Full List of all Nigerian Banks and Location of their Headquarters

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– Full List of all Nigerian Banks –

There are many banks in Nigeria. Also, these banks are scattered all over the country. In this article, we shall bring you information about the full list of all Nigerian Banks. Also, we shall look at the location of their headquarters.

Full List of Nigerian Banks

Below is the full list of Nigerian banks:

1. Access Bank

This bank was once a corporate bank. Also, its banking platform is from Nigeria’s International Commercial bank in 2012.

Furthermore, it’s among the largest banks in the country. And this is so when it comes to assets, deposits, branch networks, and loans.

The headquarters of this bank is in Lagos. Also, it first got its license from the Central Bank of Nigeria in 1989. And it’s among the Nigerian Stock Exchange since 1998.

2. Citi Bank

This bank has 2,649 branches. And this is in up to 19 countries. Including 723 branches in the US. And 1,494 branches in the country, Mexico.

3. Eco Bank Nigeria

The operations of the bank started in 1986. And the bank operates as a universal bank that offers corporate, retail, investment, and transaction banking services to its customers in the market.

Also, it has capital markets and investment services. Additionally, Eco bank has many branches in Nigeria.

4. Fidelity Bank Nigeria

They ranked this bank as the 7th most capitalized Nigerian bank and the 25th most capitalized bank in Africa.

Fidelity Bank as a financial service provider within Nigeria has many assets and more than 400 000 shareholders.

Also, the bank was listed as part of the Nigerian Storage Exchange in May 2005. And it has constantly paid dividends on an annual basis by June 2016.

Additionally, it became incorporated in 1987 and operations began in 1988. And it has many branches in Nigeria.

5. First Bank of Nigeria

They previously structured this bank as an operating holding company before the actualization of a non-operating Holding Company structure.

Also, it has won the ‘The Best Bank Brand in Nigeria’ five consecutive times. This is according to The Banker magazine of the Financial Times Group.

Also, it won ‘Most Innovative Bank In Africa’. And this is in the EMEA Finance African Banking Awards in 2014.

6. First City Monument Bank

This bank is a full-service banking group with headquarters in Lagos. Also, it’s a provider of financial services in Nigeria. And it offers corporate banking and retail banking.

7. Guaranty Trust Bank

Guaranty Trust Bank was formed in 1998 by more than 35 young Nigerians.

And it was incorporated in 1990 as a limited liability company. Also, it was licensed to offer commercial and financial services.

Its operations began in 1991. And it became a public quoted organization in September 1996. Also, it won the Nigerian Stock Exchange a Presidential Merit Award.

8. Heritage Bank PLC

The roots of this bank were in the late 1980s. This was when Societe Generale Bank ( Nigeria) ( SGBN) was founded.

By September 2013, the stock of the bank was publicly owned. Also, the bank has many branches in Nigeria. In December 2012, CBN gave the bank SGBN license as a regional bank.

On 4 March 2013, the bank rebranded and became Heritage Banking Company Limited.

Heritage Banking Company in the year 2014 met all the Asset Management Corporation (AMCON) and CBN towards possessing 100% shares in Enterprise Bank Ltd.

9. Keystone Bank Limited

It offers banking services to public institutions, small to medium enterprises and individuals and large corporate.

Also, it has many branches in Nigeria. Additionally, in union with other offshore and onshore subsidiaries makes up the Keystone Bank Group.

10. Skye Bank

This is a financial service provider in central Africa and West Africa. Also, it has many branches in Nigeria. And it has many subsidiaries in other African countries.

Also, it started using a Naira-denominated debit MasterCard known as MasterCard which is the first of its type in Nigeria. The bank also has services in mobile banking.

11. Stanbic IBTC Bank Nigeria Limited

It was founded in 1991 and offers many services with many branches in Nigeria.

Also, it is known as Investment Bank & Trust Company PLC (IBTC). It began as an Investment Bank on the 2nd of February, 1989.

Also, the bank is managed by a board of directors. And they are made up of directors made up of 12 persons with Atedo N.A Peter side as the Bank Chairman.

12. Sterling Bank

It was incorporated in 1960 and was licensed in 1969. Also, offers many services.

13. Union Bank of Nigeria

It was founded in 1917. And its shares were listed in 1971 on the Nigerian Stock Exchange. Also, it offers financial services.

In the year 1925, the bank was acquired by Barclays Bank. And they changed the name of the bank to Barclays Bank of Nigeria Limited. This is in accordance with the new banking laws that were made in 1968.

However, it later changed its name to the Union Bank of Nigeria. This was in order to reflect the new structure of ownership.

14. United Bank for Africa

It was among the first international banks registered in 1961 with many awards for its services.

15. Unity Bank Plc

This bank trades on the Nigerian Stock Exchange with the symbol UNITYBNT. The headquarters of this bank is in Abuja.

Additionally, it is made up of 9 financial institutions. All these institutions make up this bank.

16. Wema Bank

The bank was incorporated on May 2, 1987. And was listed on the Nigerian Stock Exchange in 1990. Also, it offers financial services.

Additionally. the bank operates under the symbol WEMABANK. And it was granted a Universal Banking License in the year February 2001.

17. Sun Trust Bank

Sun Trust is a private commercial bank. And it is licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria. Also, it offers many financial services.

The bank head office is at Victoria Island, Lagos. And it offers salary/wages administration and remittance services.

Also, it has developed a variety of products. And it offers current and savings account plans. The bank is a licensed commercial bank that is privately held under the BOFIA.

Also, it is focused on lending activities on Retail/Consumer Banking, SME Finance, medium to large corporate finance and they have other specialised development structures.

18. Zenith Bank

This is a financial provider with a large capacity. And it was formed in 1990. Also, it offers many banking services. Zenith Bank was made a public limited company after a successful IPO.

Also, the shares of the bank are traded on London Stock Exchange ( LSE).

And its headquarter is in Lagos, Nigeria. Also, it has more than 500 branches. Zenith Bank operates in Nigeria including Anglophone West Africa.

19. Jaiz Bank

This is a non-interest bank. And it has many shareholders across the country.

20. FBN Merchant Bank

This is one of the most dependable and strongest financial service providers in sub-Saharan Africa. And this bank is focused on the client.

Also, it is committed to getting innovative solutions for a wide client base of small and medium enterprises, corporations, and financial institutions.

21. FSDH Merchant Bank

It is among the first banks that were awarded licenses in Nigeria. And it offers merchant services.

22. Coronation Merchant Bank

This bank is a merchant bank that offers many financial services. Also, its history spans many decades. Also, this bank was formed in 1993 as Associated Discount House Limited.

Additionally, the bank was licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria in order to offer liquidity for debt notes and instruments for money marketing.

23. Rand Merchant Bank

This is a leading African investment and corporate bank. And it is listed on the Namibian Stock Exchange. Also, it is one of the largest institutions in South Africa.

Furthermore, it offers insurance and investment, banking, commercial, corporate, and public sector customers. also, the Rand Merchant Group operates in many countries including Lesotho, Zambia.

24. Nova Merchant Bank

This is newly licensed. And it offers many services. Also, this merchant bank is engaged in many services:
a) Wholesale banking

1. Advisory services.

2. Also, investment banking.

3. Additionally, securities and trust.

4. Also, wealth management.

5. Furthermore, asset management.

25. Deutsche Bank

This is a foreign bank representative. And this bank has a global network. Also, it operates in regions like the Asia Pacific region, Latin America, Central, and Eastern Europe.

26. JP Morgan

This is also a foreign bank representative in Nigeria. And this is an American multinational firm. Its headquarters are in New York City. And it is the largest bank in America and the sixth-largest bank on the planet.

Also, the bank was founded on December 2, 2000. And it is considered to be a custodian bank. They were operating as Morgan Guaranty Trust until the 1980s when they became branded.

27. Barclays Bank

This is a foreign bank representative in Nigeria. Barclays whose  headquarters is in the UK offers many services:

1. Personal loans.

2. Also, current accounts.

3. Furthermore, cashback.

4. Also, credit cards, overdrafts, etc.

Additionally, it offers insurance services like:

1. Home insurance.

2. Also, life and travel insurance.

3. Additionally, phone & gadget insurance, including mortgage services.

The above are some banks in Nigeria. Thus, you now have a lot of options on where to save or fix your money.

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