Airtel Youtube Plan 2023 Check How to Activate Airtel Youtube Data Plan

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The Airtel youtube plan gives customers a special data package for the youtube platform. For more details on the plan and how to activate it, keep reading.

Airtel Youtube Plan 2023 Check How to Activate Airtel Youtube Data Plan

Airtel never seizes to astonish users with endless data bonuses. This time, they introduced a new data plan that can be used throughout the day and also at night.

It’s called YouTube Video Pack and without further emphasis, you should note that the data allotment you’re credited is designed for YouTube only.

Airtel Youtube Plan Activation

Streaming videos on youtube while using Airtel mobile data has two plans which include

  • YouTube Plus Packs which is the basic package that can be used at night from 1 am to 5 am.
  • The YouTube Weekly & Monthly Packs can be used day and night.

This section will teach you how to subscribe to the YouTube streaming pack on Airtel. You see, it is feasible to use a USSD code to purchase a data plan or even activate an internet bundle like this.

To purchase an Airtel YouTube plan, simply dial *323#. Following this action, you will receive a confirmation message. Yes, just make sure you have enough money in your account.

When compared to other methods of subscription such as SMS, Airtel Mobile App, and so on, the USSD code technique is well-known to many.

For the Airtel YouTube night data package to operate for you, all you need is the correct subscription code.

The airtel youtube bundle code must now be dialed on a phone with an Airtel sim card. However, using the activation on MTN, 9mobile, or Glo would not work.

Furthermore, you may purchase the airtel youtube night plan with mobile devices that has an Airtel sim card. This includes an Android phone, an iPhone, a modem, Java, and Symbian phones, among other devices.


Airtel Youtube Plan Subscription Codes

Here is a list of Airtel Youtube Plans and their subscription codes:

1. Youtube Plus 1.0 – 4.5GB For N1000

To purchase this plan, you must top up at least N1000, dial *323*31# on your phone and complete the process. Following that, you’ll get 4.5GB as the complete data volume.

The data is separated into two. That is, 1.5GB is the standard data plan, while 3GB for YouTube videos lasts the entire night. Valid for 30 days.

2. Youtube Plus 2.0 – 9.5GB For N2000

Before you continue to purchase the version 2.0 Airtel Youtube night plan, you must have a sufficient credit balance of N2000, then dial *323*32# on your handset and follow the prompt. After that, you’ll get 9.5GB as the complete data volume.

The data is divided into two. That is, 3.5GB is the standard internet plan, while 6GB is for Youtube videos views all night. The plan lasts for 30 days.

3. Youtube Plus 2.5 – 15GB For N2500

To buy this plan, you must add at least N2,500 airtime, dial *323*33# on your phone, and complete the procedure. Once your request is confirmed, you’ll get 15GB as the complete data volume.

The data is split into two. That is, 5GB is the standard data plan, and an additional 10GB for unlimited videos on YouTube all night. Valid for 30 days.

4. Youtube Plus 3.5 – 17GB For N3500

You must have an adequate account balance to purchase this plan. Yes, recharge at least N3,500, open your phone dialer, dial *323*34# from there, and finalize your transaction. Following that, you’ll get 17GB as the complete data volume.

The data is divided into two. That is, 7GB is the normal data plan, while 10GB is the Airtel YouTube night plan that gives you almost free access to limitless videos. It runs for 30 days.

5. Youtube Plus 4.0 – 19GB For N4000

To activate the airtel youtube night plus 4.0, you must top up the required amount of N4000 airtime, then dial *323*35# on your mobile device and follow the prompt. You’ll be given 19GB as the complete data amount after that action.

This internet subscription is divided into two. That is, 9GB is the standard internet plan, while 10GB is for watching YouTube clips all night. The package is valid for 30 days.

Youtube is an amazing platform for feeding your eyes, It is not too late to grab an Airtel sim card from the nearest store and start surfing all the way.

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