Grant Cardone Net Worth, Family, Business, and Career

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Grant Cardone Net Worth has been the talk of recent weeks. He is an American writer, motivational speaker, and automobile salesperson. He has a twin brother called Gary and was the fourth of five children. In 1981, he graduated from McNeese State University. Let’s learn more about him.

Grant Cardone Net Worth

Who is Grant Cardone?

Grant Cardone was born on March 21, 1958, in Lake Charles, LA to Curtis Louis and Concetta Neil Cardone. His parents came to the US in the early 1900s from Italy which makes them Italian immigrants.

His father was a licensed stockbroker and his mother was a housewife. He was one of the five siblings, one of whom is his twin brother named Gary. However, any further information regarding his parents and his height is still a mystery.

Talking about his education, after earning a degree in accounting from McNeese State University he abandoned his accounting degree and instead, begin working in automobile sales.

Grant Cardone helped develop the reality series Turnaround King which aired in 2011. Grant owns Cardone Enterprises, Cardone Acquisitions, Cardone Training Technologies, and The Cardone Group and helps train salesmen from car dealerships.

His real estate venture has been involved in $425 million worth of transactions and reportedly owns $500 million worth of investment properties throughout the US. Grant Cardone has authored five books including “If You’re Not

First, You’re Last” which hit #1 on Amazon and Barnes and Noble and made the Wall Street Journal’s and The New York Times bestseller lists. He is married to Elena Lyons and has two daughters.

Grant and Elena star in the self-produced web series “The G&E Show” which airs Wednesdays at 12 PM EST.

What is Grant Cardone Net worth?

His net worth is estimated to be around $300 Million

Grant started his sales career in Chicago, Illinois in 1987, working for a sales training company. Talking about his real estate business, it has done almost $425 million worth of transactions, and the company owns $500 million value of investment properties.

Grant appears on the top entrepreneur networks Grant Cardone TV such as: Whatever it Takes, Cardone Zone, Power Players, Young Hustlers, The G&E Show, Confessions of an Entrepreneur, Real Estate Investing, Network Marketing Moguls, Ask the Pro to name some.

Grant Cardone Marital

Grant married at the age of 35 but the true identity of the person he married is not been discovered. After a year of getting married, he got divorced from her due to some philosophy clash that he found unappealing about her.

Afterward, Grant married actress Elena Lyons, and they have been together for fourteen years as in 2018. The wedding took place back in 2004. Together, the couple has two daughters named Sabrina Cardone, and Scarlett Cardone.

Grant Cardone Career

Grant bought his first property at the age of 29, a single-family home that he rented out. Though the property wasn’t what he wanted,  after a few months,  he quickly sold it, vowing to never buy a single-family home again.

Five years later he purchased his first multifamily complex in San Diego, and a month later he learned his second multi-family property. By 2012 Cardone Acquisitions had one of Florida’s biggest private party acquisitions portfolios.

Cardone is now the owner of Cardone Enterprises, Cardone Real Estate Holdings, and the Cardone Group, all of which are multi-million-dollar companies. His sales programs have been sold to thousands of companies and he speaks to CEOs, leaders, managers, and entrepreneurs.

In 2011 Cardone gained further popularity with a short-lived show on National Geographic called Turnaround King. In the show, he used his skills and techniques to help struggling business owners revive their businesses.

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Grants’ story is a reflection that depicts hard work.  He didn’t just start from the top, he went through a lot, and today, he is pretty successful.

Grant Cardone’s net worth is a reflection of his enormous real estate portfolio and his manifold businesses. His expertise has been used by many Fortune 500 firms and will continue to be for decades. His current net worth is $300 million but will continue to climb.

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