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BudgIT Nigeria Update: It is necessary that Nigerians are reminded of their civic duty, which is to ask questions and demand accountability on how the funds realized from the extractive sector are being utilized. BudgIT aims at shaping the technical budget landscape towards reform and best- practices. To this end, this article gives their current updates, read through.

BudgIT is a civic organization driven to make the Nigerian budget and public data more understandable and accessible across every literacy

BudgIT’s innovation within the public circle comes with creative use of government data by either presenting these in simple tweets, interactive formats, or infographic displays. Our primary goal is to use creative technology to intersect civic engagement and institutional reform.

Many of the problems and challenges facing democracies are most directly addressed through the budget process. The budget is a document that explains how revenue generated will be spent on development ranging from public security to education.

For example, a country may want to ensure that all its children have access to high-quality education, laws could be passed to enforce enrollment by parents. However, if the budget doesn’t include funds to build schools, procure teaching aids, or train teachers, the desired goal cannot be achieved.

History of BudgIT

Founded in 2011, BudgIT is a civic organization that applies technology to intersect citizen engagement with institutional improvement, to facilitate societal change.

A pioneer in the field of social advocacy melded with technology, BudgIT uses an array of tech tools to simplify the budget and matters of public spending for citizens, with the primary aim of raising standards of transparency and accountability in government.

We are in constant partnership with civil society, public institutions, and the media, chiefly in the areas of fiscal analyses, civic technology, and data representation.

The Mission of BudgIT

To use creative technology to simplify public information, stimulating a community of active citizens and enabling their right to demand accountability, institutional reforms, efficient service delivery, and equitable society.

The Vision of BudgIT

To see a community of active citizens that relentlessly make effective use of public information to demand accountability, geared for institutional improvement, efficient services delivery, and equitable society.

BudgIT Updates

So far, BudgIT had been able to reach over 4,850,000 Nigerians via digital and physical spaces, leading online and offline conversations on government finance and public sector efficiency.

With over 8,000 unique data requests from private, corporate, and development entities/individuals, BudgIT is now widely regarded as a trusted hub for public finance data in Nigeria.

Offline, and on the ground, BudgIT collaborates across the public-private sectors to deliver programs that shore up the capacity of its peers and willing government institutions.

Relying on donor funding, we have worked with 42 civil society organizations to revamp their digital outlook, policy analyses, and report presentation formats, and are currently experimenting with Nigeria’s first Data Journalism platform.

BudgIT Achievements

Our past and recent engagements in the public sector include partnerships with the National Assembly, the National Assembly Budget and Research Office, the Budget Office of the Federation, and the Kaduna State Government.

On request, BudgIT has also provided support to the Nigerian Extractives Industries Transparency Initiative (NEITI), the Ministry of Budget and Planning, and the Lagos State Ministry of Budget and Planning.

Simultaneously, BudgIT continues to influence the national agenda on public spending, with its policy papers covering government finance, sub-national viability, Open Government schemes, as well as the analyses of anti-corruption and transparency initiatives.

In ensuring this culture of openness becomes a norm, BudgIT is willing to work with the National Assembly on the constitutional amendment which will ensure states publish their budgets when due.

Our idea is that an amendment in the constitution should mandate the states to publish their comprehensive budgets within three months of the fiscal year.

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