Is NNU Nigeria Still Paying? – Find Out the Truth Here

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Is NNU Nigeria Still Paying? – Find Out the Truth Here.

Is NNU Nigeria Still Paying: Do you wish to know if this trending PONZI scheme (NNU) is still working. If yes, panic less. We’ve got you covered.

Is NNU Nigeria Still Paying

NNU Nigeria is working wonders in Nigeria. But no one has ever stopped to think about how NNU generates money to pay its investors. According to the website, they pay their investors with money they get from advertisers but a careful study of the platform shows otherwise.

NNU is rebranded as a new platform known as NNU Forum. The website can be accessed by clicking HEREThis platform works similarly to the way the previous website works.

NNU Forum Income Program (N.I.P) is a program with a mission of dealing with financial problems in Nigeria among the youths, students, middle class and whoever that wish to take advantage of earning opportunity and making money online legitimately

In this article, we’ll try to make some practical analysis of how NNU Nigeria is paying all the millions monthly. And we’ll also try to show why NNU can not pay all its investors every month. This article is only an unbiased analysis of the NNU platform and its operations. Let’s get started to understand how NNU pays its bills.

How to Understand the NNU Structure.

Firstly it seems the NNU Forum platform is divided into sections. The NNU Admins, the NNU agents, and the NNU investors. The NNU Admins are the ones responsible for the day to day running of the NNU operations. We’ll include the owner, technical and support team as the Admins.

The NNU agents are the people that buy NNU registration vouchers from the Admins at cheaper prices and sell to new investors. NNU investors are basically the people that are registering for an account and each registration cost N1,600. Now that you have fully understood these three people involved in NNU operations, let’s get to understand how NNU Nigeria pays out millions to its investors.

How to NNU Pay Investors

It sounds magical sometimes, but it’s for real. According to NNU, they use the money they get from the Monetization of the website to pay investors. Well, let’s presume that is true and try to get some facts. Last month August NNU paid approximately 70 Million Nigerian Naira(over $200,000) to its investors.

Anyone that is into affiliate marketing will know at the first visit that the NNU website does not have the advert power to earn such a huge amount in a month. In fact, some of the advert banners in the NNU website are also related to NNU itself. So is NNU paying itself or what, well that is a question to be answered on a later date. NNU does not have Adsense Ads, Media Net Ads or any advert placement from top brands to be able to make that much money in a month. But how is NNU paying millions every month, keep reading?

NNU is using the first-in-first-pay algorithm(FIFO=first in first out) to run the website. Actually the NNU platform is more of a forum. Most of the news featured in NNU is from the external sources just to keep readers active. Remember that NNU only takes N600 of registration fees and give back N1,000. Imagine 50,000 registrations and multiply by N600 which is approximately 30 million Nigeria Naira.

In August, the numbers of NNU registered users moved from some 50,000 to over 200,000. Let’s assume that in August NNU got approximately 115,000 new registrations. Let’s do the math below

Each registration = N600(the amount that possibly goes into NNU purse)

Assumed total number of registrations in August= 115,000 new members

Total Money paid by NNU in August= 70,000,000


Amount of registration fee * number of newly registered users

600 * 115,000 = 69,000,000

And NNU Nigeria paid out 70,000,000 in August. So if the calculation above is right, this means that NNU can never pay all its investors every month as some will have to wait to receive payment on a later date.

Perhaps this is the reason why NNU pay investors with referrals first. This will encourage investors to invite more people. The logic is simple, NNU gives you a larger share of the newly registered user and then pay you with the other half at month-end. Basically you are getting paid with the money of a newly registered member and the circle continues every month.

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