10 Differences Between A Drama And A Short Story

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– Difference Between a Drama and a Short Story –

A story is, as we know, is one that relates to an event, incident -written in narrative. It could be a fable, an anecdote, or even longer. Both dramas and short stories bounded to the rules that make a good story.

The main difference is that a drama is a story written with dialogues and script directions to be acted on stage while a short story is a piece of prose fiction that typically can be read in one sitting and focuses on a self-contained incident or series of linked incidents.

What is A Drama?

Drama is a literary composition involving conflict, action crisis, and an atmosphere designed to be acted by players on a stage before an audience.

is written to be performed.  It can consist of prose or be more like poetry, such as Shakespeare. A play is intended to be performed, and not simply read.

The stage directors guide the performers, yet in addition portray the activity of the play and how the lines will be conveyed.

To further illustrate, here is a play The Diary of Anne Frank.

Miep. Are you all right, Mr. Frank?

Mr. Frank (quickly controlling himself ). Yes, Miep, yes.

Miep. Everyone in the office has gone home. . . . It’s after six. (Then, pleading) Don’t stay up here, Mr. Frank. What’s the use of torturing yourself like this?  (Act 1, Scene 1)

What Is A Short Story?

A short story is a story written with a few characters the aim is to create unity, create a mood rather than a plot making it end quickly and not be a long book or article, some short stories have 15 or fewer pages.

Short stories make use of plot, resonance, and other dynamic components as in a novel, but typically to a lesser degree.

While the short story is largely distinct from the novel or novella/short novel, authors generally draw from a common pool of literary techniques.

Writers of short stories may define their works as a major aspect of the masterful and individual articulation of the structure.They may likewise endeavor to oppose arrangement by classification and fixed formation.

Generally, short stories have profound roots and the intensity of short fiction has been perceived in present-day society for many years.

Distinctions Between A Drama And A Short Story

1. Drama is written with a lot of focus on dialogue and can also be fiction and nonfiction.

2. A short story is a skit or play with one to three characters that usually lasts about two minutes.

3. Ultimately, both pieces of literature.

4. Drama is a piece of writing that tells a true story and is performed on a stage.

5. Both dramas and short stories tell a story

6. They both have a conflict and a resolution.

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