Development of a Student Online Result Management System

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Development of a Student Online Result Management System.


For several years, efforts have been made to ease the difficulties faced by students at registration, result and transcript generation and the accompanying hardship faced by desk officers who are in charge of processing these applications.

There are errors associated with the existing manual method of processing of students results in most Higher Intuitions in Nigeria, (Adeyegbe, 2007)), this makes it not only desirable but imperative that students’ result processing be computerized.

The manual methods being employed suffer a number of set-backs which includes;   computational miscalculation, among others are high turnover time for processing, difficult retrieval of student results and so on (Olasina, 2011) making the process to be time consuming and prone to error.

Objectives of the Project

The objectives of this project are to:

(a) Design a software for managing students results in polytechnics, and

(b)  Implement the design in (a) above

This project will achieve the following: Increase in deficiency. Easy detection and correction of errors. Reduce pressure of work on examination officers. Makes computation less labor intensive.

Hence, the need for the design of software and the implementation in the processing of results and generation of transcripts for the twenty three departments in the Federal Polytechnic Ado Ekiti cannot be over emphasized.


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