How to Make a Pregnancy Test Positive without Urine

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– How to Make a Pregnancy Test Positive without Urine –

Joking about getting a positive pregnancy test and watching your friends’ shocked faces can be entertaining. Here’s how to successfully complete a pregnancy test.

For most women, playing the pregnant joke is a rather simple trick.

The greatest approach to fool your spouse, friends, or family with a pregnancy joke is to pretend to take a phony pregnancy test.

You can purchase a fake pregnancy test or manipulate an actual test, among other alternatives, to obtain a false positive result.

Additionally, if you also imitate the pre-pregnancy symptoms, your joke will be more convincing.

How to Make a Pregnancy Test Positive without Urine

We have all the solutions you need if you’re willing to carry out the practical joke and accept the outcome, good or bad.

1. Planning Ahead

This prank requires advance planning and preparation if you want it to succeed.

In order for this practical joke to succeed, you will need to start mentioning some of the typical pregnancy symptoms, such as:

a. Nausea or Vomiting

b. Swollen Breasts

c. Late Period

d. Mood Swings

Start off by casually slipping hints into conversations here and there

You can mention to your partner that your period is late, though it is not something to worry about.

More Details!!

Even though it is nothing to be concerned about, you might let your spouse know that your period is running late.

Periods might be delayed occasionally for a variety of reasons, including stress and environmental changes.

However, this will give him a thought to consider later. The next stage is to pretend to be sick in the morning.

Technology has made it possible for some apps to simulate vomiting if you are unable to.

You can make a fleeting reference to how sore your breasts were. The most crucial thing is to seem to have mood swings.

2. Make a Pregnancy Test Positive with Soda

You may be surprised to learn that soda can help you pass a pregnancy test. And it’s easy to carry out!

Preparing an actual pregnancy test kit and a small cup of cola any brand would do is the first step. Then you just briefly submerge the stick in the soda.

The last step is to relax and wait for the cola to move up the strip; at that point, the two lines will appear.

3. Use a Fake Pregnancy Kit

You can get a joke pregnancy kit if you want something quick and simple to fake a positive pregnancy test without doing any work.

Even if you dip these kits in tap water, they will always test positive even though they appear exactly like the real thing.

4. Use a Hairdryer

Test yourself for pregnancy and set your hairdryer to high heat. For five to ten minutes, place your pregnancy test under the hairdryer. Then a positive test outcome ought to appear.

You should have plenty of time to put your strategy into motion because the favorable outcome should persist for about three days.

5. Use a Marker to Draw on the Test

You could get very crafty and just use a marker the same color as the test box’s lines. Urinate on the test, allow it to dry naturally, then open the case with a sharp object.

Make the test positive by using the marker you selected. Reopen the case, and you’re done.

6. Use the Evaporation Lines

Next to the positive line, there are always evaporation lines, and as they dry out, they become darker. It appears that the test was successful.

After doing the test, you would need to wait a day or two for it to dry. Your false-positive result will be provided by this, but act quickly because the results will soon start to wane.

7. Use an Ovulation Predictor Kit

Whether or not the person you are trying to trick is smart will determine the very last trick you could try.

However, you could perform an ovulation prediction test, which most people won’t be able to distinguish from a pregnancy test because they look so similar.

The test should be performed between the 12th and 14th day of your cycle to ensure that it is effective and that you receive a positive result.

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