Design and Implementation of an Online Medical Billing System

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Design and Implementation of an Online Medical Billing System


Computers, although incapable of conventional thought and feeling, greatly affect our personal lives and the world in which we live.

Because of computer technology, the way in which we live has changed drastically in recent history. The computer revolution has come with an impact that has been felt by individuals and organizations alike.

The introduction and implementation of computer so much improved the information needs of organizations and great success recorded due to enormous capabilities of the computer.

In order to tap these capabilities of computer and thus improve on the information needs, organizations previously operating manually are now going computerized.

However this project contains a detailed analysis of the existing manual-based billing system of a Hospital of the Rosanna owerri, imo State as a case study.

Base on the analysis, problem areas were identified and online Medical billing systems was designed and implement using PHP, MYSQL as the database.


Hospital is responsible for the supply of drugs to various inhabitants in zone at specific drug rates.  Form the inception of the hospital, billing has been manually processed.

The manual system employed is not very efficient, a lot of paper work has to be done, receipt, irrespective of patients, take a long period of time to prepare.

Due to the volummous number of drugs users, record of patients which serve as information for preparing managerial decision are very difficult to locate manually.

Therefore because of the problem and error arising from such a system, the computer based billing system because very invaluable.


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