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Girl Names that Start with F With their Meanings

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Girl names that start with F aren’t that popular, so you have the opportunity to give your daughter a name that stands out.

Girl Names that Start with F

Every child deserves a beautiful and unique name, but if your choice of name falls on the F alphabet, this post is meant to help you pick your favorite.

Girl Names that Start with F

Can’t wait to name your little princess right? Just go through this list of Girl Names that Start with F to get ideas.

1. Fabienne

This unique name has Latin origins and may mean “noble.”

2. Fable

A fable is a special story, which makes it a special name.

3. Faedra

This name is an alternate spelling of Phaedra, a character in Greek mythology.

4. Faelyn

This name means “beautiful fairy.”

5. Farlyn

A created name, this has a unique feminine sound.

6. Feliciana

A unique version of the more popular Felicity, this name means “happiness.”

7. Fiammetta

This name means “little flame.”

8. Fianna

This is a less common version of Fiona.

9. Florida

Name your little girl after your home state.                            

10. Fynlee

This has an on-trend sound without being a name you’ll see anywhere else.

11. Fernanda

A name of Portuguese, Spanish, and Italian origin, Fernanda means “adventurous.”

12. Fabienne

Fabienne has Latin origins and means “bean grower.”

13. Faiza

This powerful Arabic name means “successful” and “beneficial.” An alternative spelling is Faaizah.

14. Fallon

An Irish name meaning “superior,” there’ll be no guesses about who rules your house.

15. Fayola

This Nigerian name means “honorable” and “fortunate.”

16. Felicity

From the Latin word felicitas, meaning “luck and good fortune,” Felicity was the name of a popular 90s tv show.

17. Fia

Short for Sophia, it means “wisdom.” Short for Fiametta, it means “fiery one.”


18. Fiona

This popular Irish name never goes out of style. It is likely of Scottish origin and means “fair” and “pale.”

19. Faahima

This Arabic baby name means “one who is perceptive.”

20. Fabiola

This Italian name means “grower of beans.”

21. Fariha

A Muslim baby name means “joyous.”

22. Farishta

This is a girl name that starts with F in Hindu culture and means “angel.”

23. Femke

This Dutch name means “peace.”

24. Frankie

Use it as a shortened form of Francine or Francesca, or let this sweet name stand boldly on its own.

25. Freya

This Scandinavian name means “noble woman.” It comes from Freyja, the Norse goddess of love, fertility, and battle.

26. Flora

This flower-inspired name is a beautiful and old-fashioned choice.

27. Freda

This name has a beautiful, classic sound.

28. Fiala

This Czech baby name means “violet.”

29. Fiore

This baby name means flower.

30. Fleur

This French baby name means “flower.”

31. Florabella

This name means “beautiful flower.”

32. Forsythia

Forsythia is a type of plant with pretty yellow flowers.

33. Freesia

Freesia is a flower with a beautiful smell.

34. Fuchsia

Both a color and a flower, this is a feminine and beautiful name

35. Fabeha

This beautiful Arabic name means “lucky.”

36. Fable

The word comes from the Latin word for “tale” or “legend.”

37. Faiga

This Hebrew name means “bird.”

38. Falala

This Ghanaian name means “born into abundance.”

Beautiful Girl Names that Start with F

Girl Names that Start with F

Check out these lovely and beautiful names of girls that start with F.

39. Fanya

This Slavic name means “free person.”

40. Farida

This Arabic name is not only unique, it also means “unique.”

41. Fatiha

An Urdu name, Fatiha could mean “originator,” “conqueror” or “winner of hearts.”

42. Fatoumata

An Arabic name, Fatoumata means “someone who abstains.”

43. Fayme

“Held in high regard”

44. Fedella

This Spanish name means “faithful”

45. Fairy

This is a magical being.

46. Faith

This is belief in something without proof.

47. Fantasia

This name means something fantastical.

48. Faustine

This name is a feminine version of the Latin name Faust, and it means “fortunate.”

49. Favour

This is a British spelling of “favor,” which can mean good luck, resemblance, or a gift.

50. Felicity

This classic name means “happiness.”

51. Fidelia

This name comes from the idea of fidelity or faithfulness.

52. Fenella

A Celtic name meaning “fair shouldered.”

53. Feodora

This Russian name means “gift from God.”

54. Ffion

A Welsh name meaning “foxglove,” a species of beautiful plants.

55. Fiadh

Of Irish origin, this beautifully complex name means “deer,” “respectful” and “wild.” 

56. Fiametta

This name means “Little fire”

57. Fifer

This Implies “Flute player”

58. Finleigh

A beautiful name meaning “Fair-haired hero”

59. Finn

A name stemming from Irish folklore, Finn means “white” and “fair.” Historically used for boys but also perfect for a baby girl.

60. Fiza

This soothing Islamic name means “breeze.”

61. Flann

An Irish name meaning “red” or “red-haired.”

62. Floribeth

Blended from Flora (which means “flower”) and Beth (which means “God is my promise.”)

63. Flordeliza

This name of Latin origin means “flower of the lily” and is the symbol of French royalty. 

64. Flossie

A cute nickname for Florence or Flora, Flossie means “blossoming.”

65. Foster

As a surname or a gender-neutral first name, Foster means “guardian of the forests.”

66. Fradel

This Yiddish name means “comfort” and “peace of mind.”

67. Franklyn

Meaning “free person,” Franklyn can be shortened to the cute Frankie.

68. Frauke

This name of German origin means “lady.”

69. Freddie

An adorable option for boys and girls alike, it means “elf” and “peaceful.”

70. Fukiko

A Japanese name meaning “noble child.”

71. Furaha

This Swahili name means “delight.”

72. Fallon

This name means “in charge.”

73. Farran

An Irish name, this means “adventurous.”

74. Fiamma

This Italian baby name means “little one full of fire.”

75. Firese

This is a created name that some parents say means “fire and ice.”

76. Flame

This would be perfect if you think she’ll have a fiery temper.

77. Flicka

This Old German baby name means “one who rules in peace.”

78. Franziska

This baby name means “one who is free.”

Unique Girl Names that Start with F

Girl Names that Start with F

Unique names for a unique princess.

79. Fury

This name for purposeful anger could be perfect for a little girl with a temper.

80. Fanny

A shortened form of either Francesca, meaning “free person,” or Stephanie, meaning “crown.”

81. Frances

This classic name means “free person” or “from France.”

82. Frieda

This unique name means “peace.”

83. Frigg

This is another Norse goddess, this time of housekeeping and motherhood.

84. Fernanda

A name popular in Spain, Italy, and Portugal, this means “a journey full of adventure.”

85. Filomena

This Greek name means “strong friend.”

86. Fineena

This Irish name means “fair newborn.”

87. Fiorella

This charming Italian baby name means “little flower.”

88. Firenze

This Hungarian name means “small flower.”

89. Fiza

This Arabic name means “silver.”

90. Flavia

A name from Ancient Rome, means “blond.”

91. Fukayna

This Egyptian name means “one who has knowledge.”

92. Farfalla

This Italian name means butterfly

93. Farica

A peaceful ruler: The feminine form of Frederick.

94. Farida

An Arabic name meaning Unique

95. Fariishta

An Urdu name as in angel

96. Farley

Old English: From the fern clearing; A boy or girl’s name.

97. Farrah

From an Old English word meaning Beautiful.

98. Fascienne

A Latin word for black

99. Fatima

An Arabic name: A woman who abstains, or weans a child. Also, a daughter of the prophet Mohamed.

100. Fatin

An Arabic name meaning captivating

101. Faustine

A Latin word for the fortunate one

102. Fawn

An Old French word meaning: A young deer.

103. Femi

An African name meaning love me

104. Fenella

An Irish name means “The white or fair-shouldered one.”

105. Feodora

A beautiful Russian name meaning “The gift of God:  The feminine form of Theodore

106. Fern

An Old English word: Fern-like, from the plant name.

107. Feronia

A Latin word meaning: A mythological goddess.

108. Fidelia

A Spanish name meaning Faithful.

109. Fidelima

Irish Gaelic: The name of a saint.

110. Fifi

God shall add The feminine form of Joseph.

111. Filberta

A cute name for your cute daughter means: Very brilliant.

112. Filippa

An Italian name meaning a lover of horses; The feminine form of Philip.

113. Filomena

A lover of the moon

114. Fola

Honorable African name meaning “honor”

115. Fonda

A Latin name meaning Affectionate

116. Fortuna

A Latin name meaning the fortunate one

117. Fosetta

A French name meaning “The dimpled one.”


What is the Prettiest Name for a Girl?                        

1. Olivia.

2. Emma.

3. Charlotte.

4. Amelia.

5. Ava.

6. Sophia.

7. Isabella.

8. Mia.

What is a Good Name for F?

1. Finn       

2. Felix

3. Francisco            

4. Finley

5. Fernando            

6. Frank

7. Fabian

What Does Freya Mean?

The Norse goddess of love and beauty

What is a Badass Girl Name?

1. Davina  

2. Diana    

3. Dola      

4. Dominique         

5. Domino

What is the Girliest Name?

Along with Isabella and Valentina, other girly girl names in the US Top 1000 include Anastasia, Arabella, Evangeline, Francesca, Juliette, Liliana, Savannah, and Scarlett.

Girly baby girl names that remain under the radar in America include Georgiana, Mirabelle, Raphaela, and Seraphina.

What is a Unique Girl’s Name?

1. Arya.

2. Brielle.

3. Chantria.

4. Dionne.

5. Everleigh.

6. Eloise.

7. Fay.

8. Genevieve.

What does Fatima Mean?

Origin: Arabic; Meaning: one who is beautiful like the stars.

What does Flynn mean?

Flynn is an Irish surname or first name, an anglicized form of the Irish Ó Floinn, meaning “descendant of Flann” (a byname meaning “reddish (complexion)” or “ruddy”).

The name is more commonly used as a surname rather than a first name.

What is the Meaning of the Name Felicia?

A female given name: from a Latin word meaning “happy.”

What are Girl Names with Meanings?

1. Gabriella: Hebrew: Devoted to God.

2. Grace: Latin: Goodness; generosity.

3. Hannah: Hebrew: Favor; grace of God.

4. Isabelle: Hebrew: God is my strength; devoted to God.

5. Jocelyn: Latin: Happy; joyful.

6. Kaitlyn: Greek: Pure.

7. Kalila: Arabic: Heap of love.

8. Layla: Egyptian: Dark beauty.

Choosing the perfect name for your newborn girl, regardless of the F name you decide on, is a major decision. That’s why we wrote this article for you.

Discover the fresh, lively vibe of girls’ names that begin with F. Also, do well to share this post on various social media platforms.

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