the actress’s tumultuous love life, which increased the pressure Montgomery was already under.

Many people bring up Elizabeth Montgomery’s romance with director Richard Michaels despite the couple’s history of infidelity.

Michaels was genuinely in love with the actress, unlike the several members of Hollywood’s elite who the troublesome couple had previously had affairs with.

Many men who had the chance to work with Elizabeth Montgomery throughout Hollywood, including celebrities like Dick York, Elvis Presley, and Dean Martin, revealed having deep love for the actress.

Despite their past, William Asher made sure to continue his wife’s legacy.

Asher then accepted responsibility for their strained relationship and Montgomery’s inclination to turn his attention elsewhere after reflecting on what transpired between them.

Even though their popular television program was canceled as a result of their failing marriage, Asher and Montgomery remained close friends despite sharing so much grief.

The affairs had damaged other relationships outside just their marriage.

Asher and Montgomery’s marriage failed not long after Michaels did, which gave Michaels the opportunity to start dating Montgomery.

What is the Real Reason Bewitched was Cancelled?

Bewitched was cancelled because leading star Elizabeth Montgomery wanted out of her role as Samantha, the friendly neighborhood witch who tries her best to live her life as an ordinary housewife.

The show had been renewed for its ninth and tenth seasons when Montgomery decided that she’d had enough with the show.

What is the Controversial Episode of Bewitched?

Sisters at Heart


Why did Darren get replaced on Bewitched?

While under care York knew his ability to continue working on the series was finished due to his worsening health and reliance on pain medication, prompting show producers to recast Sargent in the role for the sixth, seventh and eighth seasons, ahead of the series ending in 1972.

Is Anyone Still Alive from the Bewitched Show?

None of the main ‘Bewitched’ characters are still alive – except one. In addition to Dick Sargent and Dick York, Elizabeth Montgomery, who played Samantha Stephens died after the series wrapped.

Montgomery died in 1995 at age 62 of colorectal cancer. Agnes Moorehead’s last role was in Bewitched.

Why did Aunt Clara Leave Bewitched?

Unfortunately, fans never got a chance to see Aunt Clara in Season 5 as Lorne died of a heart attack before filming began in 1968.

Who was the Best Darrin on Bewitched?

On the hit 1960s sitcom Bewitched, Dick York played Darrin Stephens, the long-suffering mortal married to witch-turned-housewife, Samantha.

Yet in season six of the show’s eight-season run, York was replaced in the role by actor Dick Sargent.


Why did they Change Mrs Kravitz on Bewitched?

Pearce was diagnosed with terminal cancer before Bewitched started in 1964, a fact that the actress hid from producers.

Towards the end of the show’s second season, Pearce passed away from ovarian cancer. Gladys was recast, with Sandra Gould taking her place.

Why did Samantha on Bewitched Always Wear a Heart Necklace?

On a personal level, the pavé diamond heart represented her marriage and on Bewitched it was a symbolic reminder to the viewers that the power of love between Darrin and Samantha was stronger than witchcraft, relatives, and any other obstacles that the couple would face.

Who Gave Betty White Her Heart Necklace?

Diamond heart was given to her by friend and fellow actress Jennifer Love Hewitt and her panda bear earrings.

White’s relationship with the Los Angeles Zoo started when it opened in 1966 and continued for the next five decades.

What Happened to the Son on Bewitched?

After trying college, Greg now works as a production assistant for New Wave Entertainment in Burbank, CA which produces trailers for upcoming films, radio, and TV spots. He and his wife Teri live in CA with their 5 cats.

Because Bewitched’s star Elizabeth Montgomery wanted out of the character of Samantha, the amiable neighborhood witch who tries her best to live an ordinary housewife’s life, the show was canceled. Share with others and keep visiting our page.

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