How to Start a Creche and Daycare Centers in Nigeria: Cost and Everything Involved

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Today, there is a decline in the number of housewives unlike in the years before. Women now have paid jobs and also run their own businesses which require them to be out of their homes for specific periods of time.

For this reason, there is an opportunity for services like crèche and daycare center businesses. It is affordable and adds value to the children’s mental and emotional development.

This article will talk about all you need to know on how to start a crèche/daycare business in Nigeria.

What is a Crèche and Daycare Center?

This is where babies, toddlers, and young children are being taken care of. The center can offer day or night services.

You should know that babysitting is different from daycare services.

Babysitting is done in the child’s home while daycare services require the child to be taken to a different location outside their home for a specific period of time.

Daycare services also offer preschool education, discipline, child development, and excursions.

Why you Should Start a Crèche and Daycare center?

a. It is a profitable business due to the increase in demand.

b. It does not require much capital.

c. It is easy to set up and can be run from home.

d. You would be helping busy parents in need of child care services.

How to Start a Crèche and Daycare Center?

The first step would be to get approval from the education board to operate a crèche and daycare center.

Once you have been issued your license to operate, make available the following requirements below, then you can start registering kids in your crèche or daycare center.

You have to take good care of the kids, offer educative recreational activities, and ensure their general wellbeing and improvement. The fee for the services is yours to decide.

Requirements to Start a Crèche and Daycare Center

Here is all you need to know when you want to start a creche or daycare center

1. Work Location

It is important to start this business where they are busy and working parents, in environments without distractions that will disturb the children

It must be safe and secure and the parents must be very comfortable with your place.

2. A Building

This could either be rented or built by you. It should be spacious and you can decide to add as many rooms as you want but you must be able to supervise the children properly.

The rooms must always be clean, neat, and well-arranged. The room(s) should be well ventilated and the floors should be suitable for the children.

3. A Play Room or Field

This is one of the reasons why you would need more rooms. Children tend to become irritated and bored, even babies can be restless

This is the reason why there must be room for children to play. The room should have toys, games, and books.

Apart from staying indoors, you can provide facilities for outdoor activities for the children.

The children must always be supervised when playing to prevent them from harming themselves.

4. Staffs

At a point in the business, you will need assistance especially if you want to expand your business.

Children need special attention and care; therefore you must employ trained and experienced personnel for the job.

5. Curriculum and Routine

It is expected that you must be paid for your services, this means that you should offer a highly qualitative curriculum and create a routine that will develop the children emotionally, physically, mentally, and otherwise.

Besides study materials, expose the children to the right kind of games and structures for the development of the children.

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