9 Feelings Charts Printables for Adults in 2022

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Emotions are one of the first things which make us humans. We only have to be in control of them whenever they come raging. If you can’t comfortably or clearly identify your emotions, how can you expect to control them? This article will help you become aware of your feelings.

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What are the Main Human Emotions?

You might often find yourself criticizing yourself for not knowing how to control your feelings.

Even though you are aware that something needs to be done, you are unable to identify what needs to be done due to your inability to comprehend your own emotions.

Our emotions are biological states associated with our nervous system. They are usually related to our thoughts and feelings and are usually either pleasant or unpleasant.

The majority of human feeling can be encompassed by 8 primary emotions, which are opposite to one another.

According to research by Professor Robert Plutchik, the four emotional pairs he identified are:

‣ Anger and Fear

‣ Surprise and Anticipation

‣ Joy and Sadness

‣ Trust and Disgust

What is a Feelings Chart?

Feeling charts is a tool that helps you visually express and describe how you’re feeling.

It aims to facilitate communication, especially for those who have trouble doing so.

This is a chart or wheel that labels various feelings or emotions. Depending on the target audience, there are numerous variations of this chart. Some of them can be seen below.

1. Strength of Thoughts and Feelings

core emotions

Human emotions is made up of some primary emotions as well as additional related emotions which are listed on this chart in order of increasing intensity.

Humans and even animals have feelings running through them at every point in time.

2. Details of Feelings

emotional chart

This particular illustration shows how when we experience strong emotions, our survival instinct kicks emotional chart-specific stimuli are always associated with a particular emotion and a corresponding behavioral response.

This diagram is a great place to start if you want to comprehend how this procedure functions better.

3. Chart of Friendzy Emotions

It is said that, it will be simpler for people to control their attitudes and behavior if they can recognize and name their emotions.

Additionally, relationships and communication will be much easier to establish and live together amongst each other, because if one person can recognize their emotions, then they can recognize another person’s own and know how to deal with them at that point.

As a result, this emotion chart was developed to assist adults and children in becoming more conscious of their feelings.

4. The Circle of Feelings

feelings chart

Let’s take a look at the following emotion wheel to see how it can help you express your feelings more clearly.

It contains the central emotions, the innermost circle of our hearts, which are the simplest to identify and describe.

However, there are more words that can help you be more precise about how you are feeling as you move out toward the margins, those very tiny feelings that we can’t find the words to express it most times.

5. How Am I Feeling Right Now?

Even though it is a little childish, we like this chart. It attempts to perfectly express how you have been feeling throughout the week.

Three times a day, you log your feelings so that you can reflect on yourself afterward.

You can choose from a list of words rather than having to look for the appropriate description.

6. A Feelings Thermometer

mental health

The original purpose of the Feelings Thermometer was to assist children who struggle emotionally in managing their emotions.

However, adults who want to learn how to control their emotions may also find it useful and make use of it equally, too.

The chart includes a “solution” section titled “What can you do about it?”.

This offers suggestions for ways to manage and deal with your emotions amicably.

7. Types of Emotions

printable feelings chart

For those who want to learn more words that can describe their emotions, this printable from ESL Forums is useful.

Despite the fact that many of the words (such as happy and joyful) appear to be interchangeable, there are different degrees of intensity for each word, and they can have entirely different meanings.

8. Smiley Face Guide

smiley face

Smiley face has always been in existence in times past and even in this 21st century, it has become a part of our social media platforms, to help us express feelings we can’t put in words.

This smiley-face adult feelings chart is a good way and a wonderful tool for emotional learning and can assist you in recognizing your feelings at any point in time.

9. Emotional Intelligence Guide

emotional intelligence

The DEI (Dynamic Emotional Intelligence) chart is another one that is extremely detailed.

You can follow the detailed instructions on this printable feelings chart to manage your emotions.

Although similar to other guides, this is an alternative approach that you can compare with other charts if you like.

Final Words

In conclusion, it can be challenging to comprehend your emotions and make choices based on this understanding.

You must be able to recognize and validate your feelings independently of outside influences.

To also use the chart, look at the wheel if you start to feel something.

For every confused feeling or emotion we have rushing within us, there’s always the dominant one.

It is important to start rite with the core feeling. Moving from the core feelings toward any associated feelings that may be emerging for you, start with the innermost wheel and move outward.

However, if the dominant feeling is still unclear, you can approach it from the outside in by first figuring out the associated feeling, then moving in that direction.

Equally, use the chart to compare your current feelings to how you felt earlier in the day before the feeling at hand occurred to you.

We hope this chart helps you process your feelings at all times. You can print it out or have it in your phone to carry about.

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