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Check out 5 Current Indoor Games Played in India 2020

Filed in Articles by on November 30, 2020

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Check out 5 Current Indoor Games Played in India 2020.

Indoor Games Played in India: Whenever we talk about games and sports, most thoughts run to football or basketball.

Actually, Indians are excluded from most because Indians oay more attention to Cricket and Badminton when talking about outdoor games or sports.

indoor games played in India

Recently there has been a steady shift in Indian attitude towards games. People are beginning to pay more attention to other forms of sports including indoor games like Chess, badminton and many more which we will discuss below.

5. Bowling

The sport of bowling has been accepted and is played by over 95 million people across the world, spanning more than 90 countries.

Its roots are in Ancient Egypt (discovered from remains by Sir Flinders Petrie) and also the Roman Empire where the people used husk balls, leather balls, etc.

Pin bowling, as it is known today (with 10-pin, 9-pin and even 5-pin variations), was first established in New York in 1895. This is an indoor game people are beginning to enjoy is some parts of India.

4. Squash

This is a racquet and ball sport that can be played by two (singles) or four (doubles) players. The name squash comes from the softness of the ball that is used in the game.

Harrow school is recognized with the invention and popularization of this game which used racquets similar to, but a lot lighter than, those used in tennis. The rules of the game have undergone a lot of changes over time.

According to the conventional scoring system, the first player to reach 9 points is declared the winner of the game.  According to the World Squash Federation, England is the country with the highest number of squash courts in the world. Very few participation in India but things may change with time.

3. Chess

One of India’s finest indoor games and certainly one of the most mentally taxing and IQ-demanding games. With roots lying in Ancient India in the Gupta Empire, it was known as ‘chaturanga’- literally meaning four divisions (infantry, cavalry, elephantry and chariotry represented by pawn, knight, bishop and rook).

Its spread into and across Europe did not occur until the 1000s. Chess has seen many international competitions being held like the World Championship, the Women’s World Championship, the Junior World Championship, the World Computer Chess Championship and many more.

Currently ruled by grandmaster Magnus Carlsen, Chess has been able to boast of heavyweights like Anand, Kasparov, Fischer, etc.

Interestingly, owing to the rapid development of artificial intelligence and cutting-edge algorithms, a computer called Deep Blue (IBM) became the first computer to defeat a human chess champion (Kasparov) in 1997!

2. Badminton

Another indoor game that has craved the indulgence of Indians. Like squash, Badminton is also a racquet sport (played with a shuttlecock instead of a ball). Opponents are pitted against one another on either side of a net and a point is scored by a player when the shuttlecock is not returned, during a rally, by his opponent.

1992 was the first year when badminton was first introduced in the Olympics. This sport requires a good deal of agility, reflexes and hand-eye coordination. It was in British India (early 1800s) when this sport first came into existence.

However, instead of what we know as shuttlecocks today (made of feathers), woollen balls were used. The Badminton World Federation was established in the year 1934; long time after the game had gained widespread popularity in England.

1. Billiard

Gradually carving it’s way into the collection of indoor games played in India is the Carambole Billiards. This is the most popular game from the family of billiards (others include three-cushion billiards, pool, etc). It is believed to have its origins in France in the late 1700s.

The carambole billiard game (most popular in the family) has a very simple objective- a point is scored (known as count) when the cue ball hits both the object balls in a single stroke.

As soon as a preset number of points is reached the winner is decided. Other variations of billiards include limited-rail billiards, balkline billiards, cushion carom, three-cushion billiards, etc.

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