Check Out 8 Exciting and Easy Things to Draw in 2020

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Check Out 8 Exciting and Easy Things to Draw in 2020.

Easy Things to Draw: Not all of us are born with the talent of creating beautiful diagrams on paper with a pencil or painting brush.

Some of us struggle to have a perfect line or shape but the idea of drawing is far beyond just creating a picture, it extends to being a means of relaxation.

easy things to draw

People can relax by drawing lines on a paper that may end up being the shape of an Animal or Kitchen utensil. Whether or not the drawing is perfect may not matter.

Still, getting a good picture after drawing makes a person feel fulfilled. So here are some easy things to draw.


easy things to draw

It actually does not take much effort to draw a cute little cat with it’s pointed whiskers or a doe-eyed dog.

If you are not sure about your skills then you can begin by drawing parts of an animal, for example- the sharp, deathly claws of a lion or the eyes of a chubby little panda.


easy things to draw

Drawing a heart can never get old because valentine day or not,its just almost like an instinct to pick up a pen and draw a heart.

While drawing a heart you can add arrows, initials of your loved ones or Just pour your heart out.

Geometric Shapes

easy things to draw

Geometric shapes are also the basis of drawing anything you want to make. To make a dog, castle, house or even a human figure, we can learn step by step through this shapes.

The circle, triangle, square, rectangle, pentagon, polygon and many other shapes helps us to improve our skills as well as to have fun placing them in different forms in our sketches.

A Camera

easy things to draw

As we all love to take pictures there is no less fun than picturing our handmade camera sketch. All you need is to start with a rectangle and a circle. There are many different kinds of retro camera to draw.


All flowers have petals, the roses, tulips, orchids, require nothing more than a few petals and leaves. Flowers are a must for people of all ages.

Moreover it is quite simple to draw few flowers blossoming in the sunshine with their leaves fluttering in the wind. Also, flowers are base to learning many different art forms like mandala.


To draw a star is very simple and there are different ways to draw them. There are 5,6,7 pointed stars, curved stars vertical stars and many others.


To draw the wave, you won’t need concise shapes or lines. You have to be as free as it, allow your brush glide up and down just like the waves.

Drawing something as uncomplicated as waves, there are many variations. It also requires minimal thought, effort and colors to draw them


Drawing dices is also all about the geometric shapes. You just have to draw a cube and some small little circles. You can put any number that you want in it and you can draw any background for your preferred board games.

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