Design and Implementation of Sales Analysis System

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Design and Implementation of Sales Analysis System.


This research is aimed at designing and implementing of sales analysis system for Mr. Biggs Fast Food. It is set of alleviating the problems the company encountered during sales computation in the past. It describes and explain the computerization of sales and how to calculate due cash sold by the cashier and sales person.

The project gives a detailed way of calculating the entire sales record of Mr. Bigg’s PLC, including their budgeting, sales record, transaction, stock at hand etc. and how the result is stored in the database of the company as well as the system required for the computerization and tabulation of different financial areas of the company.

This project is also of great advantages because it helps to analysis sales record and calculation, daily sales of the company, this is done to reduce insecurity of the company fund and sales record, because it is, manually done, the record may be incorrect.


For the past decades a number a number of papers had been published on sales and marketing management. Sales and marketing activity can be analyzed in term of various means and purpose for the review to the Mr. Bigg’s Fast Food in Port-Harcourt.

It is possible to identity five different aspect or philosophies which should help. Mr. Bigg’s In Nigeria’s first chain fast food restaurant owned by conglomerate united Africa Company of Nigeria, Founded 1973 In Nigeria Head Quarter Ojota, Lagos State.


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