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本研究 中心 on investment in human resources for the transformation of Nigerian economy with focus on the Nigerian Universities.以尼日利亚大学为重点的人力资源投资以促进尼日利亚经济转型。 Issues and problems relating to human resources development and planning are analyzed to ascertain the extent of its contribution to the transformation of the Nigerian economy.分析与人力资源开发和计划有关的问题,以确定其对尼日利亚经济转型的贡献程度。 More to this was the examination of the issues surrounding the persistent yawning gap between highly skilled human更重要的是,对围绕高技能人员之间持续存在的打哈欠差距的问题的研究 劳动 在大学中得到发展,并为尼日利亚的转型提供了经济基础设施。

In order to reach reasonable deductions in this research, seven research questions were posed along with a hypothesis to validate the data and abstraction of analysis.为了在本研究中得出合理的推论,提出了七个研究问题以及一个假设以验证数据和分析的抽象性。 Seven prime objectives were identified to guide the fundamentals of achieving the goals of this research.确定了七个主要目标,以指导实现本研究目标的基础。 The source of information for this study was derived from educational funding, gross domestic product, the本研究的信息来源来自教育经费,国内生产总值, 劳动 1970年至2003年期间,大学使用的劳动力,资本形成总额,高水平的人力。

The method of data collection was based on secondary data and dialectical process.数据收集的方法基于辅助数据和辩证过程。 The data was analyzed using cointegration analysis and Granger causality test, simple percentages and dialectical analysis.使用协整分析和格兰杰因果关系检验,简单百分比和辩证法分析来分析数据。 Evidence from the data analysis revealed amongst other things that investment in human resources contributes to the transformation of Nigerian economy.数据分析的证据显示,除其他外,对人力资源的投资有助于尼日利亚经济的转型。


The intolerable gap between the rich and the poor countries has in these five decades hit the conscience of mankind and has informed the search for the role investment in human resources has helped in bridging this yawning gap overtime.在这五个十年中,富国和穷国之间的无法容忍的鸿沟触及了人类的良心,并促使人们寻求对人力资源投资的作用,以帮助弥合这一加倍的鸿沟。 This has informed the current emphasis on the transformation of the Nigerian economy to be anchored on the development, planning and utilization of its human resources, though this attempt had also been glaring with earlier efforts in development through the accumulation of material capital which has waned and has been replaced with a new dimension of human capital (Meier, 1978), Meier and Rauch, 2000, Meier and Stiglitz, 2001).这告知了当前对尼日利亚经济转型的重视,以其人力资源的开发,规划和利用为基础,尽管这种尝试也与早期的努力相提并论,这是通过积累和减少物质资本而进行的。已被人力资本的新维度所取代(Meier,XNUMX),Meier和Rauch,XNUMX; Meier和Stiglitz,XNUMX)。

The ongoing emphasis is premised on the fact that improvement on the quality of life of the people who constitute the main agents of production is the central focus of development strategies and policies.持续强调的前提是,改善构成生产主体的人民的生活质量是发展战略和政策的重点。 Yet, this has not yielded adequate results in terms of developing Nigerian economy.然而,就尼日利亚的经济发展而言,这并未产生足够的结果。 The problem then, lies with how to exploit, improve, motivate and modify the Nigerian human potentials and skills towards transforming the economy.那么问题就在于如何利用,改善,激励和改变尼日利亚的人类潜力和技能,以实现经济转型。 For Nigeria to advance away from its present state of underdevelopment, new and intricate forms of human potentials have to be exploited so as to transform the scale of production.为了使尼日利亚摆脱目前的不发达状态,必须利用新的,复杂的人类潜力形式来改变生产规模。

This will be possible only with repositioning and redirection of economic setting of resources with human capital playing active productive and social roles.只有在人力资本发挥积极的生产和社会作用的情况下,对资源的经济设置进行重新定位和重新定向,才有可能实现这一目标。 In this vein,就这样 lou Halsey and Halsey(1965),Jhingan(2002)断言他们对人力资源的投资构成了一个基础,在这个基础上社会可以得到发展并向文明转变。 For a nation to advance, it has to exploit and develop its existing human potentials.一个国家要前进,就必须开发和发展现有的人类潜力。 The philosophy, ideology and inherent dialectics on the direction of its human investment must be clearly stated and how this should be achieved must be clarified.必须明确说明其人力投资方向的哲学,意识形态和固有的辩证法,并且必须阐明应如何实现这一目标。



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