Why Was Prodigal Son Cancelled? (Explained)

Fox has canceled Prodigal Son, with the Season 2 finale on May 18 now set to be the series finale of the show starring Tom Payne, Michael Sheen, and Catherine Zeta Jones.

Why Was Prodigal Son Cancelled? (Explained)

Prodigal Son follows Malcolm Bright, a former FBI agent, as he leverages his previous job expertise and his serial murderer father to assist the New York Police Department in solving their bloodiest crimes.

Prodigal Son, according to the cast and fans of the show, was unlike any other show on Fox when it debuted in 2019.

The crime drama was canceled in its second year after a very successful second season of filming.

Fans and cast members alike have begged and pleaded for the show’s return since it was canceled.

What Caused the Cancellation of Prodigal Son?

What Caused the Cancellation of Prodigal Son?

Prodigal Son was terminated due to a significant reduction in viewership and because it was not as popular as Fox’s other crime drama series airing at the same time.

There was a 39% reduction in the audience viewership between the first and second seasons.

Fans of the drama series were upset to learn that it had been canceled, and many took to Twitter to try to preserve their beloved show.

Several petitions have been launched to persuade Fox to extend the show for at least one more season, however, Fox has yet to acknowledge the fans’ efforts.

The Prodigal Son cast members have discussed their time spent filming the series and how they felt about it ending abruptly in public.

While the majority of the cast appreciated the Prodigal Son, some were as devastated as the audience.

Malcolm Blight’s on-screen counterpart, Tom Payne, thought it was an honor to work with his fellow cast members.

Despite the fact that his program was ending, Payne urged the audience to watch the last few episodes because he and the cast and crew had put so much work into them.

As much of an honor as appearing on the show was getting to work with performers like Michael Sheen and Bellamy Young, according to Payne.

Young immediately agreed with Payne and stated that many Prodigal Son supporters shared her sentiments.

Aurora Perrineau also used Twitter to thank the performers, the production team, and even Warner Bros. for the show.

Several of Perrineau’s co-stars, including Keiko Agena, Sarah Schechter, and Lou Diamond Phillips, expressed a similar viewpoint on Twitter.

What Would Take Place in Season Three?

What Would Take Place in Season Three of Prodigal Son?

Lou Diamond Phillips talked about what it was like to learn that Prodigal Son had been canceled rather than receiving the third season that the cast and production team had been hoping for in an interview with TVLine.

Gil Arroyo’s actor Lou Diamond Phillips has experience playing serial killers in movies.

In fact, Phillips played real-life serial killer Richard Ramirez in the 2016 television series The Night Stalker, in which he co-starred with Bellamy Young.

Chris Fedak, one of the co-creators of Prodigal Son, called Phillips at first, and Phillips assumed Fedak was just checking in to let him know when filming would resume.

The second season’s filming with the cast had just wrapped up. The cancellation of Prodigal Son was received instead of the anticipated renewal news.

Lou Diamond Phillips was astounded and “blindedsided” by Fox’s decision as were several of his cast mates.

Season Three was planned to continue to examine Gil Arroyo’s tale, thus the cancellation was very heartbreaking for Phillips.

Arroyo and Jessica Whitley’s romantic relationship was expected to be highlighted in the plot.

As Arroyo falls in love with Malcolm Bright’s mother, the writers also intended to seriously consider how Gil and Jessica’s relationship might impact Malcolm. Arroyo also serves as Bright’s friend and supervisor.

Gil and Malcolm’s relationship was anticipated to become uncomfortable and even tense, as show viewers may probably guess.

Flashbacks in the canceled season were also supposed to expose viewers to Gil’s late wife.

Fans would have had the opportunity to witness Gil’s steadfast dedication and unwavering devotion to his late wife, qualities that can still be reflected in him as Malcolm Bright’s mentor.

Fox’s choice to shave off a few minutes of Prodigal Son still makes Phillips angry. He genuinely thought the show was exceptional.

Will Netflix Pick Up the Prodigal Son?

Will Netflix Pick Up The Prodigal Son?

No, after Fox canceled the crime drama series, Prodigal Son won’t be picked up by Netflix.

Subscribers to Netflix aren’t even able to access the first two seasons; they must instead hunt for alternative streaming services.

Fans petitioned for the third season of Prodigal Son to be produced after the show was canceled, even though it wouldn’t air on the same network.

A large number of Prodigal Son supporters have contacted Netflix and begged the streaming service to bring the defunct program back.

Rocko’s Modern Life: Static Cling, Invader Zim: Enter the Florbus, the Winx series, and many other franchises are some of the most well-known instances of shows that Netflix has brought back after they had previously been canceled.

The licensing agreements that various production companies have with specific streaming platforms, however, may prevent Netflix from even having access to Prodigal Son.

Sadly, Netflix has never owned the rights to Prodigal Son, and the program is not available on any of the company’s regional versions of Netflix. To keep the cancelled show alive, a whole website has been made.

On the website, you can follow fans as they sign a petition to get the program renewed, see how frequently people tweet in favor of their cause, and even see a season three poster created by fans in the event that AppleTV+ decided to carry the show.

An essay that spans 112 pages and includes fan accounts, data analysis, and numerous graphs is included with the poster.

Because of the program’s good portrayal of people managing their mental health in a non-stigmatizing manner and excellent representation of those who have anxiety disorders through Malcolm Bright, the fans who maintain this page are so committed to seeing the show revived.

Can I Still Watch Prodigal Son on Hulu?

Can I Still Watch Prodigal Son on Hulu?

Prodigal Son is no longer available on Hulu, sorry. The show is available on HBO Max instead.

To express their desire for Hulu to carry the drama’s third season, vocal Prodigal Son fans have gone to the community page of the streaming service.

A few more comments have been added under the original call for Hulu to carry Prodigal Son, and they are all ready to support the commenter “SimplyShelbs16.”

The gripping nature of the crime drama, which sets itself apart from others in the genre, has regularly won accolades.

A growing number of their favorite programs may be ending or just not being updated, as Hulu viewers may have observed.

The fact that all the television networks are developing their own streaming services is the reason Hulu is losing so many series.

Traditional streaming services like Netflix and Hulu start to struggle as more networks start to develop their own streaming platforms.

The only options left to them are to either forge their own deals with reputable production companies or produce their own content as their licensing rights are being progressively eroded.

However, in order to save its streaming service, Hulu has chosen to employ a novel strategy. Through its streaming bundle program, Hulu has joined forces with Disney, the most reliable entertainment firm to have ever existed.

Hulu is providing the widest range of programming to its customers by bundling itself with the exclusive Disney+ and the sports-focused ESPN+.

This package can be purchased by a household to allow the sports enthusiast to watch their games, the Star Wars fan to catch up on Kenobi (which will premiere on May 27, 2022), and the fan of interior design to view a variety of house buying programs.

Fans were heartbroken when Hulu couldn’t provide a renewal because no other businesses were competing to produce a third season of a show that fans, the cast, and the writers wanted to be produced.

Will Prodigal Son Continue on HBO Max?

Will Prodigal Son Continue on HBO Max?

No, HBO Max was given the option to exclusively premiere the third season of the show on HBO Max, but HBO Max flatly turned down the offer.

Back in May 2021, the program was still being pitched to a number of other streaming services, but no one wanted to provide a conclusion to the crime drama.

Due to the fact that HBO and Warner Bros. TV are related businesses, Prodigal Son was first transferred to HBO Max from Hulu. That’s also how HBO Max was able to acquire entire brands like Godzilla and King Kong.

According to the show’s creators, Chris Fedak and Sam Sklaver, Warner Bros. TV was in the midst of presenting Prodigal Son to other networks to see who wanted the project.

At first, the show’s creators thought they were in the midst of finding it a new home.

The Prodigal Son franchise has been without a home for a year, and there have been no updates on who might be planning to pick up the series.

The crime drama will be streamable on HBO Max while it looks for a new home.

Why Did the Prodigal Son Appear So Gloomy?

Why Did the Prodigal Son Appear So Gloomy?

To give the scenes in Prodigal Son the moody, neutral look for which it is most known, the movie was shot with a gray filter.

Some people are not fans of this overdone cinematic tactic, which is a popular cinematography trick that makes something appear to be incredibly opaque and is practically ubiquitous in serious movies and television shows.

In the past 20 to 30 years, gray filters have gained more and more traction.

They deliver shots that many may refer to as “intangible sludge,” transforming a shot from vibrant and colorful to mellow and more consistent.

It’s usual for shots to be slightly desaturated to make scenes easier on the viewer’s eyes, but you can notice the little extreme desaturation in programs like Prodigal Son and films like The Justice League.

Desaturation has been used in film since long before computers were used for editing or special effects.

Desaturation was a crucial step in the editing process when the film had to be cut by hand. It was accomplished with the aid of chemicals and enabled the first iterations of post-production color correction.

The hue of a scene may be easily changed, which is one of the simplest ways a movie or television show can influence how a viewer feels about a scene.

You might notice that a scene’s colors are vivid and bright if the character is having a good time and is in a warm environment.

Rarely do the scenes in Prodigal Son require vivid color; instead, they frequently benefit from the somber and impartial hues that a gray filter provides.

Even though gray filters are useful, some media enthusiasts are getting a little sick of the approach.

People who object to the overuse of gray filters think that The Matrix or computer editing is to blame for the trend.

Why Do Fox Good Shows Keep Getting Canceled?

Why Do Fox Good Shows Keep Getting Canceled?

Those who depend on Fox for their entertainment may have observed that despite having strong ratings, this media company is slashing cherished programming left and right.

Many performers have been utterly caught off guard by these business decisions, making them hesitant to collaborate with them.

Due to an agreement the network reached with the National Football League for Thursday Night Football, wherein the professional football league has requested more than 30 hours of the channel’s time, Fox Network keeps canceling all of its good series.

Fan favorites like Prodigal Son, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, The Exorcist, The Last Man on Earth, Lucifer, and The Mick have all been canceled as a result of this agreement in order to accommodate the National Football League’s demands.

The arrangement, which is worth $550 million annually, was made when Fox acquired the rights to Thursday Night Football for the following five years.

The next 11 regular-season games between Weeks 4 and 15 will be broadcast on Fox as a result of this agreement, however, Thanksgiving night will continue to be broadcast on NBC, so NBC will still be the station for the major Thanksgiving game.

Even though many of Fox’s most well-liked shows have been canceled as a result of this contract, Fox spent money that was more than worth it.

Even though NFL Network simulcasts the games and gains viewers, NBC and CBS paid $45 million a game to air professional football games at the time.

The digital rights were also purchased by Fox when it acquired the Thursday Night Football license.

This implied that Fox could successfully entice sports fans who were avoiding paying for traditional cable and boost their online presence.

Fans of canceled series are hoping for a comeback after Fox’s five-year agreement with the National Football League expires, but that pact is set to come to an end.

The Prodigal Son is Based on What Stories?

The Prodigal Son is Based on What Stories?

Prodigal Son is not solely the product of the writers’ deranged imaginations, like every fantastic crime series.

Tom Hardy and Michael Sheen, two actors, were inspired by some of the most gruesome serial killer tales they could locate.

The daughter of the Happy Face Killer from the 1990s hosts the Happy Face podcast, which Tom Hardy found particularly inspiring as she learns more about her father’s shadowy background and how it has affected other people and herself.

The hurt that the podcast host experienced along with the many other individuals who were impacted by her father was what Hardy took away from the podcast host’s life story.

Prior to listening to the podcast, Hardy had only really considered the fear Malcolm Bright must have been experiencing; however, after doing so, he realized that he also wanted to give Malcolm the space to express his sorrow and regret.

Keith Jesperson, also known as The Happy Face Killer, raped and killed eight women.

The murderer started leaving confessions of his murders in truck stop bathrooms and signed each one with a smiling face after an innocent couple was initially falsely charged.

Michael Sheen, meanwhile, drew inspiration from Dr. Harold Shipman, better known as Dr. Death.

From 1975 until he was apprehended in 1998, Shipman killed 218 patients by administering fatal injections.

Sheen was also influenced by a different serial murderer who attempted to maintain ties with his daughter and granddaughter at one point. Sheen chose not to identify the other killer or the members of the killer’s family in order to protect their privacy.

Despite the fact that Prodigal Son is no longer alive, many eerie tales remain recounted. Do well to like, subscribe and share this content.

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