10 Differences Between PEARSON PTE And TOEFL

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Difference Between PEARSON PTE And TOEFL: PTE stands for Pearson English Language Test, it is a form of English Language Tests that are required for nonnative students of English to study abroad. 

The tests are accepted in a surfeit of countries and institutions in the world today and are reputed for their credibility, fairness, and general standard. The IELTS examinations are conducted in more than 140 countries and began in 1989 while the PTE has 200 test centers around the glove.

IELTS which stands for International English Language Test System is another such test and both tests are quite popular around the globe.

10 Distinctions Between PEARSON PTE And TOEFL

For students gearing for studies in foreign countries, knowing which kind of test to take is a necessity. Below is a comparison of the two tests highlighting 10 differences between PTE and IELTS examinations.

1. Field of Judgment: Both PTE and IELTS test similar aspects of English usage and dexterity – as do most other English Language tests.PTE tests Speaking, then Writing, followed by Reading and then Listening.

While IELTS examination goes according to a specific order, which includes Speaking, Writing, Reading, and Listening. A major difference however is that in IELTS, a candidate may be allowed to take his/her Speaking exams first before proceeding with the other 3 fields, or last, after he/she is done with the other fields.

2. Countries covered: The Pearson English Language Tests are conducted in about 112 countries worldwide which include Australia, Singapore, Germany, etc. the IELTS examinations however have a much larger coverage, with over 140 countries covered.

3. Universities Covered: In this regard, the IELTS boasts a much larger number, evidence of their immense popularity and acceptance all over the world. While the PTE tests boast a huge number too, they trail behind the IELTS covering in terms of sheer number.

4. Fees: The cost of both exams varies from country to country in most places. However, in most countries, the cost of registering for IELTS is usually around $200. PTE however ranges between $165 and $215.

5. Duration: The duration of IELTS is about 2 hours and 45 minutes. While PTE tests are conducted for 3 hours.

6. Type of Tests: The type of tests taken are both exams are different. PTE tests are mostly conducted online, while IELTS features Optical Mark Recognition forms. However, IELTS may use online mode for certain sections of their tests.

7. Duration between exams: There are 3 hours given between PTE exams worldwide. IELTS tests however have a whole week between each exam.

8. Difficulty: PTE examinations are usually regarded as comparatively easier than IELTS which are considered far more robust. This perception is also due to the fact that IELTS scores are calculated directly, by tabulating all the scores of the different sections together.

9. Scoring calculations: PTE score reports are calculated with the overall performance of an individual while IELTS are calculated individually for every section. However, both tests represent overall ability.

10. Score divisions: The score divisions of PTE range from 10 – 90. While IELTS range from 0 – 9.

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