Barriers to Effective Performance Appraisal in Public Sector Organizations

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 – Barriers to Effective Performance Appraisal in Public Sector Organizations –

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This work centers on the Barrier to effective performance appraisal in public sector organizations. A case study of Warri Petrochemical Company.

A total of 1,693 questioners were distributed to both supervisors and factory workers and they all agreed that company policies have a positive effect on the performance appraisal of workers.


Public sector organizations are government-owned enterprises established to provide specialized products and /or services in the economy.

People from diverse interests are appointed by the government to make policies as well as handle the day to day running of these organizations.

Usually, the aim of the government in establishing these corporations is to ensure that businesses do not unduly exploit the masses through exorbitant prices.

Management of these corporations is therefore excepted to pursue this goal of government and in the process manage them in the best public interest.

To current out this task, management assembles other categories of the workforce and assign duties to them in line with organizational objectives.

Several policies are equally put in place to ensure that all employees are in tune with organizational vision, with performance appraisal which is a periodic review of individual behaviors carried out within the company.

Performance evaluation has to appraise the worker from assigned duty. As observed by Nnabugwu (2009:118), performance appraisal treats each employee separately, but collectively to look at the goals of the enterprise.

The chief aim of employee appraisal is to assess the extent of resource approximation by the employee. Nnabugwu notes further than policy formulation policies to guide each worker’s performance.


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