10 Notable Differences Between BS and BA – Degree Programs

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Difference Between BS and BA: Bachelor of Arts degree (BA) and Bachelor of Science degree (BS)  are the most popular choices for students applying for a four-year program. Educationally, both degrees are equivalent. The main difference is the courses that are taken to achieve the degree.

Nonetheless, both BA and BS should have some allowable balance of three areas; a major that includes in-depth professional preparation, some general education providing basic university-level education in science and math, social sciences, humanities and arts, and human communication.

Bachelor of Arts degree (BA)

BA is a commonly-used abbreviation for a Bachelor of Arts. This is applicable even to subjects that have nothing to do with the arts as you might imagine them, ranging from degrees in History to Computer Science.

Furthermore, all these subjects included in BA programs are traditional subjects that are job-oriented. For example, a student who completes a BA in Economics can get appointed as an Economics tutor in a school.

Compared to a BS degree, a bachelor of arts degree requires fewer credits that are directly related to a specific major. Instead, students are encouraged to earn credits in a broad variety of liberal arts subjects, including the humanities, English, the social sciences, and foreign languages.

Since they offer diverse courses and electives, BA degrees are among the most flexible program options for students looking to customize their education to match their individual goals and interests. Fields like English, art, music, modern languages and communication most commonly offer Bachelor of Arts degrees.

Bachelor of Science degree (BS)

BS is a Bachelor of Science. These degrees tend to be closely related to the science and may be attached to degrees in Math, Health-Related Professions, and the so-called “Hard Sciences, as well as many specific engineering degrees.

A bachelor of science degree tends to be more focused on a specific scientific or technical subject and requires more credits that are directly linked to that major.

Students spend less time studying liberal arts subjects and concentrate instead on building expertise in both the technical and practical aspects of their field.

BS degrees usually offer lesser opportunities to explore topics outside of a student’s major area of study. Bachelor of Science degrees are typically offered in areas such as computer science, mathematics, biochemistry, nursing, and physics.

Notable Difference Between BS and BA

1. BS is a more technical and science-based degree while BA concentrates mainly on the arts and humanities.

2. BS is highly specialized while the BA focuses on a broad range of subjects.

3. The BS is more career-oriented while the BA is more continuing study-oriented.

4. The courses in the BS degree tend to cost slightly higher than those in the BA for credit hour fees.

5. Students can follow fine arts subjects as minors while doing your BA.

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