Design and Implementation of a Web-Based Alumni Database Management System

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­Design and Implementation of a Web-Based Alumni Database Management System


The Nnamdi Azikiwe University Alumni Association has been in existence for a number of years but has not been able to become a viable entity. The association’s goal is to provide a professional network for the graduates of the Nnamdi Azikiwe University.

The Alumni association is independent of the school in funding and administrative support. The Association administration is run through the efforts of volunteers and part-time hires.

The inability of the association to become a viable entity can be attributed to a few major factors. First, the fluctuations in the workforce effort and the lack of consistent commitment to the association have caused inefficient and misguided efforts.

The second major factor affecting the viability of the Alumni Association is the lack of an accurate and homogeneous database of the school’s alumni. Alumni records over the history of the school have been maintained in a variety of non-automated methods.

Once a student graduates the records are archived, thus making access to these records difficult and time-consuming.


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