Whatsapp Profile Picture Size for Smartphone Users 2023 Latest Update

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Are you on whatsapp and you don’t know the correct whatsapp profile picture size to use? Then you are on the right page where you will find answers to your query. On this page I will clearly state the recommended picture size for your DP. Explore…  

Whatsapp Profile Picture Size for Smartphone Users

Here on this spot, I will explain to you how to set your WhatsApp DP and the recommended size of the picture to use as your DP. I will discuss the following with you.



However, WhatsApp is undoubtedly one of the biggest messaging services in the world right now and the company isn’t done yet. They are continuously adding new features to the application to make it more effective.

4 Simple Steps to Set Your WhatsApp DP

WhatsApp DP

WhatsApp is without a doubt one of the most popular messaging systems on the planet right now, and the firm is far from finished. Also, to make the application more effective, they are constantly introducing new features.

Step 1: Download an App Called ‘SquareDroid’

In the first step, you need to download an application called SquareDroid, which is available to download for free from Google Play Store.

Step 2: Open the Downloaded Application

Now, open the downloaded application and pick an image to edit.

Step 3: Choose the Background Type You Need!

Opening a photo will ask you to choose between three background types and choose the one you need. Meanwhile, you can choose between blue, plain, and gradient to edit the background.

Step 4: Save the Image

After choosing the background type, save your image by hitting the save button on the top right of the screen. And, set the same image as your WhatsApp profile picture and it won’t ask you to crop the image.


Size of Whatsapp DP

Size of Whatsapp DP

However, we did an experiment and uploaded a rectangle-shaped picture of mine. Naturally, WhatsApp asked me to crop it and showed the ‘cropper’. I extended the lines to the maximum capacity and checked the newly cropped image.

When I managed to check out the dimension of the cropped profile picture that was being shown, I found it to be 290 Pixels in height and 290 Pixels in Width.

Next time, I took a picture of the exact dimension- 290*290 Pixels and uploaded it to make it the DP. Bingo, the cropper just contained the entire image!

But remember that to use an entire image as the DP, it doesn’t have to 290*290 Pixels in size! However, you can use a complete image as your profile picture without cropping, by making it square-shaped. I can do this by making the height and width measures of an image to be the same.

Standard Whatsapp Profile DP Size for Profile Photo and Whatsapp Post

Whatsapp Profile DP Size

Use our Whatsapp profile photo image resizer, WhatsApp DP image resize online tool to generate exact standard file sizes in pixels required to share on this platform.

From the tool given below, select the WhatsApp menu and choose the option you require resizing the image to exact dimensions.

However, you can also click on the Manual Resize option to resize the picture in the assigned size. Also, use a cropper to crop the photo.

Whatsapp Profile Photo Size

  • Whatsapp Profile Pic: 192×192 pixels for smartphones with 4-5 inches screen and 140×140 pixels for smartphones with less than 4 inches screen.
  • Ideally, it should be 500×500 px
  • The best size for WhatsApp Stories is 750×1334 px.

Whatsapp today has become so prevalent in such a way that some people today cannot do with a smartphone without the Whatsapp application installed on it.

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