How to Buy Data on Airtel Check Migration and Subscription Code

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Airtel is a global leader in mobile network services, serving millions of users with dependability and affordability. Unfortunately, many individuals do not know how to buy data on Airtel, which is what we will discuss here.

How to Buy Data on Airtel Check Migration and Subscription Code

Airtel offers different data plans for different periods, with such data, people stay connected with the internet and grow their businesses.

Airtel has a wide range of internet packages that are classified into daily plans, weekly, monthly, and yearly data plans/bundles. About 40% of data and internet users in Nigeria presently use the Airtel network and the reason is not far-fetched. 

Airtel Data Plan

Airtel is one of the biggest and cheapest telecom networks in Nigeria compared to other networks such as MTN and Etisalat.


It provides affordable data plans and incentives, they can use data on smartphones such as Android, Blackberry, and iPhone, and data packs can also search and download on PCs, smart TVs, and tablets.

Airtel Nigeria boasts some of the cheapest data plans out there. No wonder the network tags itself as the smartphone network.

You can choose any Airtel data bundle that meets your specific needs – from the list of daily, weekly, and monthly data plan offers available.

How to Buy Data on Airtel in 2024

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It’s practically obvious that Airtel has the best and largest coverage compared to her competitors in Nigeria today. Start with their Airtel cheap data plan and strong network coverage. You can check other plans on Airtel such as

Product NamePriceData Allowance (MB/ GB)Voice Value (N)Validity DaysUSSD Subscription CodeSMS subscription
TalkMore Plus (Data+)N300300MB6007*154*2*300#DP300  to 154
N500750MB1,00014*154*2*500#DP500 to 154
N1,0001.5GB2,00030*154*2*1000#DP1000 to 154
N2,0004.5GB4,00030*154*2*2000#DP2000 to 154
N5,00015GB10,00030*154*2*5000#DP5000 to 154
N10,00030GB20,00030*154*2*10000#DP10000 to 154
N15,00050GB35,00030*154*2*15000#DP15000 to 154
N20,00070GB45,00030*154*2*20000#DP20000 to 154

These plans are meant to cater to your heavy data needs like video streaming, online courses, and other downloads.


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