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– Chinese Girl’s Names –

Chinese Girl’s Names are a set of names that always tickles the fancy of most people is Chinese girls. Rarely would you hear a Chinese name that does not draw your attention?

It is the Chinese girl’s name is so musical, sweet-sounding or rhythmical or it is very sharp and strong.

Chinese Girls Names and what they Mean

Chinese girls’ names have remarkable features and are very attractive. Recently, many people are adopting the trend of giving Chinese girls’ names to their daughters.

Certainly, this must be connected to how beautiful these Chinese girls’ names are. Mostly, Chinese girls’ names rank high when considering exotic names for babies.

Interestingly, there is a lot of sense in adopting Chinese girls’ names for your beautiful angels. For one, it will be very outstanding and nice.

Secondly, Chinese girls’ names will make your daughters be so unique and special. Below is a compilation of the most amazing Chinese girls’ names.

Specially Selected Chinese Girl’s Names and their Meanings

So you can have the feel of what Chinese girl’s names seem like, you can explore this list below.

1. Ah Lam – Ah Lam is Chinese for the beautiful flower ‘orchid’. It represents luxury, love, strength, and beauty.

2. Ai – Ai is a very popular and pretty much the most beautiful Chinese name for your adorable princess, it is pronounced as eye and means ‘love’.     

3. An – An means ‘peaceful’ and is similar to Ann or Anne of English origin.

4. Bai – Bai has several meanings including ‘white’, ‘pure’, ‘crystal clear. It goes well when clubbed together with another name like – AnBai.

5. Bao – Bao is pronounced like a ‘bow’, this name goes well for boys as well as girls. It means ‘treasure’ which your little girl surely is.

6. Bernarda – Feminine of Bernard                                       

7. Bethsheba – Oath                   

8. Bi – A Chinese name meaning Green Jade                                 

9. Billi – Will-helmet                    

10. Bo – Bo can be pronounced as traditional ‘boa’ or twisted to modern ‘beau’. It means ‘precious’ or ‘treasure’. It can also mean ‘an ocean wave’.

11. Caihong – A rainbow in the sky                                          

12. Chao – The one who surpasses                         

13. Chen – Chen means ‘morning’. A ray of sunshine which your little one is for you.

14. Cheng – An accomplished person                     

15. Chenric – Amazing morning

16. China – Filled with affection                

17. Chu – Pearl;a precious jewel used worldwide                             

18. Chun – Chun is a great choice for babies born in the ‘spring season. It is the season of blooms when mother nature is at its beautiful best.

19. Cong – Intelligent; one who has lots of wisdom and excels in every aspect                   

20. Cui – A Prince; the advent of night                           

21. Da-Xia – Da-Xia is a great name for a baby born in summers, it means ‘a long Summer’ and bringer of warmth, love, and care.

22. Diu – Diu is an ideal choice for your little one. Apart from being cute, it has a beautiful meaning ‘down to Earth’ and ‘practical person’.

23. Ehuang – Ehuang is a great choice for babies born in August. The beautiful and unique name just means that.

Lovely Babies

24. Fen – Fen means ‘fragrance’ or ‘perfume’ -the whiff of happiness in your life.

25. Genji – Genji is a precious name for your little princess. It means ‘most valuable’ and ‘precious as Gold’.

26. Gho – A responsible and inspirational being                

27. Guo – It is the word which is written in Chinese, The wall that surrounds a city.                      

28. Heng – constant, steady, persistent                                

29. Hien – Gentle; Nice; Quiet; Persevering                        

30. Holea – Holy              

31. Hop – Agreeable;Consistent; Also a variant form of Hope                     

32. Hua – Hua or h-waa means ‘flower’, an appropriate name for your spring baby. It also means ‘prosperous’.

33. Huan – Fortunate, Happy, Pleased                  

34. Hui – Hui is pronounced as Hway and is associated with ‘intelligence’, ‘cleverness’. It is a ‘wise’ choice of name for your brilliant baby.

35. Jia Li – Good and Beautiful                                  

36. Jia – Jia means the outstanding, great person who is everyone’s favorite.                     

37. Lai – Lai means Future                                           

38. Lan – From Chinese orchide and mountain mist                                      

39. Le – Chinese word for joy                  

40. Lee / Li – Lee or Li is the most common name in Chinese culture, it means ‘plum’. It also means ‘beautiful’. It is suitable for boys as well as girls.

41. Li hua – Pear blossom                    

42. Jun – Jun is short for ‘juniper’; it also means ‘truthful’. It goes well for June baby and means ‘obedient’, every quality you want in your little one.        

43. Li Jing – Li means Reason, Logic, Establish, Black, Dawn, Beautiful, Jing means Quiet, Still, Gentle, Essence, Spirit, Clear, Crystal       

Asian Lady

44. Julissa – people with this name are sweet, absolute, and unique in personality. They are filled with energy and pleased to meet every person.         

45. Li mei – Beautiful plum flower        

46. Jilpa – A person who gives life to others. A teacher of life.         

47. Li ming – one who is pretty and bright                           

48. Kai / Kaili – Kai or Kaili is inspired by the Hawaiian Goddess, it means ‘beautiful’ and ‘victorious’ in Chinese culture.

49. Li Na – Li means Beautiful, Reason, Logic, Establish, Black, Dawn, Na means Elegant, Graceful, Delicate         

50. Ju – Ju a short, cute, cheerful, and sweet little name that means ‘the daisy’ or the ‘chrysanthemum’ flower.            

51. Li Xiu – Li means Beautiful, Reason, Logic, Establish, Black, Dawn, Xiu means Develop, Luxuriant, Beautiful, Elegant, Outstanding              


52. Li – Chinese name meaning logic                    

53. Lian – Lian is derived from a common Chinese name ‘Lianne’ and means ‘the graceful willow’.

54. Liang – feeling of elevation                 

55. Lien – One who possesses the beauty and pureness of a Lotus flower                

56. Liena – A woman as beautiful as a Lotus Flowe                                          

57. Liling – Chinese name, combination of white jasmine and to tinkle            

58. Jiao – Jiao means a loveable beautiful person. Who loves to teach.                                               

59. Lin – Chinese name meaning beautiful jade; forest                                               

60. Ling – Ling sounds similar to Lynn and means ‘delicate’ or ‘dainty’. Everything that your newborn is.  It also means ‘soul’ or ‘chime’.

61. Liu – Chinese word for flowing                        

62. Lixue – Pretty and pure as a snow                    

63. Loi – Chinese word for thunder                      

64. Luan – An Upspring                 

Beautiful Chinese Girls Names

65. Luo – Chenese name that means Camel                        

66. Mei – A beautiful girl, the gracious one. Also refers to a tiny and sweet fruit “The Plum”                                        

67. Meilin – The very tiny growth of the Plum trees, the tastiest fruit ever in the world.                                       

68. Meiling – Meiling or Mayling means ‘graceful’ and ‘delicate’; Meili would be a cute nickname for your little one.

69. Meiying – Chinesee – Beautiful Flower                          

70. Mey – Gorgeous or pretty or stunning.                                          

71. Ming Yue – Bright Moon; Radiant and Luminant Moon                           

72. Mingmei – Mingmei is pronounced ming-mii and means ‘beautiful and bright girl. A perfect name for your bundle of joy.

73. Na – An elegant or smooth person.                 

74. Ning – Ning sounds poetic and sweet when called out loud. The unique and beautiful name means ‘peaceful’.

75. Niu – A girl, a young girl, cute                                             

76. Nuan – Nuan means a person who is ‘friendly’ and ‘wholehearted’. One who is ‘warm’ and compassionate. Qualities that you want your little one to have and live all her life.

77. Nuo – Elegant, merciful, and kind-hearted.                    

78. Nuwa – Nuwa is pronounced as new-waa. A unique and lovely name that means ‘mother goddess’. The creator of the universe.

79. Pangfua – Clouds in the shape of the flower; This is a female Hmong, Mong name which translates to flower cloud;         

80. Ping – Ping is the one who has found ‘peace’, the one with a ‘stable and ‘leveled’ mind. Great quality to look ahead in your little one.

81. Qi – Qi is a short and sweet name that means ‘fine Jade’. A stone that is considered to bring good luck and wealth in Chinese culture.

82. Qiao – Pretty, handsome person                      

83. Qing yuan – A clear spring or deep water     

Fine Baby

84. Qing – A name for greenish-blue color                                           

85. Qinyang – Sunshine of my heart                       

86. Qiu – Autumn in Chinese; Hanyu Pinyin transliteration of the Chinese family names           

87. Quinyang – Quinyang  a name that sounds exotic has a very beautiful meaning ‘sunshine of my heart, which your little one surely is.

88. Rong – A person who brings honor and prosper                        

89. Roulan – Roulan is a beautiful name for your little princess, it means the one who is ‘like an orchid’, beautiful and rare.

90. Ru – Ru is the one who is knows everything, a little ‘scholar’ who will bring name and fame for the family.

91. Tao – Tao rhymes with how. It means ‘peach’. A perfect choice for your peachy princess.

92. Ting – Ting is a very ‘graceful’ name. It is sweet to the ears and means ‘timeless’.

93. Tong – In Chinese it is a title given to a public officer. In Ditch, it refers to tongue that means a chatterbox

94. Wang Fang – Wang means King, Monarch, Fang means Fragrant, Virtuous, Beautiful               

95. Sying – Sying is a melodious and lovely name and is pronounced as sing. It means ‘star’. A name appropriate for your little twinkling star.

96. Wang Jing – Wang means King, Monarch, Jing means Quiet, Still, Gentle, Essence, Spirit, Clear, Crystal        

97. Susu – A very slight sound. A quiet person                           

98. Wang Li – Wang means King, Monarch, Li means Beautiful, Reason, Logic, Establish, Black, Dawn            

99. Shui – One who is like a water                               

100. Wang Xiu – Wang means King, Monarch, Xiu means Develop, Luxuriant, Beautiful, Elegant, Outstanding        

101. Wei – Wei is a cute name for your cutie pie. It means ‘greatness’.

102. Wenling – Wenling is a unique and rare name for your little girl. The name means ‘mild jade tinkling’.

103. Shuang – To be clear and bright      

104. Xiu – Xiu is pronounced just like Zuzu, it means ‘elegant’, ‘beautiful’, ‘charming’, ‘luxuriant’. Everything that your little girl is for you.

105. Shu – Shu is a name with a wonderful sentiment. It means ‘warm-hearted’ or ‘the kind one’. A virtuous name in itself for your baby girl.

106. Xiulin – Xiulin means ‘beautiful orchid’, a flower that represents love and beauty.

107. Xue – Does your fair princess remind you of winters and cold mountains? How about naming her Xue? It means ‘snow’.

108. Yang – Yang is a cheerful name for the sunshine of your life. It means ‘sun’ who brings light in your life.

109. Yenay – Yenay is pronounced as yee-nae. A unique choice of name for your lovely girl, it means ‘she who loves.

110. Zhang Li – Zhang means Stretch, Extend, Archer, Li means Beautiful, Reason, Logic, Establish, Black, Dawn   

Chinese Girls Names

112. Yu Yan – Yu Yan is inspired by the phrase ‘yu xiao yan ran’ and means ‘woman with a beautiful smile’. Her smile is sure to light up your little world.                         

113. Zhang Min – Zhang means Stretch, Extend, Archer, Min means Quick, Clever, Sharp                

114. Ying Yue – Ying Yue means ‘moon’s reflection’. Show your love to your little one to the moon and back.

115. Zhang Xiu – Zhang means Stretch, Extend, Archer, Xiu means Develop, Luxuriant, Beautiful, Elegant, Outstanding                            

116. Zhen – Add a zing to regular Jen by changing the spelling to Zhen. The name has many meanings like ‘innocent’, ‘virtuous’, ‘precious’, and more.

117. Zhilan – Zhilan, the exotic name means ‘Iris Orchid’.

118. Zhiruo – Zhiro is a combination of two Chinese plants – Zhi and Ruo, The herbal plants of angelica and ruo and personify ‘beauty’. Plus it sounds unique and sweet when called out loud.

What do you think of these Chinese girls’ names? For me, I would say they are outstanding. Also, these Chinese girl’s names make have very sweet and deep meanings.

Thus, it will be just wonderful to get one of these Chinese girl’s names for your kid,

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