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Tourist Attractions in London – Don’t let anyone make you think that you can not have fun outside your country. There are millions of fun in other countries that you may be missing while relaxing in your home country. Why not go out and explore the beautiful attractive places London has for you.


At its center, stands the imposing Houses of Parliament, the iconic ‘Big Ben’ clock tower and Westminster Abbey, site of British monarch coronations.


There are a whole lot of places to tour around in London.

These places are beautiful and are included in the list of London must-see places. Just in case you want to have a hint on how beautiful London is, this article is going to provide you with 20 best 旅游景点 在伦敦。 在下面看看它们:

1。 塔桥


标志性的伦敦塔桥是我们在伦敦必看景点中排名最高的。 塔桥(Tower Bridge)在1894中完成,是世界上最著名的桥之一 摇杆 (法语为“跷跷板”一词)桥:桥在中间打开,以允许泰晤士河上的高大船只通过。


2。 Victoria and Albert博物馆


以维多利亚女王和阿尔伯特亲王的名字命名, V&A wears the crown as the world’s largest museum of decorative arts and design.

Its priceless collection includes sculptures, paintings, ceramics, fashion, drawings, and books from ancient times to the present day. Like most of London’s museums, admission to the Victoria and Albert is free.

3。 伦敦塔


Home to the Crown Jewels, the iconic beefeaters, and (allegedly) several spooks, the Tower of London’s history dates back nearly 1,000 years.

Standing guard by Tower Bridge and the River Thames, the medieval compound has served as a royal palace, prison, and execution site. Legend has it, these royal ghosts haunt Britain to this day.

4。 碎片


Scraping the sky at 306 meters, western Europe’s tallest building boasts a high-end hotel, restaurants and bars, and London’s highest viewing platform—an unobstructed 360-degree view stretching as far as 64 kilometers. Here are 10 more architectural wonders from around the world.

5。 夏洛克·福尔摩斯


夏洛克·福尔摩斯(Sherlock Holmes)的粉丝已经推断出伦敦为何如此特别。 前往221b贝克街的福尔摩斯博物馆(是的,它确实存在!)朝圣,或者沿着BBC最新版本的传奇侦探的路线在圣巴特医院,北高尔街的Speedy's餐馆停下来,或者伦斯特花园。

6。 威斯敏斯特修道院


If walls could talk, Westminster Abbey would have plenty to say! The site of every coronation since 1066, this Gothic church is the final resting place for 17 monarchs, Sir Isaac Newton, Charles Dickens, Sir Laurence Olivier, and many others.

It’s also a favorite for royal weddings—in 2011 Prince William married Kate Middleton here. Don’t miss these fascinating facts about royal weddings past.

More than 10,000 actors have to tread the boards at the National Theater including Benedict Cumberbatch, Judi Dench, Laurence Olivier and Maggie Smith.

(If you’re a fan of Smith, you’ll love this collection of Downton Abbey quotes.) See a play, indulge in one of the theater’s delicious restaurants, or treat yourself to a backstage tour.

8。 白金汉宫


自1837以来,英国主权国家在伦敦的官方住所, 白金汉宫 boasts a priceless art collection and 775 rooms—78 of which are bathrooms.

Want to know if the Queen’s home? Check out the flag above the Palace: When the Royal Standard is flying, she’s there.

9。 哈罗兹


The famous Knightsbridge store with the iconic green awnings has been offering luxury goods to its customers for over 160 years. Across seven floors and 330 departments, shoppers will find only the best fashions, accessories, and home-wares.

购物了吗? 在香槟吧或一盒彩虹色的Ladurée马卡龙上喝些起泡的啤酒,来庆祝您的购买。 这里有更多世界上最伟大的百货公司。

10。 伦敦交通博物馆


在伦敦交通博物馆,您可以探索标志性地下系统的历史,并发现自1800以来,马拉的马车,火车和所有这些鲜红色的双层巴士如何使城市运转。 最重要的是,您可以进行互动并爬上去看看。

11。 泰特现代美术馆和泰特英国美术馆


泰特现代美术馆是当代艺术爱好者必不可少的。 该收藏品收藏在前岸边电站,包括毕加索,沃霍尔,达利和马蒂斯的作品。 如果想要英国人坚决接受现代艺术(即今天的1500 AD),泰特英国美术馆将是您的最佳选择。

泰特英国美术馆位于泰特现代美术馆(Tate Modern)的泰晤士河上(每40分钟就有一条船在两个美术馆之间载客),您可以在这里找到特纳(Turner),赫斯特(Hirst)和培根(Bacon)的作品。 哦,我们提到两个博物馆都是免费的吗?

12。 蒙德里安伦敦海上集装箱


Staying on the South Bank? There are few hotels better situated (and certainly none more strikingly decorated) than Mondrian London at Sea Containers.

Designed under the creative direction of the legendary Tom Dixon, the impossibly chic digs are located just steps away from London landmarks like the National Theater, Tate Modern and Borough Market.

即使您不过夜,也要跳到酒店第12层屋顶酒吧Rumpus Room。 从落地玻璃窗到伦敦市的时尚装饰和壮丽景色之间,它本身就是一个吸引人的地方。 –布雷特·沃尔特(Brett Walther)

13。 足球体育馆


No, we’re not talking pigskin and quarterbacks. Football—known as soccer to Canadians and Americans—is one of Britain’s favorite pastimes, and in London, footy fans are spoiled for choice.

Premier League teams such as Chelsea, Arsenal, and Tottenham hit the pitch August through May, and their stadiums are also open for tours. Want to go one bigger? Head to Wembley Stadium (shown here).

14。 Leadenhall市场


看起来熟悉, 哈利·波特 电影迷? Leadenhall Market代表了Diagon Alley 哈利·波特与魔法石.

When it’s not lighting up the silver screen, this covered Victorian market in the City of London hosts pubs, shops and market stalls selling flowers, meat, cheese, and fresh produce.

15。 伦敦眼


自2000以来,伦敦眼一直在监视泰晤士河,是世界上最大的悬臂观景轮。 每年都有数以百万计的游客体验伦敦之眼对伦敦天际线的壮丽景色。



A favorite royal residence of Henry VIII, Hampton Court Palace takes you back in time to the tumultuous days of the Tudors and Stuarts.

Marvel at the Great Hall, be awestruck by the Chapel Royal and get lost in the famous garden maze. Check out more impressive mazes from around the world.

17。 特拉法加广场


Go wild and climb atop one of Trafalgar Square’s enormous bronze lions. The big cats guard Nelson’s Column, a memorial to Admiral Horatio Nelson who died in the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805.

With its glorious fountains and close proximity to the National Gallery, the square is always buzzing with activity.

18。 考文特花园

考文特花园(Covent Garden)

Looking for retail therapy? Head to Covent Garden! Stroll across the piazza’s cobbles and shop to your heart’s content at the hottest chain stores, hip independent shops, and the famous covered market (shown here).

Foodies will swoon over the dining options, while kids of all ages will fall under the spell of eclectic street performers and magicians.

19。 老派酒吧


像红色电话亭和双层巴士一样,伦敦的酒吧遍布大街上,后巷,甚至公园。 订购一品脱和一盘炸鱼薯条,并尽享英国的盛情款待。

一个有用的提示:餐桌服务在传统的酒吧中很少见。 您可能必须在吧台点一杯品脱,然后将其返回座位。 而且,这些食物在英国以不同的名字称呼。 别客气!

20。 哈利·波特的制作


No need to hop on a Quidditch broomstick—the magical world of Harry Potter is only a 20-minute train trip from London’s Euston Station.

The Warner Brothers London Studio Tour gives you the opportunity to visit the original Harry Potter film sets, explore the collection of costumes and props, and even indulge in a refreshing mug of Butterbeer.



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