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Grading App for Teachers: The rise of mobile technologies has really triggered an unprecedented learning and teaching revolution. The mobile technologies have destroyed boundaries, opened up new learning possibilities, and, most importantly, have stretched learning opportunities to include the virtual space.Uhlelo lokuGcina ootitshala ngo-2021: 10 IiNkqubo zoMgangatho oMangalisayo zoTitshala

With this comes flexibility as well as fluidity regarding the tempo-geographical dynamics surrounding learning.

As a result, loads of learning resources have become available anywhere anytime. Correcting tests, assignments and papers by hand seem to be very stressful and time-consuming. Why not take a helping hand from technology?

In this article, I will list some awesome grading app that can help teachers save time.

Grading App for Teachers

1. Quick Grader

This is a handy calculator to help you calculate test scores and percentages. ‘QuickGrader is a major upgrade from the old paper grading calculators, containing a fully customizable interface and includes all the powerful features required for the modern classroom including half point values.

Also, adjustable grade scales, plus/minus grading, and a friendly interface that is easy on the eyes. QuickGrader also prevents the screen from automatically dimming, allowing you to focus on grading.’

2. Socrative Teacher

This app is highly recommended by teachers, and it’s easy to see why? Because it can help generate multiple choice or open-ended quizzes and also polls that can be shared with other teachers.

It assists with grading, providing an overall assessment to see if students are struggling in a specific area, and also allows you to download the results.

Allows you to quickly create formative assessment tests and quizzes and also provides you with an instant grading system to visualize results data and determine ‘opportunities for further instruction’.

3. I-Google Classroomroom

This is another excellent digital application with helpful features for teachers and students. Google Classroom ‘is designed to assist teachers to create, collect and mark assignments paperlessly, including time-saving features such as the capacity to automatically make a copy of a Google document for each student.

It also creates Drive folders for each assignment and for each student to assist keep everyone organized.’

4. Groovy Grader

This is also another very good grading calculator that comes with a bunch of features including the ability to configure it to work with over 100 questions, display grades as whole numbers or with one decimal place, organize results into columns and lot more.

5. ZipGrade

ZipGrade is a grading app that assists you grades multiple choice tests in minutes. Simply scan the tests with your smartphone, and the app does the rest.

Of course, not everything is about grades. This app only gives grades; it’s up to you to know what the students need and what questions you have to explain again.

A simple and also an easy way to create quizzes and tests and garden students work on the go. It offers free answer sheets available in various formats and sizes, organizes grading results in Excel and PDF friendly formats, arrange scores by students names and lot more.

6. Showbie

Showbie is a platform that combines all essential tools for assignments, communication and also feedback. Showbie has an effective guidebook with many other features.

You can mark and grade your students’ work using the class listing within the Shared Folder, easily grade student work while viewing it, and add grades as a value.

You can also add a meaningful text with feedback. You also have some room to add text comments. But the real time-saver is the ability to add audio feedback: just hit record!

It’s possible to quickly look at students grades by assignment, class or on an individual basis. On top of it all, you can export grades in a CVS file, as HTML, or in an email template that includes an attached CVS file.

Showbie provides a number of learning as well as classroom management tools. As a teacher, you can use its grading system to correct student’s assignments and provide them with instant textual, visual, and audio feedback.

7. Teacher Aide Pro

Teacher Aide Pro includes three main features: the attendance tracker, a grade book and a seating chart.

Its grade book supports up to 10 classes for free. Access to additional features costs $0, 99 per month.

8. iGrade

This is a pro app that allows teachers, students and also parents to keep track of things such as grades, attendance information, and notes. It also works both online and offline.

9. AndroClass

There may be a bit of a learning curve before you get the hang of this application, but once you do you’ll appreciate its customizability and intuitiveness.

Break grades down into homework, classwork, test, participation, or other divisions, track attendance and even get reminders of students’ birthdays and more.

10. I-DropBox

It’s not strictly a grading application, but if you’re going to be saving a lot of graded papers and test it will be nice to be able to access them from anywhere.

These are the 10 awesome grading apps that help teachers save time

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