Design and Implementation of an Online Real-Time Parcel Tracking and Monitoring System

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Design and Implementation of an Online Real-Time Parcel Tracking and Monitoring System.


Have you ever been to a postal service station to pick a package and was told its yet to arrive or the package has been processed but yet to be dispatch. These are occurrences we wish we can control and track our packages right from the dispatch station

This project focuses on solving the problem by developing an application to solve the problem inherent to real-time parcel tracking and monitoring in Nigeria, using Nigeria Postal Service (NIPOST). The Real-Time Parcel Tracking and Monitoring Application is a web-based application intended to be accessible online.

This allows the application to be available to both mobile phone and PC users who can access this application online. The system was developed using open source web technologies notably HTML, PHP, JAVASCRIPT and MySQL.


As children playing hide and seek, there seemed to be so many places where we could hide and never be found. With the world be-coming ever smaller through technology, hiding is increasingly difficult. Cameras peer down on us at red lights, in our workplace, in stores and even at home.

Now, those cameras are being augmented by new technologies that track our cars, cell phones and possibly any product we buy. This location-tracking technology also is being used to streamline supply chains for corporations, seeking to move products to the market faster, and to monitor assets and prevent inventory loss.

In view of the phenomenal growth in transportation industry and the trend of information technology in delivery first class service to the customer with minimal cost. This project aim to develop online and real-time transit parcel monitoring system to the NIPOST clients.

Existing system is the way the system is being operated, that is the manual way of monitoring client parcel or freight. Since the existing system is done manually, it is imperative that we consider critically its mode of operation and analyse them.


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