How to Check Ntel Data Balance Check Step by Step Guide

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– How to Check Ntel Data Balance guide –

Check Ntel Data Balance: When choosing a data plan for browsing on the Ntel network, make sure you choose a browsing bundle that meets your needs, and also know how to check the data balance.

How to Check Ntel Data Balance Step by Step Guide

If your plan is to use Ntel Data high-speed internet service providers for your business or for your personal usage, then you will need to get info on how you can check data balance, because it can be very tricky to do.

If you have already started using Ntel internet service provider and have not known how to check the data balance on your subscription plan, then you will need to pay attention to what we are about to teach today.


Ntel Nigeria

Nigeria’s newest telecoms firm, Ntel, has released details about its data subscription plans after launching in Lagos and Abuja. The firm has introduced three data plans for its subscribers. It says all come with 4G LTE speed connectivity.

The smallest plan is the Starter Plan which costs 1,000 Nair. It has a 3 day validity period and comes with 30 minutes of voice calls and SMS.

About Ntel Nigeria

Nigerian Telecommunications Limited, or NITEL, was a monopoly telephone service provider in Nigeria until 1992. This was when the Nigerian government enacted the Nigerian Communications Commission.

During and after its years of monopoly, performing the firm was sub-par, a behavior similar to other state-owned enterprises such as NEPA and government-owned water corporations.

They formed the firm in 1985 as the welding together of two government entities. They include; the telecoms arm of the Post and Telecommunications (P&T) department and the Nigerian External Communications (NET).

In February 2008, a report by BBC News said that the Nigerian government assumed the transnational corporation did not improve the performance of NITEL. This therefore stopped privatization in favor of Transcorp.

Additional Information

In 2015, the government eventually completed a transaction that saw NITEL and Mtel’s assets to NATCOM. They valued the deal at $252 million.

Another Nigeria Telecom Company (Ntel) was launched In April which took the place of Nitel. Ntel is the newest reincarnation of the now-defunct telecoms company, NITEL.

The Nigerian government handed over NITEL/Mtel assets to NATCOM (Ntel’s parent company) in a deal worth $252 million last year. In November 2017, Nitel appointed Nate James as vice president of account management.


More Information

Ntel is the newest player in the Nigerian telecom industry. It began operations in 2016 following its takeover of the infrastructure of erstwhile telecom companies, Nitel and MTEL.

In an interview in 2017, former nTel CEO, Mr. Kamar Abass revealed that his company spent $252 million to gain these infrastructures.

Ntel Nigeria has started its tariff and data service. Everybody is expected by now to test the Ntel 4G Test Drive by now, although getting your SIM card is very important.

How to Check Ntel Account Balance

You can also check your Ntel account balances online too. Check either Ntel data plan balance, Ntel voice balance, Ntel airtime balance, and Ntel SMS balance.

Still, on, log in and then click on Check Balances, it will display all your Ntel balances online.

Now, you can top up your Ntel SIM and purchase a Data plan for more browsing and surfing of the internet.

How to Buy Ntel Data Plan Online

1. First, go to their website
2. Log in with your number
3. Go to the right tab, (buy voice/data bundle of your choice)
4. Choose any of the Ntel data plans from the top bar
5. Choose to buy from Account balance or Pay Online
6. And click on Proceed
7. Confirm and proceed
8. Then enter your necessary payment details.

How to Check Your NTEL Data Balance

1. Goto NTEL Mini Care portal 

2. Input your username and password and click on sign in.

3. If you’re using your mobile phone, to view your balances including your data balance, kindly click on the menu button and select ‘Balances’.


FAQs on How to Check Ntel Data Balance guide

Below are the frequently asked questions on how to check ntel data balance

1. Does ntel have data cap?

No data cap

2. How do I renew my ntel subscription?

For this purpose, use thse ntel self care portal

3. How can I browse free on ntel?

What you need to enjoy this Ntel free browsing cheat is an already registered Ntel Sim card (either the Wawu sim or the normal sim) with no active data bundle. 
Just insert your Ntel sim into your phone or Mifi > Set APN as ntel. That’s all. Your free browsing has been activated.

4. Can I use ntel sim on my phone?

Ensure that an ntel SIM is inserted in the phone

5. Is ntel fast?

Yes, it is.

6. Which network is NTEL in Nigeria?

Ntel, Nigeria’s 5th mobile network, begins operations in Lagos, Abuja

7. Is ntel available in Kaduna?

Yes, it is.

8. Is ntel in Benin City?

Yes, it is.

9. Is 4G network available in Nigeria?

Fourth-Generation (4G) mobile network coverage in Nigeria currently hovers around 37 per cent

10. Is Swift network in Owerri?

No. they are currently in Lagos state

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